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The most popular Performing arts: comedy books currently available. Updated weekly.
The brand new memoir from James Acaster: cult comedian, bestselling author of Classic Scrapes, undercover cop, receiver of cabbages.
Wild and Crazy Guys: How the Comedy Mavericks of the '80s Changed Hollywood Forever
The definitive account of the kings of comedy who ruled eighties Hollywood
100 Things I Meant to Tell You
Arthur Smith's first book for many years, 100 Things I Meant to Tell You brings together 100 stories, poems and articles gathered over a colourful lifetime making a living on the comedy circuit. Covering a huge range of subjects and emotions, this a cornucopia of delight for Arthur Smith fans everywhere.
Born Lippy: How to Do Female
HOLD MY CHIPS, THE WOMEN ARE REVOLTING! A darkly funny guide to life as a woman from Britain's favourite comedian.
Elis and John Present the Holy Vible: The Book The Bible Could Have Been
A complete guide to the hilariously niche and wonderfully obscure world of commercial digital indie radio's most-unproducible hammer legends: Elis James and John Robins.
Hitch in Time
Living on his wits, sleeping rough and accepting lifts that get him into bizarre and often dangerous situations, Andy's six years spent on the road stand as a unique record of life as it was in the late 1970s and early 80s. In this hilarious memoir, they are juxtaposed with a host of earlier memories, resulting in dazzling and funny stories.
Who am I, again?
Who am I, again?'Riotous, warm-hearted and revealing, and told with Lenny's trademark energy - expect recipes, comic strips, and tips for aspiring comedians - Who Am I, Again? is the heart-breakingly honest and inspirational coming-of-age story of a man who holds a very special place in British hearts.
Straight Outta Crawley: Memoirs of a Distinctly Average Human Being
I'm a Joke and So Are You: Reflections on Humour and Humanity
The popular comedian and science presenter blends memoir, wit, and popular science to examine the human condition.
I'm a Joke and So Are You: Reflections on Humour and Humanity
The popular comedian and science presenter blends memoir, wit, and popular science to examine the human condition.
Cooperman!: The Life of Tommy Cooper
From humble beginnings to yearnings of stardom; early setbacks, marriage to Dove; the struggle to the top and the endless quest to be the best. This comedy giant was voted in the top three greatest comics of all time. There was no one else like him. He remains a fans' favourite with the nation and is the greatest ever British magician and comedian.
My Life as a Goddess: A Memoir through (Un)Popular Culture
See Ya Later: The World According to Arron Crascall
The world according to the most positive man on the internet, social media megastar Arron Crascall.
Double Act: A History of British Comedy Duos
The first book to tell the story of the Great British comedy double act - from Morecambe and Wise to Mitchell and Webb
Seinfeld - On Screen...: Seasons 1 to 5 - An Episode Guide
When the final episode of Seinfeld aired on 14th May 1998, an amazing 76.3 million Americans tuned in, making it the most popular situation comedy is US television history. Stephen Lambe's timely and superbly-crafted new book examines Seinfeld episode by episode, tracing the development of every character, catchphrase and quirk.
It's Not Me, It's Them: Confessions of a hopeless modern romantic - THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER
The hilarious bestseller from comedian and I'm A Celeb star Joel Dommett
New Me
So, Anyway...: The Autobiography
A candid and brilliantly funny memoir... ...of how a tall, shy youth from Weston-super-Mare went on to become a self-confessed comedy legend. En route, John Cleese describes his nerve-wracking first public appearance at St Peter's Preparatory School at the age of eight and five-sixths;
Victoria Wood - Comedy Genius: Her Life and Work
Born Lippy: How to Do Female
HOLD MY CHIPS, THE WOMEN ARE REVOLTING! A darkly funny guide to life as a woman from Britain's favourite comedian.
How to Produce Comedy Bronze
'A beautiful and clever book about being human' Russell BrandCOMEDY. From a complicated childhood in Essex to an Ayahuasca-led epiphany in the Amazon rainforest, this story will make you laugh, cry and then feel happier than you've ever been.
Happiness and Tears: The Ken Dodd Story
A definitive life one of the best-loved and most enduring figures of British comedy, the eccentric genius and national treasure Ken Dodd, whose seven-decade career straddled the end of the era of variety and the golden age of television comedy.
Him & Me
Offers an account of a relationship between a father and son. This book reflects the larger-than-life personalities of its authors.
Answers questions such as 'Is Mary Berry real?', 'Is it true you wear a surgical truss?' and 'Is a non-spherically symmetric gravitational pull from outside the observable universe responsible for some of the observed motion of large objects such as galactic clusters in the universe?'
All the Things I Lied About
Would the world be a better place if we were all honest? In this comic exploration of her past mistakes and inevitable future disasters, Katie unpicks how everyday lies can lead to a world of Trump and Brexit.
Paul O'Grady's Country Life
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERA fascinating and hilarious glimpse into Paul's life at home in the country with his animalsPaul O'Grady's Country Life for the first time gives a glimpse into the home life of one of Britain's best loved stars, alongside the animals he adores.
What the **** is Normal?!
If you grow up in a world where wrinkles are practically illegal, going bald is cause for a mental breakdown, and women over size zero are encouraged to shoot themselves (immediately), what the hell do you do if you're, gasp ... DISABLED?
How to Be Alone: If You Want To, and Even If You Don't
Behind the Laughter: A Comedian's Tale of Tragedy and Hope
"I was living every comic's dream...with a nightmare attached."
A compelling guide to the fundamental place of humour and comedy within Western culture--by one of its greatest exponents
Is It Just Me?: The Sunday Times Bestseller
10th Anniversary of hit TV show. A Sunday Times Number One Bestseller. Britain's best loved comedienne, Miranda Hart, laments on the horrors of growing up and offers her younger self some essential advice on grappling with life's unexpected perils and blunders.
Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister: The Complete Audio Collection: The Classic BBC Comedy Series
Between 1980 and 1988 on BBC television and radio, the exploits of the Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP (Paul Eddington) - later Prime Minister - kept the British nation enthralled. This title features the complete radio series of Yes Minister and the complete BBC television soundtracks of Yes Prime Minister.
Improviser's Way: A Longform Workbook
An inspiring and interactive workbook to help you develop skills for longform improvisation, by one of the UK's top improv performers and teachers. Ideal for improvisers at any level. Invaluable to anyone looking to discover more about this popular, thrillingly creative and empowering form of performance.
It's Garry Shandling's Book
How to be Champion: The No.1 Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography
Sarah Millican's autobiography will make you laugh, feel normal and probably sniff your leggings.
Eric Sykes' Comedy Heroes
Eric Sykes is one of Britain's creative comedy geniuses combining personal warmth, superbly observed written and performed comedy and a deeply intimate understanding of what a viewing audience wants.
Keeping Quiet: Visual Comedy in the Age of Sound
Monty Python at Work
Drawn from his published diaries, this is Michael Palin's account of the making of the Monty Python TV and stage shows, films, books and albums.
Comedy and critique: Stand-up comedy and the professional ethos of laughter
Comedy and Critique explores British professional stand-up comedy in the wake of the Alternative Comedy movement of the late twentieth century, seeing it as an extension of the politics of the New Left: standing up for oneself as anti-racist, feminist and open to a queering of self and social institutions.
Me. You. Not a Diary: The No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller
Good Moaning France!: Officer Crabtree's Fronch Phrose Berk
Based on a favourite character from BBC TV sitcom `Allo `Allo! In this delightful book, Officer Crabtree's masterly grasp of Fronch falls under the spotlight as never before.
Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens
When Eddie Izzard was six, he and his brother Mark lost their mother. That day, he lost his childhood too. Despite or perhaps because of this, he has always felt he needed to take on things that some people would consider impossible. In Believe Me, Eddie takes us on a journey which begins in Yemen (before the revolution), then takes us to Northern Ireland (before The Troubles), England and Wales, then across the seas to Europe and America. In a story jam-packed with incident he tells of teddy bear shows on boarding school beds, renouncing accountancy for swordfighting on the streets of London and making those first tentative steps towards becoming an Action Transvestite, touring France in French and playing the Hollywood Bowl. Product Information: ISBN: 9781405922012 Author: Eddie Izzard Publisher: Penguin Format: Paperback Pages: 377 Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 2.5cm
Camp David
Famous comedian, funniest judge on "Britain's Got Talent", irresistible ladykiller and high-achieving sportsman, the author is a man of many talents. Launched to fame with the record-breaking "Little Britain", his characters - Lou, Florence, Emily, amongst others - became embedded in our shared popular culture. This title tells his story.
Off the Mic: The World's Best Stand-Up Comedians Get Serious About Comedy
Truths, Half Truths and Little White Lies
Surprising, frank and darkly funny memoir by a much loved comedy actor and writer.
Portrait of an Idiot as a Young Man: Part memoir, part explanation as to why men are so rubbish
Part memoir, part explanation as to why men are so rubbish.
Charlie Chaplin's Red Letter Days: At Work with the Comic Genius
This is a behind-the-scenes look at film comedian Charlie Chaplin by an actor in Chaplin's stock company. In 1916 Fred Goodwins wrote more than thirty-five articles for Red Letter magazine that provide fascinating insights about Chaplin at work and play-articles that few have seen since they were written a century ago.
Dead Funny
Terry Johnson s hilarious comedy of mortality and marriage was premiered at the Hampstead Theatre in January 1994. This edition was published for the West End revival in October 2016 at the Vaudeville Theatre, London."
The Comedy Studies Reader