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Most popular Sculpture books

The most popular Sculpture books currently available. Updated weekly.
Antony Gormley on Sculpture
KAWS Catalogue at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Classic Beauties: Artists, Italy and the Esthetic Ideals of the 18th Century
Superbly illustrated essays introduce the key Italian painters and sculptors to which Europe's aristocracy flocked in the 18th Century
Introduction to Greek Art: Sculpture and Vase Painting in the Archaic and Classical Periods
The four centuries between the composition of the Homeric epics and the conquests of Alexander the Great witnessed an immensely creative period in Greek art, one full of experimentation and innovation. But time has taken its toll; damaged statues have lost their colour and wall paintings have been totally destroyed. And yet sympathetic study of surviving sculpture and of drawing on vases can give extraordinary insight into and appreciation of these once brilliant works This book, designed originally for students, introduces the reader to Greek sculpture and vase painting in the critical period from the eighth to the fourth centuries BC., The works discussed are generously illustrated and lucidly analysed to give a vivid picture of the splendor of Greek art. The up-dated second edition includes a new chapter examining art in Greek society, a timeline to help relate artistic development to historical events, an explanation of how dates BC are arrived at, a brief overview of Greek temple plans and a further reading list of recent books. This clear, approachable and rigorous introduction makes the beauty of Greek art more readily accessible and comprehensible, balancing description with interpretation and illustration, and is an invaluable tool to help develop insight, appreciation and comprehension.
Sculpting in Wire
Rodin and the art of ancient Greece
A fascinating look at how Classical sculpture inspired Rodin and his work
Anthony Caro: Stainless Steel
This is the sixth volume in Lund Humphries' series of monographs on British sculptor Anthony Caro and the first publication to focus on his use of stainless steel as a distinct body of work.
Michael Craig-Martin: Present Sense
A selection of Michael Craig-Martin's paintings, prints and sculptures, with an interview.
Terracotta Warriors: History, Mystery and the Latest Discoveries
A history of the famous Terracotta Army in Xi'an, China, exploring what we now know about it, what we still do not know and the theories that surround its creation.
Phyllida Barlow: cul-de-sac
New site-specific works by Phyllida Barlow fill the Royal Academy's Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Galleries in early 2019. This accompanying publication provides a lively account of the artist's role in modern British sculpture.
Singing Bones
Shaun Tan fans get to see his extraordinary talent applied to sculpture in this award-winning, lavishly presented collection of art based on fairy tales told by the Brothers Grimm.
Modelling Heads and Faces in Clay
This is a beginner's guide to modelling heads and faces in clay. Filled with step-by-step sequences, it shows how to achieve lifelike heads of men, women and children as well as how to show emotion on the faces.
Henry Moore at the Wallace Collection: The Helmet Head Series
The Wallace Collection hosts a major exhibition in collaboration with The Henry Moore Foundation for spring 2019 exploring the sculptor Henry Moore's fascination with armour at the Wallace Collection, an interest which fundamentally influenced his work over many years.
Bodys Isek Kingelez
Early Chinese Jades in the Harvard Art Museums
New Monuments and the End of Man: U.S. Sculpture between War and Peace, 1945-1975
Monument Man: The Life and Art of Daniel Chester French
St Ives: The art and the artists
The definitive account of the modern art made in St Ives between the 1930s and the 1960s, telling the story of this extraordinary artistic community and its legacy. This book is the product of decades of research by leading authority Chris Stephens, and will illuminate the period for dedicated fans and new readers alike.
Reading Maya Art: A Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Maya Painting and Sculpture
A compendium of one hundred hieroglyphs that are building locks of ancient Maya painting and sculpture. Using over five hundred line drawings and photographs, it shows how to identify the signs, understand their meaning, and appreciate the novel ways they appear in art.
Making Sculpture from Scrap Metal
Transforming unlikely pieces of scrap metal into significant works of art - giving new life to things we throw away - is an accessible, creative and fulfilling activity. This book describes the concerns and techniques involved in making this kind of sculpture.
When is a urinal no longer a urinal? When Marcel Duchamp declared it to be art. From his infamous Fountain to reworked Mona Lisa with mustache and beard, this essential introduction to Duchamp surveys his audacious practice of "readymades" and beyond and its critical place in 20th-century art.
Micromegalic Inscriptions. A Rococo Story of Contemporary Engravings
Hubert Le Gall: Fabula
John Carter: On Paper
Carter's drawings reveal the originality of his mind and the love of exactitude and clarity that drives his practice. His singular contribution to the post-war flowering of British abstraction can clearly be seen here.
Cornelia Parker
Michelangelo: Sculptor in Bronze
The conclusions of an important interdisciplinary approach to Michelangelo studies conducted by a team of international experts from fields as diverse as art history, conservation science, anatomy and technical archaeology.
National Identity and Nineteenth-Century Franco-Belgian Sculpture
Lynn Chadwick: A Sculptor on the International Stage
This is the first book to set the work of British sculptor Lynn Chadwick in its international context. Chadwick, a leading figure in modern British art and celebrated for his innovative steel and bronze sculptures of abstracted, expressive figures and animals, always felt that his work was better understood abroad than in his native country.
100 Sculptors of Tomorrow
An internationally juried selection of emerging and undiscovered sculptors working today.
Ben Jones: Slate Landscapes
Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture: A Retrospective 1957-2004
Carving the Human Figure
The human figure is the most important subject in sculpture, and this book offers a thorough grounding in the skills needed to carve it successfully. The emphasis is on carving the wood, but sculptors in stone and other media should find it equally valuable.
Michelangelo: The Complete Sculpture, Painting, Architecture
A visual and literary treasury of the works of a master of the Renaissance and arguably one of the greatest artists of all time. Magnificent photographs allow the reader to view Michelangelo's work as never before. A marvelous and engaging text by William Wallace humanizes this larger-than-life artist. 150 color photos. 100 b&w photos.
Tony Cragg: Sculptures and Drawings
Born in 1949, Tony Cragg is one of today's most celebrated and popular sculptors. In 1988 he won the Turner Prize. This book, celebrating the work of one of the world's most successful and respected artists, concentrates on works made by him over the years.
Louise Bourgeois
The life and work of the French-American sculptor in our series Art to Read
Sculpture Now
Surveys the dynamic developments in sculptural practice worldwide. This book explores such key topics as the use of the body in sculpture, the appropriation of everyday ephemera, the use of light and sound as technological elements, nature and ecology as dominant and pressing issues, and the huge impact of installation.
Produced in collaboration with the Musee Rodin, this essential introduction examines the key works of Auguste Rodin, pioneering French sculptor behind The Kiss and The Thinker. With rich illustration and insightful texts, we explore the artist's material processes of modeling and assemblage and his leading ideas of movement, bodily expression,...
Ince Blundell Collection of Classical Sculpture: Volume 3 - The Ideal Sculpture
This book fully documents an outstanding collection of ancient Roman statues acquired by Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell Hall on his Grand Tour visits to Italy in the late eighteenth century.
Peter Randall-Page: Upside Down & Inside Out
Um die Ecke denken: Sammlung Haus Konstruktiv (1986-2016) und Gastinterventionen
More concrete: the second volume on the collection, with each of its new aquisitions
Folly: Phyllida Barlow
Phyllida Barlow: folly presents the British Council's new commission created by Phyllida Barlow for the British Pavillion at the 57th Venice Biennale.
Art Garden: Wichita Art Museum
This beautifully illustrated book celebrates the Wichita Art Museum's stunning Art Garden's breathtaking landscape environment.
Sculpture in Gotham: Art and Urban Renewal in New York City
Connecting public art activity to agendas of urbanism, Sculpture in Gotham offers new contexts for tracking national cultural trends through the exploration of one specific locality.
Art in Changing Times
Modelling and Sculpting the Figure
Modelling and Sculpting the Figure details the creative process for sculpting the figure, from conceptual and practical considerations to the finished work. It covers tools, methods for building armatures, and how to create realistic, abstract and expressive figures, in a variety of media. For beginners and established artists alike.
Richard Bertman: The Sculptures
Provides a thoughtful and comprehensive account by renowned writer Christina Lanzl, on Richard Bertman's intersection of art and life, sculpture and architecture.
Alexander Calder - Radical Inventor
Alexander Calder (1898-1976) was a radical inventor. This catalogue shows how Calder's work emerged from expectations of change in American popular culture.
Screening Statues: Sculpture and Cinema
This book examines key sculptural motifs and cinematic sculpture in film history through a series of case studies and through an extensive reference gallery of 150 different films.
Concrete Poetry: Post-War Modernist Public Art
Concrete Poetry is the first photographic survey of Modernist sculpture within the Brutalist context.
Henry Moore: From the Inside Out