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The most popular Sagas books currently available. Updated weekly.
Ghost Fire
But Connie once again finds herself at the mercy of vicious men, whose appetite for war and glory lead her to the frontlines of the French battlefield in North America. As the siblings find their destinies converging once more, they realise that the vengeance and redemption they both desperately seek could cost them their lives .
Change of Season
Forced from Australia to England by her husband's job, Rosalind faces many challenges but maybe a fresh start was exactly what she needed...
Lizzie of Langley Street: the perfect wartime family saga, set in the East End of London
An absorbing 1920s saga set in London's East End.
Mother's Promise
When Hetty Huggins made a promise to her dying mother that she would look after her younger sister and brothers, little did she know how difficult this would be.
Kiss And A Promise
Sometimes hope is all you need...Liverpool, 1917: When Irish seaman Michael Gallagher docks in Liverpool after years of fighting with the British Navy, he never expects to fall in love. As Michael returns to Ireland, Stella dies unexpectedly, leaving Ginny to be brought up in the slums at the mercy of her grandmother.
One Perfect Family: The final instalment in the uplifting Ellindale Saga
The fourth book in Anna Jacobs' beloved Ellindale series.
A Maiden's Voyage: The heart-warming Sunday Times bestseller
Flora has never left the country before, and now faces a difficult decision - give up her position, or leave her family behind.
Beneath the Attic
Temptation of Gracie
Blessed Child: The perfect heart-warming saga
Liverpool Secret
A heartwarming saga of family and friendship, duty and desire, perfect for fans of Maureen Lee and Lyn Andrews from storyteller Geraldine O'Neill
Master of His Fate
From Victorian London to the vibrant port cities of England and France, from gracious stately homes in Gloucestershire to the decadence of Paris, Master of his Fate launches an unforgettable new historical series.
Changing Lara
Lara Perryman has spent her whole life travelling for her busy corporate job, so it's a relief when she takes early retirement and settles in a leisure village in Wiltshire. She quickly makes friends with the other residents and finds herself entangled in the ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies of her new community.
We'll Meet Again: The Bluebird Girls 2
Heartwarming, poignant Second World War saga for fans of Elaine Everest, Annie Groves and Nancy Revell
Daughters of Liverpool
Heroes on the Home Front: A wonderfully uplifting wartime story
The second novel in the wonderfully uplifting Factory Girls series. Beth is longing for someone too - and it's not her husband on the front line...As the factory girls face hardship on the home front, they will discover that the heroes they need are already by their side.
Pack Up Your Troubles: War at Home 6
The sixth and final book in the War at Home series by the author of The Morland Dynasty novels. Set against the evocative backdrop of World War I, this is an epic family drama featuring the Hunters and their servants
Miner's Wife
Set in the Yorkshire Dales, The Miner's Wife is a sweeping family drama following a young woman who falls in love with a man who is not everything he seems . . .
Lost Daughter
1930, Hull. Alice Goddard is fleeing from her violent, bullying husband Ted and fearing for her life and that of her two-year-old daughter Daisy. Running to the police station for help, she becomes involved in a road accident. Seriously injured, she lies in a coma in hospital. When she recovers, Ted has disappeared and Daisy is missing...
Family's Heartbreak
All they ever wanted was somewhere to call home...
Keep the Home Fires Burning: A heart-warming wartime saga
"From the creator of the smash-hit ITV show Home Fires"--Cover.
Pearl Thief: A sweeping, epic story of love and betrayal
A sweeping, epic story of love and betrayal from international bestselling author Fiona McIntosh, perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies's The Missing Sister and Kristin Hannah's The Great Alone. As Severine follows Mayek's trail, the tightly controlled life she's built around herself is shattered.
Seaside Angel
`Evie Grace brings to lifethe hardships experienced by 17-year-old Hannah Bentley.' Woman_______________________________________________Margate, 1884: When seventeen-year-old Hannah Bentley fled the family home, she never dreamed she'd find her feet working as a nurse on the children's ward at the Royal Sea Bathing Infirmary.
Spitfire Girls
`Anything to Anywhere!' That's the motto of the Air Transport Auxiliary, the brave team of female pilots who fly fighter planes between bases at the height of WWII. Bobbie learned to fly in her father's private plane and Jean was taught the queen's English at grammar school before joining the squad.
Beneath the Cypress Tree
A sweeping saga of friends and lovers, set in Crete during the Second World War.
Orphans of Bell Lane: A powerful heartwarming saga
Orphaned at a young age, Rosa has always looked out for her younger sister, Grace, protecting her from the dangers and bullies of the workhouse. So when Grace is suddenly faced with a world without Rosa, she finds herself alone and forced to make difficult decisions about her future.
Children of the Siege
A lost child, a family divided, the bitter backdrop of war - set in 19th-century France.
One Snowy Night
One Snowy Night is a heart-warming saga by Rita Bradshaw, author of the bestselling Snowflakes in the Wind, set in the years following the First World War.
King of Kings
With storm clouds gathering, and on opposing sides of the invasion, can Penrod and Amber find their way back to one another - against all the odds?
Ambulance Girls At War
Young Maisie Halliday has escaped the grinding poverty of the northern town where she was born and now lives in the glittering world of professional dancing. A series of incidents, all connected to a handsome, arrogant American, throw Maisie's life into a dangerous spin.
Miner's Wife
Set in the Yorkshire Dales, The Miner's Wife is a sweeping family drama following a young woman who falls in love with a man who is not everything he seems . . .
Wartime Sweethearts
However Rose has a secret of her own and when war separates the sweethearts before she can confide in William, it is Rose who will have to deal with the consequences...From the author of Orphan Sisters comes a moving and unique saga which gives a voice to the untold tales of our past.
Christmas Gift
THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREAT: COSY UP WITH A CUPPA AND THIS GORGEOUS NOVEL FROM SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER, KATIE FLYNN_______________________________Liverpool, 1939: Sixteen-year-old Lizzy Atherton is forced to flee her violent step-father in the middle of the night, and finds herself stranded on a station platform completely alone.
Liverpool Girl
Her father is dead and her mother doesn't want her... When Babby's dad is killed in a senseless bar room brawl it changes their family forever. Her mother is incandescent with rage and with Callum - Babby's sweetheart - nowhere to be found, persuades her daughter to go to a Mother and Baby Home.
Orphan Boy
From the bestselling author of Far From My Father's House and Miss Appleby's Academy comes a rags-to-riches tale of one man's determination to succeed. Perfect for fans of Maggie Hope and Diane Allen.
Courtney's War
Lucky Sixpence
With the war looming, will their luck run out? A LUCKY SIXPENCE is a dramatic and heart-warming Liverpool saga by Anne Baker, not to be missed by fans of Katie Flynn and Annie Groves.
Girls from Greenway: A nostalgia saga perfect for fans of Daisy Styles and Rosie Clark
Little does she know that Doreen too is falling for Gene, and that their affair will have disastrous consequences. As things at home go from bad to worse, Angie, Doreen and Carol must struggle to fight for what they want. Can the girls from Greenway ever achieve their dreams?
Emmerdale at War
The popular saga series returns with EMMERDALE AT WAR
Girl Who Came From Rags
There's also Eliza's sweetheart, Tom, who is determined to marry her but having worked so hard to get to where she is, will Eliza take a chance on love when it means she might lose everything she has ever worked for?
Empty Hearth
A family saga, full of dark secrets, from Sunday Times bestseller, Kitty Neale, perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Katie Flynn
Hour of Separation: From the bestselling author of Richard & Judy book club pick, The Rose of Sebastopol
An epic love story set in the Resistance from the Richard & Judy selected author of The Rose of Sebastopol.
From the day she is discovered unconscious in a New England cemetery at the beginning of the twentieth century - nothing but a bowling ball, a candlepin and fifteen pounds of gold on her person - Bertha Truitt is an enigma to everyone in Salford, Massachusetts.
Stolen Child: The most heartwrenching and heartwarming saga you'll read this year
A heartrending saga, filled with romance, tragedy, drama, secrets and triumph in adversity from the author of in the Families of Fairley Terrace series.
Nothing Ventured
Nothing Ventured is the start of a brand new series, from Jeffrey Archer, the number one bestselling author of The Clifton Chronicles: telling the story of the life of William Warwick - as a family man and a detective who must battle against a powerful criminal nemesis.
James Vincent, born in 1942 to an Irish-American family, escapes his parents' turbulent marriage and attends law school in New York, where he moves up the social ladder as a prosperous and bright attorney.
Brooklands Girls
The Brooklands Girls is the second title in the Maitland trilogy by bestselling author Margaret Dickinson.
We'll Meet Again: The Bluebird Girls 2
Heartwarming, poignant Second World War saga for fans of Elaine Everest, Annie Groves and Nancy Revell
For the Love of Liverpool
In this moving saga set in Liverpool, a woman is fleeing her past in the final novel from the much-loved and bestselling author Ruth Hamilton.
Ration Book Childhood
Jean Fullerton, the queen of the East End, returns with a wonderful new nostalgic novel. Because in the darkest days of the Blitz, family is more important than ever.