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Most popular Performance art books

The most popular Performance art books currently available. Updated weekly.
Serious Guide to Joke Writing: How To Say Something Funny About Anything
Explains how to write jokes for fun & profit. This title is suitable for beginners and experienced joke writers alike.
Walk Through Walls: A Memoir
'Her bravest work of performance art to date . . ., Rawly intimate' Observer<br> <br> This memoir spans Marina Abramovic's five decade career, and tells a life story that is almost as exhilarating and extraordinary as her groundbreaking performance art. Taking us from her early life in communist ex-Yugoslavia, to her time as a young art student in Belgrade in the 1970s, where she first made her mark with a series of pieces that used the body as a canvas, the book also describes her relationship with the West German performance artist named Ulay who was her lover and sole collaborator for 12 years. Abramovic has collaborated with stars from Lady Gaga to Jay-Z, James Franco and Willem Dafoe.,<br> <br> Best known for her recent pieces 'The Artist is Present' and '512 Hours', this book is a fascinating insight into the life of one of the most important artists working today, and the woman who has been described as 'the grandmother of performance art'.
Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Anna Halprin
Cambridge History of Medieval Music
Charts the origins, development and spread of medieval Western European music from late antiquity to the end of the fourteenth century.
Performance Now: Live Art for the 21st Century
A landmark publication documenting the development of performance by visual artists since the turn of the twenty-first century
Pina Bausch
Sophie Whettnall (at) Work
Elements of Theatrical Expression
Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present
Surveys a full century of performance, from the Futurist manifesto of 1909 to the second decade of the millennium. This title explains how a medium once used only in sporadic outbreaks of artistic dissent has become, over the course of a century, a vital and integral part of the contemporary mainstream and a global phenomenon.
Circus: A Visual History
"First published in France under the title Une Histoire du Cirque by Pascal Jacob, 2016 aEditions du Seuil."
Madness, Art, and Society: Beyond Illness
Excellences & Perfections
This book presents the fiercely intelligent internet-based performance of artist Amalia Ulman, which she eventually revealed to be a critical artwork about issues of online identity.
Performance Analysis: An Introductory Coursebook
This introductory performance studies coursebook brings together classic texts in critical theory and shows how these texts can be used in the analysis of performance. Themed sections treat key topics such as: decoding the sign; the politics of performance; and the politics of gender.
Making a Performance: Devising Histories and Contemporary Practices
Hire Me, Hollywood!: Your Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Most Exciting - and Unexpected - Jobs in Show Business
Everyone knows you need directors and actors to make movies and TV shows. But it takes more than those two positions to get a production under way. Through interviews with top talent both above and below the line, this title shows that it takes more than the expected (actors, writers, producers) to make Hollywood tick.
Gestures of Participatory Art
The study critically reclaims participatory art beyond its co-option as a fuzzword of neoliberal governance. It examines a range of artistic practices from community theatre, immersive performance and the visual arts in different sites around the world. It offers a refreshing theorisation of participatory art as gesture. -- .
Rudolf Laban
Real Theatre: Essays in Experience
From forgetting lines to watching Phantom of the Opera, this book uses a range of musicals, plays and experimental performances to show what theatre is made of and how we experience it. Its broad scope will appeal to theatre-goers, while its performance analyses, informed by assemblage theory, will be invaluable for students and theatre scholars.
Georg Buchner's Woyzeck
Performance / Media / Art / Culture - Selected Essays 1983-2018
Making Another World Possible: 10 Creative Time Summits, 10 Global Issues, 100 Art Projects
Making Another World Possible: 10 Creative Time Summits, 10 Global Issues, 100 Art Projects
Guidebook for an Armchair Pilgrimage
Follow mythogeographer Phil Smith, photographer John Schott and ornithorgrapher Tony Whitehead, in words and pictures, on an imagined pilgrimage through a real but extraordinary landscape. Over the course of the 19-day Armchair Pilgrimage, we experience the world around us just as they did as they walked - finding our own destination.
Mona Hatoum
An exploration of the artist's powerful evocations of statelessness, otherness and denial.
Odin Teatret Archives
Bad Reputation: Performances, Essays, Interviews
An autobiographical trilogy by a cultural icon of Downtown New York.
Performing Remains: Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reenactment
'Performing Remains' explores the role of the fake, the false and the faux in contemporary theatre. Divided into seven essays, it examines both contemporary and historical performance with a wide scope, questioning the importance of representation and reassessing the ritual value of failure.
Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Publics
Performing Archives / Archives of Performance
Dennis Oppenheim: Body Performance 1969 -73
Improvisation Studies Reader: Spontaneous Acts
Ways to Wander
Art Animal
Cambridge Introduction to Performance Theory
This introduction provides a fresh approach to the meaning and origins of performance theory for students, scholars and enthusiasts. Defining the key figures and terms within the field, Simon Shepherd ranges across theories and practices, from folklore studies to performativity to protests against road building.
Preservation, Radicalism, and the Avant-Garde Canon
Combining a range of content with self-reflexive examination by scholars and practitioners, this edited volume interrogates the contemporary significance of the avant-garde. Rather than focusing on a particular region, period, or movement, the contributors bring together case studies to examine what constitutes the avant-garde canon.
Documenting Performance: The Context and Processes of Digital Curation and Archiving
Title Tk: An Anthology
Live Art Almanac: Volume 4
Drawing together all kinds of writing about and around Live Art, the Almanac is both a useful resource and a great read for artists, writers, students and others interested in the field of interdisciplinary, performance-based art.
SUPERSUIT: Poetic Interventions in Urban Spaces
The increasing accumulation of people in living machines without history and the challenges presented by migration and the lack of space provoke a need for new thinking and acting in public spaces. As a marker of public space, the spontaneously arising forms of SUPERSUIT respond directly to the parameters of urban context.
Unlimited Action: The Performance of Extremity in the 1970s
Extremity might suggest violence, pornography, criminality, misanthropy, danger, recklessness, eccentricity or obscurantism. How has art exceeded its own example through performance art? How have artists used performance to question and overextend the limits of form in the 1970s? And with what effects? -- .
Theatre in Europe Under German Occupation
Histories of Performance Documentation: Museum, Artistic, and Scholarly Practices
Walking Art Practice: Reflections on Socially Engaged Paths
This collection of intimate reflections by artist Ernesto Pujol brings together his experiences as a monk, performance artist, social choreographer and educator. They serve as a provocation, walkers' manifesto and teaching guide for walking as mindful cultural activism. An inspirational text for artists, art students and anyone who loves to walk.
Performing Endurance: Art and Politics since 1960
Offers a formal account and theory of endurance as a practice in performance art and protest. Discusses influential performances by Marina Abramovic, Chris Burden, Tehching Hsieh, Yoko Ono, and others, as well as 1960s lunch counter sit-ins and twenty-first-century protest camps. Essential reading in performance theory, art history, and political activism.
Rock Graphic Originals: Revolutions in Sonic Art from Plate to Print '55-'88
A unique insight into, and record of, the 20th century's most exciting and productive period of rock poster art and graphic design.
Eugenio Barba
"First pubished 2004, reissued 2018"--Title page verso.
Dictionary of the American Avant-Gardes
What is Scenography?
Theatre, Exhibition, and Curation: Displayed & Performed