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Most popular Nudes depicted in art books

The most popular Nudes depicted in art books currently available. Updated weekly.
Nude Sketchbook: Learn the art of drawing from the masters
The ultimate exercise book for any original, training the eye, the hand and the mind.
Lucian Freud: Monumental
Intimate portraits from one of the most innovative figurative artists of the twentieth century and the master of painted flesh.
Memories of Degas
This volume brings together ground-breaking and intenselypersonal memoirs of Degas, by Moore, the first writer in Englishon Impressionism, and Sickert, one of the finest Englishfollowers of Degas.
Tate: Sketch Club: Life Drawing
A practical guide to drawing the human figure from life. Illustrated step-by-step exercises show intermediate artists how to put fundamental drawing skills into practice.
Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces: A Mixed-Media Portrait Workshop
A step-by-step guide to faces including drawing, creating skintones, shading, highlighting, and more to create mixed media portraits.
Head to Toe: The Nude in Graphic Design
A first-of-its-kind celebration featuring more than 600 examples of the human body as represented in graphic design, this innovative book will appeal to art directors, graphic designers, and design fans.
Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze
Naked Nude
Explores the role of the nude in 20th- and 21st-century art and looks at the work of a range of international artists creating contemporary nudes. In this title, the story begins with a tale of life, death and resurrection an investigation into how and why the nude has survived and flourished in an art world that prematurely announced its demise.
New Erotic Photography
The best of The New Erotic Photography and The New Erotic Photography 2 combine in this perfectly-formed collection of the world's most intriguing erotic photography talents. Over 350 fresh and provocative images showcase over 60 photographers as well as several outstanding models including self-portraitist Jody Frost and cover artist April-lea...
Forever Butt
An anthology of the smart, literate gay magazine that also manages to be very fun and very dirty. In this meaty package, BUTT editors Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom select the best images and interviews from more than a decade in print, including sexy pictures and candid interviews with such spectacular men as Gore Vidal, Francois Sagat,...
Nude Men: From 1800 to the Present Day
Tracing representations of naked men from the Age of Enlightenment, this volume presents an enthralling expedition into art history.
Bob Mizer. AMG: 1000 Model Directory
From a quarter million male nudes, editor Dian Hanson selects the best physique photography from Bob Mizer, founder of Physique Pictorial, America's first indisputably gay magazine. Printed from the original 4 x 5 negatives for utmost clarity, this two-volume, seriously strapping lineup includes movie and TV stars Nick Adams, Glenn Corbett, and...
Tate - Nudes Wall Calendar 2020
This beautiful wall calendar presents a selection of nude artworks from ancient Greece and the Renaissance period. Informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next month's views.
Art Models Photoshoot Jenni 1B Session
Splendor, Myth, and Vision: Nudes from the Prado
Drawing the Female Nude
'...if you want just about the best primers for figure drawing around, buy these.' Learn to draw the female nude through instruction by a master artist.
Piotr Uklanski: Pornalikes
History of the Nude
Focuses on the historical evolution of the nude.
Nude Female Figure
A compilation of hundreds of classic poses of the female nude. It includes full colour photographs which are grouped into the various traditional positions you would find in any classic positions: standing, seated, kneeling, crouching, reclining, bending, as well as posts in motion and a special section that focuses on hands and feet.
Drawing the Nude: Structure, Anatomy and Observation
Offers an exciting approach to drawing the human body. Divided into three parts, on structure, anatomy and observation, it introduces a set of principles and develops a treasury of ideas for the artist to follow.
Male Nude
Explore the compositions, postures, and role-playing of the male nude genre from anonymous 19th century erotica through to contemporary work from David Hockney and Duane Michaels. Highlights include the Sicilian homoerotic scenes of Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden and illustrations from Physique Pictorial, the leading organ of the mid-50s gay scene.
Origin of the World
Figure Drawing Studio: Drawing and Painting the Nude Figure from Pose Photos
In this book artist Butch Krieger guides you through the fundamentals of learning to draw and paint the human form using photographs taken of live art models posing as they would for an art class. Innovative step-by-step exercises based on these images will boost your skills and prepare you to draw from life.
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Drawing the Male Nude
'...if you want just about the best primers for figure drawing around, buy these.' Learn to draw the male nude through instruction by a master artist.
Nudes: The Art of the Soviet Union
Four books - Landscapes, Still Lifes, Nudes and Portraits - are opening a new series called Art of the Soviet Union. This set will examine different genres of art in the USSR, covering the period from the October Revolution in 1917 to the dissolution of the Union in 1991.
What Great Paintings Say. Beautiful Nudes
Art history's most important nudes bare all in this fascinating investigation into the covert historical and narrative details of naked masterworks. Through the revealing lens of authors Rose-Marie and Rainer Hagen-and with crisp, enlarged details and in-depth analytical essays-deities, lovers, and otherworldly creatures alike cease to be two-...
Razorcandi: Gothic Punk Deathrock Tattoo Pinup Icon
Canadian Nudes 2019 2019: A collection of sexy, young Canadian models
Waterfalls in Ticino 2019: Landscapes and nudes in Ticino