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Most popular Mosaics: artworks books

The most popular Mosaics: artworks books currently available. Updated weekly.
Compendium of Mosaic Techniques: 300 Tips, Techniques, Trade Secrets and Templates
An indispensable mosaic compendium, packed with everything you need to know.
Geometric Patterns from Roman Mosaics: and How to Draw Them
Saints and Spectacle: Byzantine Mosaics in their Cultural Setting
Saints and Spectacle explains, for the first time, how the spectacurlar gold ground mosaics of the Middle Byzantine period were likely conceived. Through a recreation of the circumstances of this time, Saints and Spectacle brings the Middle Byzantine church to life as the witness to a compelling and fascinating drama.
Mosaics of the Greek and Roman World
This is the first major study of the art of mosaic in antiquity. Covering over a thousand years through an area from Britain to Syria and beautifully illustrated with over 350 photographs, it studies the technical aspects and social implications of mosaics as domestic and public decoration.
New Crafts: Mosaics
The ancient art of mosaic-making celebrated in inspirational designs and practical projects. This comprehensive book has everything you need to know about materials, tools, adhesives and how to use them; 300 photographs include a gallery of examples
Micromosaics: Highlights from the Gilbert Collection
Focusing on 30 highlights from the V&A's superlative Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection, this book explores micromosaic construction, its roots in antiquity, their incredible popularity in the last quarter of the 18th century, and their evolution through the 19th century until the technique virtually vanished in the early 1900s.
A practical and inspirational guide to making mosaics.
Decommunised: Ukrainian Soviet Mosaics
The book presents the first comprehensive study of Soviet monumental mosaics, outstanding artefacts of the cultural heritage of the era. Photographer Yevgen Nikiforov spent three years traveling all around Ukraine (including the presently occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Donetsk, and Lugansk oblasts) in search of the most interesting art pie
Greek and Roman Mosaics: Centurion Edition
Mosaic has been called "painting for eternity," and it is in fact one of the few arts of antiquity to survive in something like its original condition and variety. The first survey on this subject to be illustrated in full color will be an essential visual reference for every student of classical antiquity, and a source of considerable delight for art lovers.