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The most popular Semantics & pragmatics books currently available. Updated weekly.
Understanding Pragmatics
English - One Tongue, Many Voices
This is the fully revised and expanded second edition of English - One Tongue, Many Voices, a book by three internationally distinguished English language scholars who tell the fascinating, improbable saga of English in time and space.
Pragmatics: A Resource Book for Students
Second edition published 2007 Pragmatics and Discourse: a resource book for students
Pragmatics: An Advanced Resource Book for Students
Pragmatics for Language Educators: A Sociolinguistic Perspective
Elements of Formal Semantics: An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Meaning in Natural Language
Designed as a quick yet thorough introduction to one of the most vibrant areas of research in modern linguistics today this volume reveals the beauty and elegance of the mathematical study of meaning. It introduces the essential principles and techniques of formal semantics.
Meaning of More
This book examines the semantics of comparative constructions using words such as more, as, too, and so on, and proposes a new account that rejects a fundamental assumption of the degree semantics framework. The findings have implications not only for semantics but also for language acquisition and cognitive science more broadly.
Course in Semantics
An introductory text in linguistic semantics, uniquely balancing empirical coverage and formalism with development of intuition and methodology.
Understanding Semantics
Understanding Semantics is an accessible and invaluable introduction to the three main traditions of semantics: structuralism and decomposition, cognitive semantics and formal semantics.
English Historical Pragmatics
A guide to historical pragmatics in English studies. It gives students a grounding in historical pragmatics and teaches the methodology needed to analyse language in social, cultural and historical contexts. It provides insights into the analysis of discourse markers, interjections, terms of address and speech acts.
The first truly multidisciplinary text of its kind, this book offers an original analysis of the current state of linguistic pragmatics.
This student-friendly introduction to linguistic pragmatics explains all the major developments in core theoretical pragmatics and engages with the most recent debates in the field. Includes sections demonstrating how pragmatics can be applied to the study of literature, language acquisition and clinical linguistics.
Pragmatics and the English Language
While covering typical pragmatics topics, this book presents a new view on pragmatics: integrative pragmatics. It is comprehensive in its coverage, yet incorporates state-of-the-art research. Examples and case studies throughout connect theory with data, and illuminate how pragmatics phenomena and concepts are realised or tempered in English.
External Arguments in Transitivity Alternations: A Layering Approach
This book is an exploration of the syntax of external arguments in transitivity alternations from a cross-linguistic perspective. It uses data principally from English, German, and Greek to investigate the causative/anti-causative alternation and the formation of adjectival participles.
Yan Huang's highly successful textbook on pragmatics has been fully revised and updated. It includes a brand new chapter on reference, a major topic in both linguistics and the philosophy of language, as well as new material covering subjects including conversational implicature, emotional deixis, and contextualism versus semantic minimalism.
Theory, Research and Pedagogy in Learning and Teaching Japanese Grammar
This edited book focuses on the role of different types of pedagogical solutions in the acquisition of the Japanese grammatical system by reviewing, assessing and measuring current theory and research.
Second Language Pragmatics
Taguchi and Roever present the latest developments in second language pragmatics research, combining acquisitional and sociolinguistic perspectives.
Linguistics of Spoken Communication in Early Modern English Writing: Exploring Bess of Hardwick's Manuscript Letters
This book uses a corpus of manuscript letters from Bess of Hardwick to investigate how linguistic features characteristic of spoken communication function within early modern epistolary prose.
The first truly multidisciplinary text of its kind, this book offers an original analysis of the current state of linguistic pragmatics.
Bad Words: Philosophical Perspectives on Slurs
What makes a word bad? On the one hand, slurs and other derogatory language appear to be meaningful - different slurs can seem to refer to different groups, for example. On the other hand, slurs can seem to be just an arbitrary tool for insulting or enabling harm. How is the meaning of a slur related to its practical uses?
Serial Verbs
This book provides an in-depth typological account of the forms, functions, and histories of serial verb constructions, in which several verbs combine to form a single predicate. It uses an inductively-based framework for the analysis and draws on data from languages with different typological profiles and genetic affiliations.
Indefinites between Latin and Romance
This book investigates the syntactic and semantic development of a selection of indefinite pronouns and determiners between Latin and the Romance languages. It uses data from Classical and Late Latin texts and from electronic corpora of early Romance to propose a new account of the similarities in the grammar of indefinites across Romance.
Grammar of Expressivity
This volume provides a detailed account of the syntax of expressive language. Based on case studies of expressive adjectives, intensifiers, and vocatives, it offers a new analysis of expressivity that bridges the gap between semantic and syntactic accounts, and shows that expressivity is a syntactic feature and not a purely semantic phenomenon.
Semantics for Reasons
In the first account of how the language of reasons works, Semantics for Reasons draws on the scientific discipline of linguistics, brings together the theory of reasons and natural language semantics, and examines what we really mean when we talk about reasons for believing and doing certain things.
Academic Discourse and Global Publishing: Disciplinary Persuasion in Changing Times
Meaning in Language: An Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics
A comprehensive introduction to the ways in which meaning is conveyed in language. Alan Cruse covers semantic matters, but also deals with topics that are usually considered to fall under pragmatics. A major aim is to highlight the richness and subtlety of meaning phenomena, rather than to expound any particular theory.
Assuming no prior experience, this core textbook introduces formal semantics in an accessible and engaging way and provides students with a solid understanding of a range of semantic phenomena.
User's Guide to Thought and Meaning
A profoundly arresting integration of the faculties of the mind - of how we think, speak, and see the world. Written with an informality that belies the originality of its insights and the radical nature of its conclusions this is the author's most important book since his groundbreaking Foundations of Language in 2002.
Understanding Pragmatic Markers: A Variational Pragmatic Approach
Pragmatic markers are multifunctional and this can make it difficult to describe their meaning and potential. This book looks at pragmatic markers in a corpus of spoken English, with a focus on the functions performed by the markers in different types of text. It explores the syntactic, semantic, pragmatic and discourse aspects of the markers.
Functional Discourse Grammar for English
This is the first textbook on Functional Discourse Grammar, a recently developed theory of language structure which analyses utterances at the pragmatic, semantic, morphosyntactic and phonological level. It focuses principally on English and provides extensive exercises for students to use and evaluate the theory.
Intonation and Meaning
This book examines the interplay between prosody-stress, phrasing, and melody-and interpretation-felicity in discourse, inferences, and emphasis. It presents the main phenomena involved, and introduces current formal analyses of prosodic structure, relevant aspects of discourse structure, intonational meaning, and the relations between them.
Gender, Power and Political Speech: Women and Language in the 2015 UK General Election
Gender, Power and Political Speech explores the influence of gender on political speech by analyzing the performances of three female party leaders who took part in televised debates during the 2015 UK General Election campaign.
Requesting Responsibility: The Morality of Grammar in Polish and English Family Interaction
This book analyses requests for action on the basis of natural video-recorded data of everyday interaction in British English and Polish families. Joerg Zinken describes in his analyses the features of interactional context that people across cultures might be sensitive to in designing a request, as well as aspects of cultural diversity.
'And': Conjunction Reduction Redux
A bold argument that "and" always means "&," the truth-functional sentential connective.
Geometry of Meaning: Semantics Based on Conceptual Spaces
A novel cognitive theory of semantics that proposes that the meanings of words can be described in terms of geometric structures.
Semantics for Translation Students: Arabic-English-Arabic
Varieties of Spoken French
This book examines the variation found in modern spoken French, based on the research programme 'Phonology of Contemporary French' (Phonologie du Francais Contemporain, PFC). Extensive data are drawn from all over the French-speaking world, including Algeria, Canada, Louisiana, Mauritius, and Switzerland.
This book presents the essential background for understanding semantic theories of both verbal mood and sentence mood. Paul Portner evaluates and compares the theories, draws connections between seemingly disparate approaches, and highlights the most significant insights in the literature to provide a clearer understanding of how mood works.
Speech Acts and Clause Types: English in a Cross-Linguistic Context
This book is an introduction to the relationship between the morphosyntactic properties of sentences and their associated illocutionary forces or force potentials. It draws on insights from linguistics, philosophy, and sociology, and may be used as a textbook for undergraduate or graduate courses in semantics, pragmatics, and morphosyntax.
Minimalist View on the Syntax-Semantics Relationship: Turning the Mind into a Snowflake
This book provides a discussion of consequences of label-theoretic developments of the Minimalist Program for the theory of the syntax-semantics relationship. It provides a debate of a proper modeling of interpretive reflexes of syntactic adjunction and syntactic displacement.
Language and Meaning
Second Language Pragmatics: From Theory to Research
Queering Masculinities in Language and Culture
This innovative work examines new and emerging forms of gender hybridisation in relation to complex socialisation and immigration contexts including the role of EU institutions in ascertaining asylum seekers' sexual orientation, and the European laws on gender policy.
Quotation and Truth-Conditional Pragmatics
Mixed Metaphors: Their Use and Abuse
ePDF: 978-1-3500-6606-9 eBook: 978-1-3500-6605-2
Learning Pragmatics from Native and Nonnative Language Teachers
This book focuses on how both nonnative and native teachers may enhance their handling of target language pragmatics in the classroom and provides ideas that both sets of teachers may draw on to compensate for gaps in their knowledge. Focus is also given to learner strategies and motivation, technological advances, assessment and research methods.
Construction of Words: Advances in Construction Morphology
This volume focuses on detailed studies of various aspects of Construction Morphology, and combines theoretical analysis and descriptive detail. These are the recipes for coining new words and word forms, and they motivate the properties of existing complex words.
Pragmatica del espanol: contexto, uso y variacion
Indirect Reports and Pragmatics in the World Languages
Building on the previous book on indirect reports in this series, this volume adds an empirical and cross-linguistic approach that covers an impressive range of languages, such as Cantonese, Japanese, Hebrew, Persian, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Armenian, Italian, English, Hungarian, German, Rumanian, and Basque.
Inquisitive Semantics
The book presents a new logical framework to capture the meaning of sentences in conversation. It is based on a richer notion of meaning than traditional approaches, and allows for an integrated treatment of statements and questions. The first part of the book presents the framework in detail, while the second demonstrates its many benefits.