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Beyond the Footpath: Mindful Adventures for Modern Pilgrims
A practical and inspirational guide to modern pilgrimages: the art of mindful walks to a place of meaning.
Westminster Abbey - A Church in History
A comprehensive and authoritative history that explores the significance of one of the most famous buildings and institutions in England
War beyond Words: Languages of Remembrance from the Great War to the Present
This book presents a panoramic history of transformations in our global imaginings of war from 1914 to the present. It charts a century's meditations on war, from painting and sculpture to photography, film and poetry, and ultimately to silence, as a language of memory in its own right.
Spomenik Monument Database
Who's Buried Where in London
An illustrated guide to the final resting places of London s rich, famous, and royal residents, sure to appeal to anyone wishing for an alternative history of the British capital."
Tower Bridge: History * Engineering * Design
A major new illustrated study of a remarkable piece of architecture and engineering, and one of Britain's most iconic landmarks.
Black Plaques London: Memorials to Misadventure
`Imagine a grown-up version of Horrible Histories.' Sunday Times
Harzburger Hof: The Story of a Grand Hotel
Greyfriars Graveyard
Explore the story of Greyfriars Graveyard, Edinburgh's most important burial ground since the 16th century.
Little Book of Stonehenge
Published in association with English Heritage, The Little Book of Stonehenge is a fact-filled gift book and perfect tribute to this iconic historical landmark.
New Monuments and the End of Man: U.S. Sculpture between War and Peace, 1945-1975
Topographies of Suffering: Buchenwald, Babi Yar, Lidice
Examining the Holocaust in literature, landscape and memory, this book examines three sites of murder by the Nazis: Buchenwald, Germany; Babi Yar, Ukraine; and Lidice, Czech Republic.
Wall: Rome's Greatest Frontier
New edition of Alistair Moffat's bestselling The Wall
Lincoln's White House: The People's House in Wartime
Lincoln's White House is the first book devoted to capturing the look, feel, and smell of the executive mansion from Lincoln's inauguration in 1861 to his assassination in 1865.
Monumental Journey - The Daguerreotypes of Girault de Prangey
The first extensive exploration of the groundbreaking daguerreotypes of Girault de Prangey, whose work features the earliest known images of the great monuments and sites of the eastern Mediterranean
Statue of Liberty
Timed to publish with the opening of the Statue of Liberty Museum, this is Lady Liberty s untold story of her building, restoration, and iconic place in the world as brought to life through the fascinating lens of archival images, ephemera from the museum s collection, and today s most compelling photography restored and resplendent against the New York City skyline.
Concrete Melbourne Map
Megalithic Monuments of Britain and Ireland
From Stonehenge to Newgrange, the richest array of megalithic monuments in Europe is found in Great Britain and Ireland. The number and sheer diversity of these structures is astonishing. This title guides you around these monuments. It is intended for travellers, tourists and students.
Sevenoaks War Memorial: The Men Remembered
This fascinating volume details the lives of the 226 Sevenoaks men lost during the First World War.
And They Loved Not Their Lives Unto Death: The History of Worstead and Westwick's War Memorial and War Dead
In Search of Kings and Conquerors: Gertrude Bell and the Archaeology of the Middle East
The extraordinary life of Gertrude Bell was marked by myriad achievements. Although best known for her desert travels and her part in the creation of the modern state of Iraq, she also made a significant contribution to the field of archaeology. This book explores Bell's achievements, emphasizing the tenacious, inquisitive side of her personality.
In the Ruins of the Cold War Bunker: Affect, Materiality and Meaning Making
This edited collection investigates the ways in which the physical remains of now abandoned military and civil defence bunkers from the Cold War have become the totems and sites of memory.
Memorial to the Missing of the Somme
Epitaphs of the Great War: The Somme
Epitaphs of the Great War: The Somme is an edited collection of one hundred headstone inscriptions from those who paid the ultimate price during this infamous battle which marked a turning point in the public perceptions of the war in Britain.
Chaumet: Photography, Arts, Fetes (3-volume slipcase set)
Allies in Memory: World War II and the Politics ofTransatlantic Commemoration, c.1941-2001
Sam Edwards uncovers the history of how, amidst the challenges and tensions of the Cold War, Americans and Europeans used acts of World War II commemoration as forums in which to discover, define and dispute the past and present of the transatlantic alliance.
Peak: An Illustrated History of Hong Kong's Top District
Securing Eternity: Ancient Egyptian Tomb Protection from Prehistory to the Pyramids
A unique study of the evolution of architectural techniques to prevent tomb robbery in ancient Egypt
Monumental Mobility: The Memory Work of Massasoit
Cyrus Dallin's statue Massasoit was intended to memorialize the Pokanoket Massasoit as a welcoming participant in the mythical first Thanksgiving. The story of this statue reveals much about the process of creating, commodifying, and reinforcing the historical memory of Indigenous people.
Memorials Matter: Emotion, Environment and Public Memory at American Historical Sites
Investigates the natural and physical environments of seven diverse National Park Service sites in the American West and how they influence emotions about historical conflict and national identity. Chapters center around the region's diverse inhabitants and the variously traumatic histories these groups endured.
Microclimate for Cultural Heritage: Measurement, Risk Assessment, Conservation, Restoration, and Maintenance of Indoor and Outdoor Monuments
Statue of Liberty
Timed to publish with the opening of the Statue of Liberty Museum, this is Lady Liberty s untold story of her building, restoration, and iconic place in the world as brought to life through the fascinating lens of archival images, ephemera from the museum s collection, and today s most compelling photography restored and resplendent against the New York City skyline.
Phenomenology of Landscape: Places, Paths and Monuments
This book is an extended photographic essay about the topographic features of the landscape. The author puts forward a radically new perspective for conceptualizing the meaning and significance of prehistoric monuments in relation to the natural landscape.
Trauma and the Memory of Politics
This study explores how we remember traumatic events such as wars, famines, genocides and terrorism. Taking examples from the World Wars, Vietnam, the Holocaust, Kosovo and September 11th, Edkins argues that remembrance does not have to be nationalistic but can instead challenge the political systems that produce violence.
Roman Forum
The ruins of the Forum in Rome, the centre of its ancient Empire, are one of the best known wonders of antiquity and a highpoint of the tourist route round the Eternal City, but the Forum remains for many visitors a baffling and unwelcoming place. This book helps us to rediscover its rich history.
Graveyard Preservation Primer
London's Monuments
Scotland's Shrine: The Scottish National War Memorial
First mooted in 1917, The Scottish National War Memorial was opened by Edward, Prince of Wales, on 14th July 1927. Paid for by public subscription, this remarkable architectural and artistic achievement articulated a nation's grief. Designed by Sir Robert Lorimer, who led a team of artists and craftsmen.
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
Showcase of the new building by Belzberg Architects, the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, with its innovative concepts in building design and merger of sustainability with aesthetics.
London's Statues and Monuments
The streets and public spaces of London are rich with statues and monuments commemorating the city's great figures and events - from Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square and Sir Christopher Wren's Great Fire Monument to the charming Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, the range is glorious.
Exhibiting Atrocity: Memorial Museums and the Politics of Past Violence
Today, nearly any group or nation with violence in its past has constructed or is planning a memorial museum as a mechanism for confronting past trauma. Exhibiting Atrocity documents the emergence of the memorial museum as a new cultural form of commemoration, and analyzes its use in efforts to come to terms with past political violence and to promote democracy and human rights.
Rachel Whiteread: British Pavilion, XLVII Venice Biennale, 1997
Oxfordshire North and West
The first edition of Oxfordshire, published in 1974, is revised and expanded in two volumes. Oxfordshire: North and West will be followed by Oxfordshire: Oxford and the South East.
London's Hidden Burial Grounds
Uncovers the dark secrets of London's lost and forgotten burial places.
Great Barn of 1425-7 at Harmondsworth, Middlesex
An exhaustive study of a unique and very special building and its past
Asar-us-Sanadid - (The Remnants of Ancient Heroes)
Western Front: Battlefields, Memorials and Cemeteries of the First World War
One of the rare books about the First World War that visually explores the efforts of the major combatants toremember the fallen along the entire length of the old Western Front.
Parkitecture: Buildings and Monuments of Public Parks
Paul Rabbitts celebrates the wonderful range of architecture to be found in British parks.
Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia: A Traveler's Guide Throught History, Ruins and Landscapes
Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia is the rst comprehensive guide to the ancient sites and archaeological ruins of Southeast Asia.
Extreme Bricks: Spectacular, Record-Breaking, and Astounding LEGO Projects from around the World
Pushing the Boundaries of What LEGOs Can Be Used to Build