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The most popular Pageants, parades, festivals books currently available. Updated weekly.
Glastonbury 50: The Official Story of Glastonbury Festival
Personally compiled by Glastonbury Festival's own creators - Michael and Emily Eavis - Glastonbury 50 celebrates five momentous decades in the life of the world's most famous outdoor music and arts festival.
50 Years: The Story of Woodstock Live: Relive the Magic, Artist by Artist
A complete chronological account of Woodstock, hour by hour, performance by performance. Released to coincide with its 50th anniversary and with a foreword by festival co-founder, Michael Lang.
Music Festivals: An Essential Pocket Guide to Surviving in Style
Festivals come in every shape and size, but they are all a wonderful opportunity to have an awesome party! This guide is packed with tips to help you make the most of your festival experience, whether it's at a sprawling tent city or a small but perfectly curated boutique festival.
50 Years of Glastonbury: Music and Mud at the Ultimate Festival
A complete and definitive visual history of Glastonbury, the world's most famous music festival, released in time to commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2020.
Rick Steves European Festivals (First Edition)
Party at the best festivals in Europe with bestselling author Rick Steves!
All Year Round: A Calendar of Celebrations
All Year Round is brimming with things to make, activities, stories, poems and songs to share with your family.
Routledge Handbook of Festivals
Racing Post Cheltenham Festival Guide 2019
The ultimate betting companion in the build-up to the 2019 Festival. Packed with invaluable advice from the best writers in the business, this comprehensive guide has everything you need for jump racing's biggest meeting.
Event Manager's Bible 3rd Edition: The Complete Guide to Planning and Organising a Voluntary or Public Event
The authoritative guide to planning, organising, managing and delivery events of all size
Principles of Festival Management
Principles of Festival Management is a complete guide to developing and running a festival from inception to evaluation, covering all aspects of festival management and key central issues and contemporary debates.
Fiesta: The Branding and Identity for Festivals
Fiesta: The Branding and Identity for Festivals is a compilation of remarkable branding designs and campaigns for a variety of renowned festivals from around the world.
Queer Festivals: Challenging Collective Identities in a Transnational Europe
This book analyses the role of activist practices in the building of collective identities for social movement studies as well as the role of festivals as significant repertoires of collective action and sites of identitarian explorations in contemporary Europe.
History of Preston Guild, England's Greatest Carnival
Preston earned its Guild Merchant in 1179; the tradition continues over 800 years on.
Glastonbury: The Complete History of the Festival
Edinburgh Festivals: Culture and Society in Post-war Britain
The Edinburgh Festival is the world's largest arts festival. It has also been the site of numerous 'culture wars' since it began in 1947. This book explores the 'culture wars' of 1945-1970 and is the first major study of the origins and development of this leading annual arts extravaganza.
When the World Came to the Isle of Wight
For a time, the Isle of Wight Festivals transformed a sleepy English island into the rock'n'roll capital of the world. From promoting a one-nighter in 1968, to raise funds for a local swimming pool, the young Foulk brothers were able to out-perform Woodstock, by signing the world-exclusive appearance of rock's poet laureate, Bob Dylan.
Hey Mister, Throw Me Some Beads: Bruce Gilden
The Eisteddfod, first published in 1990 as part of the University of Wales Press's Writers of Wales series, presents the history of the National Eisteddfod to an English-speaking audience.
Martial XIV: The Apophoreta
Book XIV of Martial's epigrams, the "Apophoreta", comprising of poetic couplets, is a source of information about one of the principal Roman festivals and about many everyday objects of first-century Rome. This book examines literary, linguistic and textual matters, and the work's social context.
Pride And Joy: Taking the Streets of New York City
When the World Came to the Isle of Wight Signed
"When the World Came to the Isle of Wight: Vol 1&2" comprises of SIGNED copies of 'Stealing Dylan from Woodstock', and 'The Last Great Event', shrinkwrapped with an eye-catching bellyband.
Three Choirs Festival: A History: New and Revised Edition
Described in the Radio Times (27 July 2015) as 'A remarkable, unique institution lying at the heart of British life', the Three Choirs Festival celebrated its three-hundred-year anniversary in 2015.
Where's My Welly?: The World's Greatest Music Festival Challenge
Egyptian Customs and Festivals
How do Egyptian Muslims celebrate Ramadan? How do Egyptian Christians celebrate Easter? What should you expect to find on the table when invited to eat in an Egyptian home? What do you say when an Egyptian sneezes? This book tells you about these matters - and many more. It introduces the reader to the hows, whats, and whys of Egyptians life.
Cliffe Bonfire Society Through the Years
Lord Mayor's Show: 800 Years 1215-2015
Art Place Japan: The Echigo-Tsumari Triennale and the Vision to Reconnect Art and Nature
Judas!: From Forest Hills to the Free Trade Hall: A Historical View of the Big Boo
Crossing Central Europe: Continuities and Transformations, 1900 and 2000
Crossing Central Europe is a pioneering volume that focuses on the complex networks of transcultural interrelations in Central Europe from 1900 to 2000.
Summer of Love: Art, Fashion, and Rock and Roll
Featuring a wide array of iconic rock posters, period photographs, music memorabilia and light shows, "out-of-this-world" clothing, and avant-garde films, this title celebrates San Francisco's rebellious and colorful counterculture that blossomed in the years surrounding the 1967 Summer of Love.
Happy Daze: The Summers of Love
Published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of "The Summer of Love", featuring The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead.
How to Wear Glitter: 30 Ways to Sparkle in Style
Day of the Dead Wall Calendar 2019 (Art Calendar)
The Art of Fine Gifts: The Day of the Dead is a festival of culture and youth. The beautiful rituals, the sugar skulls, the costumes and the festivities have grown into a massive counterculture across the western world. Informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next month's views.
Discover India: Festivals of India