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Most popular Theatre management books

The most popular Theatre management books currently available. Updated weekly.
Actors' and Performers' Yearbook 2020: Essential Contacts for Stage, Screen and Radio
Arts Leadership: Creating Sustainable Arts Organizations
Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. Staging Life and Death
This illustrated collection documents Quarantine's large scale performance work, Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring., together with a collection of writings from many different disciplines and perspectives on its various themes, specifically regarding the human life cycle and human relationships to time. -- .
Shakespeare Spelt Ruin: The Life of Frederick Balsir Chatterton, Drury Lane's Last Bankrupt
Directing Professionally: A Practical Guide to Developing a Successful Career in Today's Theatre
Why We Love Disney: The Power of the Disney Brand
From its beginnings as a small studio in the 1920s, the Disney Company has become one of the most influential organizations in the world of entertainment. This book examines the influence of the Walt Disney Company and the reasons for Disney's universal appeal.
Stage Manager's Toolkit: Templates and Communication Techniques to Guide Your Theatre Production from First Meeting to Final Performance
Collaborating Backstage: Breaking Barriers for the Creative Network
Practical Guide to Health and Safety in the Entertainment Industry
Politics of Fame
Moment on the Clock of the World: A Foundry Theatre Production
Inspired by the twenty-five-year history of New York's Foundry Theatre, A Moment on the Clock of the World is an anthology of inquiry arising both within and between art and social justice practices.
Stage Management and Theatre Administration
An explanation of every aspect of stage management and theatre administration.
Producing Musicals
This title provides everything readers need to know about staging a musical, from choosing a show and assembling the creative team, through rehearsals, technical and budgetary matters to moving into the theatre, the first night and beyond.
Production Management: Making Shows Happen - a Practical Guide
This title takes you through the process of making shows happen from the viewpoint of the production manager, the person responsible for everything on stage that is not an actor. It describes different types of productions, the role, the working life of backstage teams and theatre administration.
Stage Management: The Essential Handbook
Intended for students, graduates and various aspirants to stage management, amateur or professional, whether the production is on a large or small scale, this title offers the basics of stage management. Featuring charts and helpful checklists, it takes the reader through a typical production week by week.
How to Start Your Own Theater Company
How to Run a Theatre: Creating, Leading and Managing Professional Theatre
How to Run a Theatre is a unique, dynamic, and savvy guide to building an arts institution that works. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, here is practical advice on a variety of management skills: Financial; Personnel; Fundraising; Board of Trustees Communications; and Marketing & Audience Development.
Open Book Theater Management: Ethical Theater Production
How to run a low/no budget theatre company or production, without losing either your integrity or your shirt.
Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide: How to Make Your Show A Success
A unique guide revealing the secrets behind succeeding at the Edinburgh Fringe. Performers, venue managers, directors, producers, critics, press officers, and award judges offer their tried and tested advice to help to secure success for your show at the world's largest arts festival.
Actors and Performers Yearbook 2019: Essential Contacts for Stage, Screen and Radio
Stage Management
Collaborating Backstage: Breaking Barriers for the Creative Network
Introduction to the Art of Stage Management: A Practical Guide to Working in the Theatre and Beyond
From Agent to Actor: An Unsentimental Education or What the Other Half Knows