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Most popular Product design books

The most popular Product design books currently available. Updated weekly.
Future of Design: Global Product Innovation for a Complex World
A design guru illuminates 10 specific, global factors that directly affect product innovation and design and how you can use them to thrive
Watch: A Twentieth Century Style History
Discover the stylistic evolution of the wristwatch in this unparalleled guide to the great watches of the 20th century.
Design of Everyday Things
A fully updated and expanded edition of Don Norman's classic and influential work, which pioneered the application of cognitive science to design.
Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals
A guide to manufacturing processes that explores production techniques that have an important impact on the design industry. Including over 1,200 photographs and technical illustrations, it is suitable for 3D designers, product designers, architects and engineers.
Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams
Industrial Design A-Z
From cameras to kitchenware, Lego to Lamborghini, follow the makers and shapers of industrial design in Industrial Design A-Z. This revised and updated edition covers the individual designers, the global businesses, and above all the genius products that have synthesized form and function to transform our daily lives.
Rare Watches: Explore the World's Most Exquisite Timepieces
A beautifully packaged look at the world's most sought-after timepieces, with detailed photography of every example.
1000 Lights
You'll find 1000 bright ideas in this journey through 20th-century lighting design. Presented chronologically by decade, you'll find the most interesting electric lights, from Tiffany's beautiful leaded-glass shades to outlandish 1960s designs and the latest high-tech LED lamps.
Level Design and Technology for Edexcel: Product Design: Resistant Materials
Supporting the Edexcel specification, this title offers exam tips, practice questions and sample answers with comments that give students the confidence to tackle all the questions that come up in the exam. It includes classroom activities with structured guidance that helps save teachers time.
My Revision Notes: OCR AS/A Level Design and Technology: Product Design
Target success in OCR A-level Design and Technology: Product Design with this proven formula for effective, structured revision; key content coverage is combined with exam-style tasks and practical tips to create a revision guide that students can rely on to review, strengthen and test their knowledge.
Vignelli Canon
Manual for young designers. Essential principles and rules for good design. Designed by Massimo Vignelli.
Materials Sourcebook for Design Professionals
A one-stop resource for all design professionals, providing comprehensive, accurate information about the basic materials with which they work daily, as well as a complete breakdown of exciting new developments in high-tech materials.
Ward Bennett
The first and only monograph to celebrate Ward Bennett, the leading American interior and furniture designer
Fusion 360 for Makers
Fusion 360 for Makers is written for beginners to 3D modeling software by an experienced teacher. It will get you up and running quickly with the goal of creating models for 3D printing and CNC fabrication. Inside, you'll find eight easy-to-understand tutorials that provide a solid foundation in Fusion 360 fundamentals.
Super Normal
The designers Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa have compiled 204 everyday objects in search of -super normal design-: alongside examples of anonymous design like the Swiss Rex vegetable peeler or a simple plastic bag, there are design classics like Marcel Breuer's tubular steel side table, Dieter Ram's 606 shelving system, or Joe Colombo's Optic alarm clock of 1970.
Kitchen Living: Kitchen Interiors for Contemporary Homes
My Revision Notes: AQA A Level Design and Technology: Product Design
Target success in AQA A Level Design and Technology (Product Design) with this proven formula for effective, structured revision. Key content coverage is combined with exam-style tasks and practical tips to create a revision guide that students can rely on to review, strengthen and test their knowledge.
Fundamentals of Wearable Computers and Augmented Reality
Bertoia: The Metalworker
A celebration of the rich and varied work of Italian-born American artist, designer, and master of metal, Harry Bertoia
Best in Show: Italian Cars Masterpieces from the Lopresto Collection
Hans J. Wegner: Just One Good Chair
Magnificent monograph celebrating the one hundredth birthday of the great Danish designer
Creative Selection: Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs
The inside story of Apple's design process during the golden age of Steve Jobs
Ah-Ha to Zig-Zag: 31 Objects from Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Maira Kalman's exuberant illustrations and humorous commentary bring design history to life in this inspired ABC book that celebrates thirty-one objects from the Cooper Hewitt.
Making It, Third edition
Designing for Society: Products and Services for a Better World
WA: The Essence of Japanese Design
The beauty and essence of Japanese design through 300 objects.
Modern Kitchen: Objects that changed the way we cook, eat and live
A nostalgic paean to 100 objects that have helped to define the modern kitchen
Working 2019/2020
Working 2019/2020 is the new design yearbook for connoisseurs and people who love the beautiful and good things in life.
Quests: Design, Theory, and History in Games and Narratives
Incorporating literary and digital theory, this title serves as a resource for game developers. Focused on both the theory and practice of the four main aspects of quests (spaces, objects, actors, and challenges), each theoretical section is followed by a practical section that contains exercises using the Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset.
Doing 2019/2020
Doing 2019/2020 showcases products from activity- and life-style-oriented areas such as garden, leisure, sport and games, babies and children, fashion, lifestyle and accessories, as well as watches and jewellery. Text in English and German.
Enjoying 2019/2020
Enjoying 2019/2020 presents products from work- and technology-oriented fields such as offices, heating and air conditioning, industry and crafts, life science and medicine, as well as computers and information technology. Text in English and German.
Research Methods for Product Design
Provides the reader with a comprehensive, relevant, and visually rich insight into the world of research methods specifically aimed at product designers. This book includes practical case studies and tutorials that will inform, inspire and help you to conduct product design research better.
Frugal Value: Designing Business for a Crowded Planet
"Frugal Value" contests the notion that the answer to our socio-economic and environmental crises lies in existing "sustainable business" practices, which too-often mean business-as-usual. This book re-thinks the fundamental purpose and role of business to understand how commercial firms might help address the great challenges of our time.
Design Anthropology: Object Cultures in Transition
Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018: Doing
Year after year, Doing, edited by Peter Zec who is one of the best design experts in the world, showcases products from activity- and lifestyle-oriented areas. This covers design products from the garden, leisure, sport, children, fashion, watches and jewellery.
Ten Principles for Good Design: Dieter Rams
Exquisitely produced to reflect Dieter Rams' aesthetic philosophy, this book presents highlights from a forty-year career designing iconic consumer products that enhance our daily lives.
Make - Volume 63
Living 2019/2020
Living 2019/2020 focuses on domesticity, examining living rooms and bedrooms, kitchens, tableware and cooking utensils, lighting and lamps, interior design, as well as urban design and public spaces. Text in English and German.
Emotionally Intelligent Design
In this book, Pamela Pavliscak-design researcher and advisor to Fortune 500 companies-explores new research about emotion, new technology that engages emotion, and new emotional design practices.
Creative Design For Home
100 Ideas that Changed Design
Product Design and Development
Provides step-by-step design and development methods. This book employs detailed industrial examples to illustrate the key ideas. It also treats contemporary design and development issues such as identifying customer needs, design for manufacturing, prototyping, and industrial design.
Design: The Definitive Visual History
Helps you to find out all about the design movements of the last 150 years from Arts and Crafts to Bauhaus. This book tells how design has influenced the look and functionality of the objects we use every day from telephones and cameras to toys, furniture and fashion.
Working: 2017-2018
Year after Year, Working, edited by Peter Zec who is one of the best design experts in the world, visualises products of leisure and relaxation, from areas such as bathrooms and spas, vehicles, consumer electronics and cameras as well as communication.
Screenprinting: The Ultimate Studio Guide from Sketchbook to Squeegee
The 21st-century bible of creative screenprinting.
Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes and 3D Forms: Design your own Boxes and 3D Forms
Enables designers of various packaging types to create 3-D packaging forms that are specific to their needs. This book teaches a simple net construction system, a one-piece 2-D configuration of card seen when a 3-D package is opened out and flattened which enables the designer to create a huge number of very strong 3-D packaging forms.
Bitten By Witch Fever: Wallpaper & Arsenic in the Victorian Home
Part social history and part design catalogue, this innovative book delves into the sinister history of 19th-century wallpaper.
21st Century Lighting Design
Complete Pleats: Pleating Techniques for Fashion, Architecture an: Pleating Techniques for Fashion, Architecture and Design
Suitable for anyone wishing to create and make pleats, this book explains how pleating systems can be stretched, compressed, flared, skewed, multiplied and mirrored, showing how from simple ideas, a huge number of original pleat forms can be created.
Chairs by Architects
What is it that distinguishes a chair designed by an architect? Is it possible to use creative solutions interchangeably in both domains? This book answers these questions to show how qualities in the buildings by architects are also evident in their chair design: pieces of furniture, like manifestos, become signatures of architectural style.