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Most popular Precious metal, precious stones & jewellery: artworks & design books

The most popular Precious metal, precious stones & jewellery: artworks & design books currently available. Updated weekly.
Man and His Watch
A covetable celebration of watches and the stories at the heart of men's obsession with them.
Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers: Techniques, Treatments & Applications for Inspirational Design
This authoritative and lusciously illustrated book offers a comprehensive and inspirational insight into the art and craft of silver jewellery making for today's artisan.
Kumihimo Endings: The finishing touch for every braid
In Pru McRae's second book she brings together the experience of many years of kumihimo braiding to offer a comprehensive range of ending methods for braids to ensure that the ends are finished neatly and securely.
Power of Love: Jewels, Romance and Eternity
Queen's Diamonds
Tells the story of the magnificent royal inheritance of diamonds from the time of Queen Adelaide in the 1830s to the present day. Illustrated with archive material as well as photography of the jewels, this book includes stones of international importance as well as items of great historic significance.
Tiffany Style
Suitable for the format painter.
Making Silver Jewellery
Silver is an exciting and versatile material for jewellery makers, both beginners and the more advanced. This book shows you how. Full of inspiring ideas and finished pieces, it explains over forty processes including the more advanced techniques such as fold forming and keum-boo and encourages the reader to experiment with their own designs.
Koh-I-Noor: The History of the World's Most Infamous Diamond
Polishing and Finishing for Jewellers and Silversmiths
Crown Jewels: The Official Illustrated History
The Tower of London has over two million visitors a year, with the Crown Jewels as its centrepiece. This title provides the history of the Crown Jewels, the most famous jewelry collection in the world.
Small-scale Silversmithing
Worldwide History of Beads: Ancient . Ethnic . Contemporary
A guide for bead lovers, collectors and scholars. Beautifully packaged with a new cover, it is suitable for bead obsessives and aficionados.
Cartiers: The Untold Story of a Jewellery Dynasty
The captivating story of the family behind Cartier and the three brothers who turned their grandfather's humble Parisian jewellery store into a global luxury icon-as told by a great-granddaughter with exclusive access to long-lost family archives
Masters of New Jewellery Design: Eclat
Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers: Techniques and Projects
A comprehensive step-by-step guide that will take your craft to a new level.
Oscar Heyman: The Jewelers' Jeweler
Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration
Explores the use of diamonds in works of art of all kinds, from personal and official jewellery and regalia to precious boxes and ceremonial swords. This title examines the special qualities of diamonds and the royal uses to which they have been put throughout the centuries.
Kind of Magic: Art Deco Vanity Cases
The 50 vanity cases shown in this book are from one private collection, with examples of contemporary jewellery and images illustrating the lives of those who owned them.
Thread and Fire: Textiles and Jewellery from the Isles of Indonesia and Timor
Koh-I-Noor: The History of the World's Most Infamous Diamond
Jewellery Illustration and Design: Techniques for Achieving Professional Results
A complete, in-depth manual that explains everything one needs to know about drawing jewelry.
World of Farah Kahn: A Bejewelled Life
From jewellery to lifestyle, this unique book is a journey into an aesthetic appreciation of the wonders of nature, art, and culture, as seen through the exceptional life of jewelry designer Farah Khan Ali.
Diamond Jewelry: 700 Years of Glory and Glamour
A gloriously illustrated social history of diamond jewelry, told through the stories of the European rulers and socialites who commissioned and wore them.
Bulgari: 125 Years of Italian Magnificence: Grand Palais
Jewlery International Volume V
Gorgeous photographs of stunning haute jewellery pieces and in-depth text on the history of jewellery make this book a must-have for anyone in love with jewellery
New Brooches: 400+ contemporary jewelry designs
New Brooches focuses on brooches within an exploration of current trends in contemporary jewellery. It is an inspirational compendium of the most innovative creations in today's jewellery design.
Jewelry by Chanel
Drawing inspiration from tradition, Coco Chanel was never the slave of everyday formulas or mere market values. This book presents her work from the direct re-creations of the 1932 Collection to the newest interpretations of comets and stars, plumes and feathers, and Chanels signature flower, the camellia.
Engraving on Precious Metals
Engraving on Precious Metals is for professionals and others who wish to learn hand engraving as a hobby or trade, and reveals many previously undisclosed practices of the commercial engraver which help to make his skill quite astonishing.
Carnet by Michelle Ong
A lavish survey of over twenty-five years of beautiful gems from Carnet, Michelle Ong's Hong Kong-based boutique jewelry house.
Brooches and Badges
An engaging overview of the changing styles and uses of brooches and badges from the Middle Ages to today, illustrated with rare and luxurious examples.
Jewelry: From Antiquity to the Present
This is a guide to the evolution of jewelry which offers a survey of the entire field. It traces developments from the Middle Ages to the present day and analyzes jewelry's changing fashions and the gems used in its production. The major jewelry houses are represented alongside unknown craftsmen.
Jewelry Concepts and Technology
Nearly ten years in preparation and production, Jewelry Concepts and Technology is the definitive guide and handbook for jewellery makers on all levels of ability. It is also a unique reference source for those not directly active in the field but who wish to gain an understanding of what lies behind the jewellery-making mystique.
Art as Jewellery: From Calder to Kapoor
Art as Jewellery is a visually stunning guide to jewellery made by the titans of twentieth and twenty-first century art. From Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso, through to Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst and Grayson Perry, the great figures of modern art have all dabbled in jewellery.
Adorning Fashion: The History of Costume Jewellery to Modern Times
Definitive, comprehensive overview of costume jewellery that follows the evolution of costume jewellery from bourgeois France to the present day. covers a range of designers including Lalique, Fouquet, Dior, Balenciaga, Versace and many more.
Jiro Kamata: Voices
Jiro Kamata, scion of a Japanese jeweller dynasty, deals in his works with the dimensions of optical experience and perception of values. Text in English, Chinese and Japanese.
Ancient Egyptian Jewelry: 50 Masterpieces of Art and Design
New Rings: 500+ Designs
An illustrated book that showcases nearly 600 contemporary rings by some 300 international designers who stimulate the imagination by challenging traditional practices and standard definitions. It features rings made of gold, platinum and precious stones, of wood, bones, fibre and shells.
Workholding for Machinists
Explains the various workholding options that are available to the metalworker, together with the principles behind them. This book explains the importance of precision in holding work in place and also the importance of tools and machines being held securely, so that the machinist may avoid damage to the machine and to the work being undertaken.
Christie's: The Jewellery Archives Revealed
Full access to Christie's archives has been granted, resulting in the inclusion of previously unseen material and images in the telling of the stories of the world's great jewellery collections.
Enamelling - the fusion of glass on metal - provides opportunities for amazing effects, colours and styles of jewellery. In this book, Ruth Ball outlines each of the main enamel techniques in step-by-step detail and gives an insight into the variety of modern methods available for exploration.
Anna Hu: Symphony of Jewels: Opus 2
Jeweller's Directory of Decorative Finishes: From Enamelling and Engraving to Inlay and Granulation
Gemstones: Identifying and using the world's most fabulous gems
Wyvern Collection: Medieval and Later Ivory Carvings and Small Sculpture
One of the most important collections of medieval ivory carvings and small sculpture, available to the public for the first time.
BVLGARI: Stories of Gems and Jewels
This stunning volume accompanies a major exhibition surveying the history behind the iconic jewelry company. Over 350 jewels are paired with haute couture from eminent fashion houses.
Sam Kramer: Jeweler on the Edge
Mirroring both the existential angst and quirky humour of the Beat Generation, Sam Kramer embodied the iconoclastic spirit of his era.
Diamonds: the Collection of Benjamin Zucker
Accompanying an exhibition at Les Enluminures, New York, this lavish catalogue presents an extraordinary collection of diamonds from the king of gems, Benjamin Zucker, one of New York's leading dealers in diamonds and precious stones.
Understanding Jewellery
This essentially practical book, Understanding Jewellery, now available in a revised and fully updated third edition, is unique in explaining why jewelry values vary and the individual points important for each category. A major section is devoted to the identification of the major gemstones and the testing methods to assess
Jewellery Design and Development: From Concept to Object
Jewellery Design and Development explores the works of seventeen innovative jewellers from around the world, examining the ways they generate and develop ideas. Tracking every stage from initial concepts through to finished pieces, Norman Cherry analyses each maker's personal style and methodology, using illustrated examples and interviews.
Faberge's Eggs: One Man's Masterpieces and the End of an Empire
The story of the world's most famous jeweller and his priceless creations