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Most popular Watercolours books

The most popular Watercolours books currently available. Updated weekly.
Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner: The Society for All Artists
Expert tuition from a high-profile author with an accessible style, plenty of tips and tricks from beginners and his own range of brushes and colours to simplify things.
Ready to Paint: Watercolour Flowers
Provides pull-out tracings for five floral paintings, along with instructions for how to bring them to life with watercolour paint. This book offers guidance on how to transfer the tracings to watercolour paper, along with a section on what materials to use.
Paint Yourself Calm: Colourful, Creative Mindfulness Through Watercolour
Unwind with watercolours, allowing the movement of brush on paper to calm and soothe you. Jean Haines' takes you with her to explore the many benefits of painting to your wellbeing, so you can from escape from stress to a personal place of mindful calm.
A-Z of Flower Portraits: An Illustrated Guide to Painting 40 Beautiful Flowers in Watercolour
Learn how to paint 40 exquisite flower portraits in watercolour following Billy Showell's step-by-step instructions.
Colorways: Watercolor Animals: Tips, techniques, and step-by-step lessons for learning to paint whimsical artwork in vibrant watercolor
Jean Haines' World of Watercolour
Jean Haines' distinctive, expressive style is influenced by the places she's lived in and the people she's met during her life, and in this beautiful, inspiring book she takes you on an exciting journey through her world of watercolour painting.
30 Minute Artist: Painting Water in Watercolour
The 30 Minute Artist series is for beginners and busy artists who want to achieve great paintings in just half an hour.
Jean Haines' Atmospheric Watercolours: Painting with Freedom, Expression and Style
Jean Haines' enthusiasm for watercolours burst through every page of this inspirational book that will guide you, step by step, to creating beautiful and unique paintings of your own, whatever your ability.
DIY Watercolor Flowers: The beginner's guide to flower painting for journal pages, handmade stationery and more
Learn to paint beautiful watercolor flowers in simple steps with this free and easy approach to watercolor painting for beginners. Marie Boudon's beautifully presented creative course will give you a good grounding in this new-to-you medium and teach you all you need to know to get started with painting flowers in watercolor.
Modern Flower Painter: Creating Vibrant Botanical Portraits in Watercolour
Anna's clear teaching will give you confidence in painting beautiful watercolour flowers in a modern twist on the botanical style, From complete beginners to more experienced watercolourists, this book offers in-depth instruction on drawing and painting, plus dozens of inspirational floral artworks.
Colour Mixing Guide: Watercolour
A clear, comprehensive guide to colour mixing for the watercolour artist. It begins with simple colour theory and a colour wheel, with a template provided so that readers can paint their own; a vital step towards understanding colour.
Paint Pad Poster Book: Flowers: 5 Beautiful Pictures to Frame or Paint
Terry Harrison's Watercolour Secrets: A Lifetime of Painting Techniques
'If there was ever a book you'd been eagerly awaiting, this is it. Subtitled "a lifetime of painting techniques", this absolutely lives up to expectations and won't disappoint.' Artbookreview.netAn invaluable source of tips and techniques based on a life-time of painting.
Paint Pad Poster Book: Country Scenes: 5 Beautiful Pictures to Frame or Paint
Egg Art: 50 Designs to Paint, Dye and Draw
50 beautiful and innovative designs to paint, dye and draw.
Painting Successful Watercolours from Photographs
Expert watercolour landscape painter, Geoff Kersey, explains how to work from photographic reference to produce beautiful paintings. Clear tips and advice are accompanied by Geoff's reference photographs, colour charts, preparatory sketches and finished paintings, and there are full details of the adaptations and creative processes involved.
Geoff Kersey's Pocket Book for Watercolour Artists: Over 100 Essential Tips to Improve Your Painting
'Search Press have reissued their eminently useful Top Tips series in paperback. If you haven't encountered these before, they're a handy way of taking the advice of your favourite artists out in the field with you.' Paint Magazine
Jean Haines' Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour: Painting with Energy and Life
In this beautiful book, best-selling author Jean Haines shows you how to breathe life into your flower paintings, and experience the pleasure that can be gained from the art of painting flowers.
Paint Yourself Positive: Colourful Creative Watercolour
Jean Haines' first-hand experience of the energising and life-enhancing effects of painting makes her a perfect example of how watercolours can work for you.
Turner's Apprentice: A Watercolour Masterclass
A unique practical manual that enables every reader to learn the techniques and methods of one of the world's greatest painters.
Ready to Paint: Watercolour Landscapes
Terry Harrison's clear, no-nonsense advice and easy to follow instructions make painting accessible for people who have never had the confidence to try before.
Charles Evans' Pocket Book for Watercolour Artists: Over 100 Essential Tips to Improve Your Painting
'Search Press have reissued their eminently useful Top Tips series in paperback. If you haven't encountered these before, they're a handy way of taking the advice of your favourite artists out in the field with you.' Paint Magazine
10-minute Watercolours: Techniques & Tips for Quick Watercolours
A handy, practical and inspirational little book - perfect for the pocket or art bag - showing watercolour painters of all levels how to loosen up their paintings and maintain spontaneity.
Take Three Colours: Watercolour Seascapes: Start to Paint with 3 Colours, 3 Brushes and 9 Easy Projects
'I have reviewed a lot of books on painting for beginners but this series is the best to date. Very highly recommended for anybody who wants to learn watercolour painting.' www.myshelf.comWith 3 colours, 3 brushes and this practical advice, you can start painting watercolour landscapes.
Kew: The Watercolour Flower Painter's A to Z: An Illustrated Directory of Techniques for Painting 50 Popular Flowers
"First published in hardback by Search Press 2001; reprinted in paperback in 2005."--Title page verso.
Color Harmony for Artists: How to Transform Inspiration into Beautiful Watercolor Palettes and Paintings
In Color Harmony for Artists, you'll learn to create expressive palettes and paintings through artist Ana Victoria Calderon's stunning work and inspiring instruction.
Matthew Palmer's Step-by-Step Guide to Watercolour Painting
Take a masterclass with artist Matthew Palmer in this comprehensive guide to watercolour painting.
Art of Gouache: An Inspiring and Practical Guide to Painting with This Exciting Medium
This book is a highly practical step-by-step guide to working with gouache and not only teaches and inspires novice painters but also introduces more experienced artists to the advantages of using this much overlooked, but wonderful, medium.
Painting Mood & Atmosphere in Watercolour
Paint Pad Artist: Coastal Landscapes: 6 Beautiful Pictures to Pull out and Paint
Painting Expressive Landscapes: Ideas and Inspiration Using Watercolour with Mixed Media
A stimulating mix of colour and watercolour technique for all skill levels, this guide helps the artist develop a free and flowing style to their art.
Painting Watercolours on Canvas
Love Watercolour: Over 100 Exercises, Projects and Prompts for Making Cool Art!
100 ideas, exercises, and fun projects to help you learn to use watercolor paint in a joyful way.
Ashley Jackson's Watercolour Sketches
This is a unique hardback book, capturing Ashley's personal sketches of Yorkshire, opening up his private sketch book , this is an insight into his private thoughts and feelings captured through his watercolour sketches.
Painting Watercolour Snow Scenes the Easy Way
An inspiring and accessible guide to painting beautiful snow scenes using easy-to-master techniques.
Take Three Colours: Watercolour Mountains: Start to Paint with 3 Colours, 3 Brushes and 9 Easy Projects
Learn to paint a variety of mountain scenes with Matthew Palmer using just three colours and three brushes.
If You're Bored With WATERCOLOUR Read This Book
Fashion illustrator Veronica Ballart Lilja proves there's more to watercolour with a fresh and creative approach to this classic art form.
Watercolour Fruit and Vegetable Portraits
Billy showell's exquisitely executed watercolour portraits of fruit and vegetables give an unconventional, often amusing, twist to traditional botanical studies, taking them on to a new and exciting contemporary level.
Learn to Paint in Watercolour with 50 Small Paintings: Pick Up the Skills, Put on the Paint, Hang Up Your Art
'This is one of the most original, entertaining and instructive books I've seen in a long time.' Artbookreview.netA portable course for budding watercolourists, built up subject by subject through over 50 paintings.
Watercolour Painting Step-by-Step
A comprehensive guide to watercolour painting that draws on the expertise of seven well-loved artists and includes a wide variety of techniques and styles.
Apple Book
Kew Book of Painting Orchids in Watercolour
Paint inspiring, luminous orchids in watercolour using this practical, contemporary guide from respected artist Vivienne Cawson, published in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
Painting Watercolour Trees the Easy Way
This is a book for all landscape artists whatever their skill levels, and anyone who wants to learn more about painting trees whether they are magnificent in their winter habitat, gloriously bedecked in spring foliage, splendid in their summer raiment or stunning when their leaves turn to russet reds and spun golds.
Watercolour Workshop: projects and interpretations
Artist Ann Blockley is renowned for her innovative approach to watercolour painting. Her highly-anticipated new book provides a series of workshops demonstrating how to push the boundaries of watercolour, using key techniques to develop your own work and take your paintings to the next level.
The Joy of Watercolor: 40 Happy Lessons for Painting the World Around You
Experience the escape of watercolour painting! Forty straightforward lessons promise sweet and colourful results: no artistic skill required.
Paint Yourself Positive (Hbk): Colourful Creative Watercolour
EXCLUSIVE HARDBACK EDITIONJean Haines' first-hand experience of the energising and life-enhancing effects of painting makes her a perfect example of how watercolours can work for you.
David Bellamy's Skies, Light and Atmosphere in Watercolour
Skies, light and atmosphere are perfect subjects for watercolour, and David Bellamy's mastery of the medium shines out in this inspiring and practical book. There is clear explanation of the techniques needed to paint these vital elements of the landscape, and advice on the choices painters need to make in order to ensure success.
BIRDS Watercolour Art Pad: 15 beautiful artworks for you to paint
This stunning guide with original artworks by Emma Faull will enable painters of all abilities to create exquisite watercolour paintings of birds.
Just Add Watercolour: Inspiration & Painting Techniques from Contemporary Artists
Just Add Watercolour offers creative painting tips and accessible advice, providing both practical information and inspiration.
Practical Watercolours: Materials, Techniques & Projects
This is the perfect introduction for anyone whos thought about painting in watercolour. Unintimidating and accessible, it will help you to get the pictures in your head onto the page.