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Most popular Video photography books

The most popular Video photography books currently available. Updated weekly.
Photography of Game of Thrones: The Official Photo Book of Season 1 to Season 8
Enter the world of HBO's global television phenomenon Game of Thrones with The Photography of Game of Thrones - the definitive photographic collection from the set of the hit series.
My GoPro HERO5 Camera
Digital Compositing for Film and Video: Production Workflows and Techniques
How to Shoot Video That Doesnt Suck
Describes the language of video. This title shows how to think like a director, regardless of equipment (amateurs think about the camera, and pros think about communication). It explains the rules developed over a century of movie-making - which work just as well when shooting a two-year-old's birthday party.
Video Production Handbook
Lighting for Digital Video and Television
A course in digital video lighting that begins with how the human eye and the camera process light and color, progresses through the basics of equipment and setups, and finishes with practical lessons on how to solve common problems. It presents readers with what they need to create their own visual masterpieces.
Lonely Planet's Best Ever Video Tips
From the world's leading travel guide publisher comes Lonely Planet's Best Ever Video Tips, the latest title in the stylish and snappy "Lonely Planet's Best Ever" series. Learn how to shoot and share better travel videos with 50 bite-sized, cleverly illustrated tips on assembling a kit, shooting techniques, editing and sharing.
Craft of the Cut: The Final Cut Pro X Editor's Handbook
The art of professional video editing Although technology is rapidly evolving, it is still complicated to edit video. This unique book not only teaches you the art of professional editing, it also gives you authentic professional experience.
Videomaker Guide to Video Production
Provides information on various tools and techniques necessary to help you shoot and edit video like the pro's. This title helps you learn about the equipment, lighting, editing, audio, high definition, and other aspects of video from the leading experts on videography.
Nightscape: No Limits
One of the UK's most exciting online creators wants to change your life by showing you the world from a different angle.
Video Art
Offers a history of the medium seen through the perspectives of its early practitioners, through the vast array of conceptual, political, personal and lyrical installations of the 80s and 90s to the present digital revolution. This book overviews of an art form born less than forty years ago and now ubiquitous worldwide.
Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide: A Down & Dirty DV Production
A visual field guide for freelance videographers that gives you detailed practical production strategies and solutions on: Marketing videos; Music Videos; Wedding videos; Music performance videos; Live event videos; Corporate videos; and, more.
Behind the Lens: Dispatches from the Cinematographic Trenches
Science Videos: A User's Manual for Scientific Communication
While the effective conveyance of technical knowledge presents formidable roadblocks to sharing scientific knowledge and discoveries, certain communication tools like video and film production help to bridge this gap.
Film and Video Editing Theory: How Editing Creates Meaning
Nonlinear Editing
Nonlinear is a buzzword for every broadcaster and facility house worldwide. This is an operational manual for professional trainees and students in the post-production industry. It describes the technology involved, the essential techniques to be mastered including on-line and off-line editing, project management, rendering effects, and more.
Final Cut Pro Workflows: The Independent Studio Handbook
Describes appropriate postproduction workflows, team roles and responsibilities, and required equipment for some of the most common media productions. This book focuses on workflow processes and responsibilities, and includes 7 real-world workflows from a diverse range of projects.
California Video - Artists and Histories
Introduction to Video Production: Studio, Field, and Beyond