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Most popular Religious buildings books

The most popular Religious buildings books currently available. Updated weekly.
Notre-Dame: A Short History of the Meaning of Cathedrals
Notre Dame: A Short History of the Meaning of Cathedrals is Ken Follett's tribute to the the Notre-Dame de Paris, one of the greatest cathedrals in the world, which so tragically caught fire and was threatened with destruction but thankfully saved.
Gaudi. The Complete Works
Antoni Gaudi merged Orientalism, natural forms, and new materials into a unique Modernista aesthetic that put Barcelona on the global architecture map. With brand-new photography, plans and drawings by Gaudi himself, as well as an extensive appendix of all his works including furniture and unfinished projects, this XL book takes us through the...
50 Greatest Churches and Cathedrals of Great Britain
An inspiring tour of the highlights of the most-loved churches, abbeys and cathedrals of the United Kingdom.
Ships Of Heaven: The Private Life of Britain's Cathedrals
Peterborough Cathedral: A Glimpse of Heaven
An account of the history of Peterborough Cathedral - one of England's finest surviving Norman buildings - and its preserved art and architecture.
Art of Looking Up
Gothic Cathedral: The Architecture of the Great Church 1130-1530
Looks at the interaction between design and the requirements of patrons, follows the creative processes of architects, and discusses chronology, structural techniques, and stylistic developments.
King's Cathedral: The ancient heart of Christ Church, Oxford
Angel Roofs of East Anglia: Unseen Masterpieces of the Middle Ages
A masterly historical and photographic exploration of a much neglected form of English figurative sculpture, the angel roofs that still adorn many of the late medieval churches of East Anglia.
Building St Paul's
An approachable history of one of London's most famous landmarks.
50 Greatest Churches and Cathedrals
The most awe-inspiring churches and cathedrals from around the world
Religious Architecture: Anthropological Perspectives
This essential work views the place of religious architecture, including mosques, churches, temples and synagogues, in modern society.
The ruined silhouette of the Parthenon on its hill above Athens is one of the world's most famous images. Its 'looted' Elgin Marbles are a global cause celebre. But what actually are they? This work tells the history and explains the significance of the Parthenon, the temple of the virgin goddess Athena, the divine patroness of ancient Athens.
Never Again: Gardens of Peace: A Landscape and Architectural History of War Cemeteries
A beautiful, illustrated exploration of European burial sites and memorials from the First and Second World Wars
Divine Illumination: The Oratory of the Sacred Heart, Dun Laoghaire
Cathedrals & Abbeys of England
This definitive handbook contains over 130 specially commissioned colour photographs and six maps. It will enable everyone to experience the enduring appeal of those great monuments to the great Christian tradition. Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British history, heritage and travel.
Notre-Dame de Paris: History, Art, and Revival from 1163 to Tomorrow
This stunning photographic tribute to one of the world's most beloved treasures pays tribute to Notre-Dame in the wake of the tragic fire that nearly destroyed it.
Brunelleschi's Dome: The Story of the Great Cathedral in Florence
Even in an age of soaring skyscrapers and cavernous sports stadiums, the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, with its immense, terracotta-tiled cupola, retains a rare power to astonish. This book tells the story of how the cupola was raised, from its conception to its consecration.
Unlocking the Church: The lost secrets of Victorian sacred space
Unlocking the Church is the story of a revolution. The Victorians transformed how churches were understood, experienced, and built. Initially controversial, this revolution was so successful, that it has now been forgotten. Yet it still shapes our experience of church buildings and also helps make sense of what we should do with them now.
Unlocking the Church: The lost secrets of Victorian sacred space
Unlocking the Church is the story of a revolution. The Victorians transformed how churches were understood, experienced, and built. Initially controversial, this revolution was so successful that it has now been forgotten. Yet it still shapes our experience of church buildings and also helps make sense of what we should do with them now.
Buddhist Temples of Thailand: A visual journey through Thailand's 42 most historic wats
The first illustrated title to cover the key temples in all of Thailand's regions
Rosslyn Chapel Decoded
In the 15th century a new home was built for the priceless holy relics taken from Jerusalem centuries before - a building that, to the initiated, would explain everything about what had gone before and a structure that would be a recreation of the Herodian Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem. This is Rosslyn Chapel and here are its secrets.
Historic English Churches: A Guide to Their Construction, Design and Features
Geoffrey R. Sharpe brings more that forty years of experience of managing and caring for historic buildings to provide a unique guide to the design and construction of our historic churches and cathedrals.
City of Immortals: Pere-Lachaise Cemetery
City of Immortals celebrates the novelty and eccentricity of Pere-Lachaise Cemetery against a backdrop of the engrossing story of the history of the site established by Napoleonic decree along with portraits of the last moments of the cultural icons buried within its walls.
Notre Dame de Paris: A Celebration of the Cathedral
On April 16, 2019, the world looked on in horror as the Notre Dame Cathedral was nearly destroyed in a devastating fire. Notre Dame de Paris: A Celebration of the Cathedral offers a fascinating look back at nearly nine centuries of this landmark building that has stood as silent witness to some of the most important events in human history.
Sun in the Church: Cathedrals as Solar Observatories
Between 1650 and 1750, four Catholic churches were the best solar observatories in the world. This book tells how these observatories came to be, how they worked, and what they accomplished, providing a magnificent corrective to long-standing oversimplified accounts of the hostility between science and religion.
Communicating The New: Methods to Shape and Accelerate Innovation
This book describes and demonstrates methods for communication in the design thinking/innovation process throughout all stages of the process, not just the end. It introduces core concepts and methods that help manage complexity, accelerate synthesis, bring clarity and diffuse important knowledge to the people who need to act on it.
Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia: A Guide to the Remote Churches of an Ancient Land
With chapters exploring the important religious themes and historical events in Ethiopian Christianity, and with an introduction by Richard Pankhurst, the result is a book that will transform the appreciation of these hidden splendours and add a new dimension to their understanding for traveller and scholar alike.
Fifty English Steeples: The Finest Medieval Parish Church Towers and Spires in England
Presents a systematic survey of the fifty most important medieval parish church towers and spires in England, covering a period of some five hundred years. In this title, the introduction provides an overview of the technological and aesthetic development of towers and spires, and examines the evolution of their major architectural elements.
Notre-Dame de Paris: The Eternal Cathedral
With over 100 full-colour pictures and expert-written text, visit Notre Dame de Paris from the comfort of your own home and learn all its secrets.
Sarah Losh, strong-willed and passionate, an architect and an intellectual who dumbfounded critics with her genius and originality. Born into an old Cumbrian family, heiress to an industrial fortune, Sarah combined a zest for progress with a love of the past.
Stone on Stone: The Men Who Built The Cathedrals
How to Read Churches: a crash course in ecclesiastical architecture
This handy, easy-to-carry book will providethe reader with a strictly visual approach to reading the architecture of thechurch.
100 Churches 100 Years
This book features 100 churches built since 1914, showing the development of modern church architecture in Britain. From Spence's Coventry Cathedral to Giles Gilbert Scott's Liverpool Cathedral and featuring churches, mosques and synagogues. Architects include George Pace, Eric Gill and Frederick Gibberd.
Llandaff Cathedral
This beautifully illustrated guide reveals how successive generations, changes of fortune, accidents, disasters, human courage and determination have all made their mark on Llandaff Cathedral, from the twelfth to the twenty-first centuries.
Cathedrals of England
More than two hundred photographs and text trace the development of cathedral design from its Norman beginnings through the flowering of Gothic to the new Roman Catholic cathedral in Liverpool.
How To Read A Church
But today few people, including regular visitors, truly understand the wealth of meaning in what they find there.How to Read a Church is a fascinating guide for anybody who wants to know more about what they see in a church or cathedral.
Nicholas Hawksmoor: London Churches
- Impressive black-and-white photographs by Helene Binet document the beauty of Hawksmoor's churches - Published on the occasion of the exhibition of Helene Binet's photographs at the 13th International Architecture exhibition La Biennale di Venezia 2012
Reframing the Alhambra: Architecture, Poetry, Textiles and Court Ceremonial
This book investigates the neglected, interdisciplinary contexts of medieval poetics and optics and through comparative study of Islamic court ceremonials.
Churches of the Marches
A fascinating insight into the historic churches of Herefordshire, Shropshire and the Welsh Marches.
Sussex: West
Sacred Ground: The Cemeteries of New Orleans
Romanesque Churches of France: A Traveller's Guide
Covers a hundred or so churches in ten geographical sections from Normandy and Burgundy in the north to Provence, Roussillon and Languedoc in the south. This book could be useful to travellers, and could be a reference book for all those with a general interest in the history of French architecture and sculpture.
Birmingham: Pevsner City Guide
A connecting theme is provided by the local Arts and Crafts school, which flourished well into the twentieth century. A narrative introduction sets the buildings in context.
Ancient English Cathedrals
Containing many engravings and ground plans, this guidebook to the ancient cathedrals of England features interesting facts and stories, and is written by a stonemason and letter carver.
Wales: Churches, Houses, Castles
From the great citadels of Caernarvon, Powis and Beaumaris in the north, to the Victorian glories of Cardiff in the south, St David's cathedral in the west to the little hill church of Patrishow in the east, the buildings of Wales embody its history and are the equal of any in the British Isles. This title is suitable for those visiting Wales.
Wren's City of London Churches
A short history of the 51 Wren-designed churches in the city of London.
Yoga and Spiritual Retreats: Relaxing Spaces to Find Oneself
Modern life is marred by hectic pace, stress and negative environmental influences. Places to get away from the routine, where body and soul can find harmony again, and feel good with oneself are sought out more and more. This volume presents buildings and spaces devoted to contemplation, meditation, regeneration and the enjoyment of quietude.
Norwich Cathedral Close: The Evolution of the English Cathedral Landscape
Changes in the layout of the cathedral and its close traced over 600 years, using Norwich as a case-study.
Temptation of Graves in Salafi Islam: Iconoclasm, Destruction and Idolatry
This book explains the current destruction of graves in the Islamic world and traces the ideological sources of iconoclasm in their historical perspective, from medieval theological and legal debates to contemporary Islamist movements including ISIS.