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Most popular Television books

The most popular Television books currently available. Updated weekly.
Gotta Get Theroux This: My life and strange times in television
A funny, insightful memoir by much-loved documentary maker Louis Theroux, who takes us on a weird and wonderful journey through his life and two decades of groundbreaking television.
Headlines and Hedgerows: A Memoir
By Order of the Peaky Blinders: The Official Companion to the Hit TV Series
The official companion to the hit TV series, Peaky Blinders. Packed full of unseen images, behind-the-scenes stories and interviews with the cast and creators of the show, this is the only book for fans preparing for the highly anticipated fifth season.
Mouthy - Unfiltered, Uncensored & Honest as Ever
In Strictest Confidence
The third instalment in Craig Revel Horwood's frank and funny biographies takes the reader through the highs and lows of the Strictly Come Dancing star's `fab-u-LOUS' life. Join Craig and a host of Strictly stars on the show and live tours and get the real stories from behind the scenes.
State of the Union: A Marriage in Ten Parts
Sunny Side Up: a story of kindness and joy
Susan Calman danced her way across our screens and into our hearts on Strictly Come Dancing, so how has this ability to find joy changed her life? This is her Calmanifesto of Happiness.
Firefly - The Big Damn Cookbook
Treat your friends, family, and crew with Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook.
Here's One I Made Earlier: Classic Blue Peter Makes
With a foreword by Valerie Singleton.
Ultimate Guide to Friends: (The One That's 100% Unofficial)
Game of Thrones: The Storyboards
Go behind the scenes of HBO's global television phenomenon with Game of Thrones: The Storyboards - an official collection featuring striking storyboard art.
Zippy and Me: My Life Inside Britain's Most Infamous Puppet
This hilarious autobiography of Rainbow puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew is the first behind-the-scenes look at the iconic children's TV programme
In Strictest Confidence
The third instalment in Craig Revel Horwood's frank and funny biographies takes the reader through the highs and lows of the Strictly Come Dancing star's `fab-u-LOUS' life. Join Craig and a host of Strictly stars on the show and live tours and get the real stories from behind the scenes.
Quite Nice and Fairly Accurate Good Omens Script Book
A glorious reinvention of the iconic bestseller Good Omens, soon to be a massive new TV launch on Amazon Prime Video and the BBC.
Straight Outta Crawley: Memoirs of a Distinctly Average Human Being
From the delights of Sri Lankan hospitality to his struggles as a child, teacher and now parent, to his adolescent flirtation with a rap career and his attempts to make it in comedy, Straight Outta Crawley is Ranganathan's hilarious and irreverent autobiography.
Game of Thrones: Longclaw Collectible Sword
This kit will be a must-have for millions of dedicated fans of Game of Thrones , HBO's global television phenomenon. It includes a 4" replica of Jon Snow's sword, Longclaw," a sheath sleeve for the sword, a stand to display the sword, and 48-page book about the Night's Watch, illustrated with full-colour series photography throughout.
Monty Python's the Meaning of Life
October 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first broadcast of Monty Python's Flying Circus on BBC Television. This book contains the full script with pictures of the last Monty Python film.
Making a Noise: Getting It Right, Getting It Wrong in Life, Arts and Broadcasting
The memoir of Sir John Tusa, spanning his childhood and distinguished career in the arts and cultural leadership.
Art and Making of The Handmaid's Tale
Explore the terrifying world of Gilead with this behind-the-scenes look at the Emmy award-winning show The Handmaid's Tale.
More Than Just A Good Life: The Authorised Biography of Richard Briers
The authorised biography of Richard Briers, best known for his role as Tom Good from BBC sitcom The Good Life.
Very Best of Monty Python
Includes the favourite bits from the vast Python oeuvre, which include: Why accountancy is not boring, Spamalot, The Piranha Brothers, The Lumberjack Song, The Larch, Every sperm is sacred, The Ministry of Silly Walks, Always look on the Bright Side of Life, Rat Recipes, Albatross, Constitutional Peasants, Spam and many more.
Doctor Who Desk Pad Official 2019 Calendar - Desk Pad Format
Fans of the cult TV series Doctor Who will love this 2019 desk pad calendar. Celebrate the best of the bad with this classic collection of the Doctor's most dangerous enemies. This handy desk pad is perfect for planning your week ahead and has easy tear off pages.
This Is This Country: The official book of the BAFTA award-winning show
The hilarious spoof tie-in to three-time BAFTA award-winning BBC comedy, This Country.
Meat Eater
Yorkshire Vet: In the Footsteps of Herriot
A warm and engaging memoir from the star of Channel 5's popular series 'The Yorkshire Vet'. From work experience under James Herriot to eventually taking over his practice in the Yorkshire Dales, Peter Wright tells the hilarious and heartbreaking story of his encounters with creatures of all shapes and sizes.
WWE SmackDown 20 Years and Counting
Arlott, Swanton and the Soul of English Cricket
Inside Family Guy: An Illustrated History
Coronation Street Treasures
House by house, also calling in at the Rovers, the Factory, Roy's Rolls, The Kabin and the Corner Shop, in this book you'll find all sorts of fascinating lost treasures from the world of Coronation Street, from revealing birth certificates and love letters to divorce papers, personal letters and even Betty's secret hotpot recipe.
Little Book of Sass: The Wit and Wisdom of Jonathan Van Ness
The most iconic quotes from Jonathan Van Ness, the sassiest of queens
Chase 10th Anniversary Quizbook: The Ultimate Chase Quizbook
A book of different themed quizzes and factoids to coincide with The Chase's 10th Anniversary.
On Golden Pond
My Story
For over 25 years, Dale Winton (1955-2018) was one of Britain's most popular stars.
And On That Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of TOP GEAR
Behind the scenes of the global phenomenon Top Gear.
Nice and Accurate Good Omens TV Companion
The ultimate TV companion book to Good Omens, a massive new television launch on Amazon Prime Video and the BBC.
Listening to the Animals: Becoming The Supervet
A powerful, heartwarming and inspiring memoir from the UK's most famous and beloved vet, Dr Noel Fitzpatrick - star of the Channel 4 series The Supervet.
Butch Wilkins and the Sundance Kid: A Teenage Obsession with TV Sport
Butch Wilkins and the Sundance Kid charts, both hilariously and touchingly, sport's golden years on terrestrial television, recreating the halcyon days of 1980s British sport.
Simpsons 2020 Calendar - Official Square Wall Format Calendar
Forever Sweethearts: Sixty Years of Love, Life & Laughter in Liverpool
Sex and the City and Us: How Four Single Women Changed the Way We Think, Live, and Love
Will & Grace & Jack & Karen: Life - according to TV's awesome foursome
A fun guide to the important things in life, according to TV's Will, Grace, Jack & Karen.
Fictional Television and American Politics: From 9/11 to Donald Trump
This book explores the relationship between fictional television and American world politics in the period from 9/11 through to the presidency of Donald J. Trump. This period comprises a second golden age for fictional TV. The book therefore explores some of the best TV of all time across two decades of heightened political controversy. -- .
Petrifying Zombie Puzzle Book
In the Petrifying Zombie Puzzle Book you'll help Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Maggie avoid herds of walkers, escape the clutches of the villains you love to hate like the Governor and Negan, and discover the evil that lies at the heart of Terminus with a series of in-character puzzles, riddles and brainteasers.
WWE Greatest Rivalries
Monty Python's Flying Circus: Hidden Treasures
Monty Python's Flying Circus was packed with famous skits and classic one-liners, many of which are still globally recognized, from the Hollywood Bowl to the University of Woolloomooloo. And 50 years after first broadcast, Monty Python's Flying Circus is still attracting and amusing audiences around the world.
Confessions of a Conjuror
Taking as his starting point the various stages of a conjuring trick he's performing in a crowded restaurant, Derren's endlessly engaging narrative wanders through subjects from all points of the compass, from the history of magic and the fundamentals of psychology to the joys of internet shopping and the proper use of Parmesan cheese.
Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book
Based on AMC's The Walking Dead, this blood-curdling pop-up book brings the hit TV series to life like never before. Lurking within its pages are more than twenty ingeniously crafted pop-ups that add a horrifying new dimension to the series. Experience the terror of Bicycle Girl reaching out with her decaying arms. the ravenous walker hordes crowding the streets of Atlanta. Michonne's deadly katana skills. and the horror of a walker feeding frenzy. Plus, go inside some of the most memorable locations from the television series and discover the battle-torn West Georgia Correctional Facility, Hershel Greene's doomed farm, and the gut-wrenching secrets of Terminus. Featuring ten pages packed with exclusive pop-up illustrations and blood-drenched action, AMC's The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book is a uniquely terrifying way to experience the walker apocalypse.- Officially licensed Pop-Up Book- Hardbound- 5 pages- Size: 28 x 23 cm
Inside American Gods
Inside American Gods is the official companion book to the hit show based on Neil Gaiman's most beloved and acclaimed work.
Pretty Mess
"Without her alter-ego Erika Jayne, Erika Girardi says she'd just be 'another rich bitch with a plane'--so get ready for the dishy, tell-all memoir from ... performer, model, singer, and ... star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"--
Rugby: Talking A Good Game: The Perfect Gift for Rugby Fans
The autobiography of legendary rugby commentator Ian Robertson