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The most popular Literacy books currently available. Updated weekly.
Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom
This resource offers a series of grade-appropriate lessons that link storytelling in the classroom with the development of essential language skills.
Landmark Essays on Rhetorics of Difference
Uses of Literacy: Aspects of Working-Class Life
When a society becomes more affluent, does it lose other values? Are the skills that education and literacy gave millions wasted on consuming pop culture? Do the media coerce us into a world of the superficial and the material - or can they be a force for good? This book asks these questions.
Other People's Words: The Cycle of Low Literacy
Literacy researchers have rarely studied urban Appalachians, yet, as Purcell-Gates demonstrates, their often severe literacy problems provide a unique perspective on literacy and the relationship between print and culture. A compelling case study details the author's work with one such family.
Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction
A fascinating look at the scientific benefits - and joys - of reading aloud to children of all ages
Social Linguistics and Literacies: Ideology in Discourses
Literacy behind Bars: Successful Reading and Writing Strategies for Use with Incarcerated Youth and Adults
Literacy behind Bars: Successful Reading and Writing Strategies for Use with Incarcerated Youth and Adults is a practical resource for teachers, librarians, administrators, and community stakeholders who work with incarcerated youth and adults. The book includes examples of authentic literacy practices that have been successfully used with those incarcerated around the nation.
Beat Dyslexia: A Step-by-step Multi-sensory Literacy Programme
Literacy Theories for the Digital Age: Social, Critical, Multimodal, Spatial, Material and Sensory Lenses
This book critically reviews essential approaches to literacy research and practice in the digital age while showing the relationships between these vital paradigms. This indispensable volume also introduces sensory literacies - a new approach with powerful potential for today's learning environments.
Before Writing: Rethinking the Paths to Literacy
Arguing for a reappraisal of the phenomenon of literacy, and hence for a profound shift in educational practice, this volume plays close attention to the plethora of objects which children constantly produce: drawings, cuttings-out, "writings" and collages.
Reading: A Very Short Introduction
Reading can inform, inspire, emancipate, and motivate us. Down the centuries, it has brought huge educational and social benefits. It can also unleash subversion, and its spread has been accompanied by censorship and control. Belinda Jack explores the global development and impact of reading - from ancient texts to digital texts today.
Assessment for Reading Instruction
Rhetorics, Poetry, Translation
What They Dont Learn in School: Literacy in the Lives of Urban Youth
Best Practices in Teaching Digital Literacies
This edited volume provides a practical framework for teacher education programs to develop K-12 students' digital literacies. It serves as a set of best practices in teaching digital literacies that promotes access to research-based pedagogies for immediate implementation in their classrooms.
Language and Literacy in Refugee Families
This book examines the agreements and discrepancies between public understanding and assumptions about refugees, and the actual beliefs and practices among the refugees themselves in a time of increasing mobility fuelled by what many call 'refugee crisis'.
Academics Writing: The Dynamics of Knowledge Creation
Writing as Punishment in Schools, Courts, and Everyday Life
Looks at many instances of writing as punishment, including forced tattooing, drunk shaming, court-ordered letters of apology, and social media shaming, with the aim of bringing understanding and recognition to the coupling of literacy and subjection.
Transnational Literacy Autobiographies as Translingual Writing
Minimum Core for Language and Literacy: Audit and Test
An essential self assessment book to support trainee teachers in acquiring the minimum core for literacy in the lifelong learning sector.
History of Reading
Odysseus and the Cyclops
After 10 years of battle, Odysseus and his men capture the city of Troy. They set sail for home. When they come upon an island, Odysseus is curious. He and some men climb the mountainside and enter a cave. Little do they know the cave is home to a giant Cyclopes! Will Odysseus and his men make it out alive?
Battle of the Olympians and the Titans
Cronus, a giant Titan, is obsessed with power, and he goes to great lengths to preserve it. However his own sons may be his downfall when an epic battle between the Olympians and Titans explodes. Will Cronus lose his precious power?
Writer Identity and the Teaching and Learning of Writing
Words Onscreen: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World
In Words Onscreen, Naomi Baron offers a fascinating and timely look at how technology affects the way we read.
Who Needs Books?: Reading in the Digital Age
Are books on the way to extinction or just adapting to our changing world?
English Nouns: The Ecology of Nominalization
English Nouns explores the mechanisms by which English nominalizations come to have a variety of readings depending on their syntactic context. It debunks previous syntactic treatments using data from the Corpus of Contemporary American English (Davies, 2008) and proposes a lexical semantic analysis within Lieber's Lexical Semantic Framework (2004).
English as Medium of Instruction in Japanese Higher Education: Presumption, Mirage or Bluff?
This book sets out to uncover and discuss the curricular, pedagogical as well as cultural-political issues relating to ideological contradictions inherent in the adoption of English as medium of instruction in Japanese education.
Teaching Systematic Synthetic Phonics and Early English
This is an essential guide to teaching primary English, with a focus on systematic synthetic phonics. The new edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect the structure, content and requirements of the national curriculum, and to include the latest policy context.
Morphological Processing and Literacy Development: Current Issues and Research
Literacy, Language and Reading in Nineteenth-Century Ireland
This volume explores the multiple forms and functions of reading and writing in nineteenth-century Ireland. It traces how understandings of literacy and language shaped national and transnational discourses of cultural identity, and the different reading communities produced by questions of language, religion, status, education and audience.
Using FIVES for Writing: Communicating, Thinking, and Learning Effectively
Helps educators of all grades have their students meet the standards for writing competence, covering everything from constructed response paragraphs and integrated response essays to practical written expression.
On the End of Privacy: Learning to Read, Write and Think in a Screen-Centric World
Explores how literacy is being transformed in an age of electronic innovation and intrusion. To make this abstract concern concrete, Miller follows the story of a student from the summer prior to his enrolment to his suicide in the fall of 2010 and on through the trial, appeal, and court ruling regarding his roommate, who spied on him via webcam.
Multiliteracies, Emerging Media, and College Writing Instruction
Innovations and Challenges in Applied Linguistics from the Global South
Sepedi Proverbs
Early Reading Instruction: What Science Really Tells Us about How to Teach Reading
A solution to the "reading war": a prototype for the most effective reading instruction, based on paleographic findings and current research.
Rights of the Reader
Humane, humorous and deeply felt, this is a unique book about reading.
Reading at Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading in America
Presents a snapshot of the role of literature in the lives of Americans. This book establishes trends in the number of adults reading, listening to, and writing literature by demographic categories of age, race, region, income, and education.
About Animal Welfare and Animal Rights Activism
Multiliteracies Classroom
This book explores the challenges and rewards of engaging students in literacy learning through multimedia design. The first research of its kind, it applies key themes of critical sociology to multiliteracies, inspiring educators to envisage the changing shape of literacy research.
Submisson or Subversion: Angela Carter's the Magic Toyshop
Billy Collins
Lettered Mountain: A Peruvian Village's Way with Writing
Based on the analysis of community records in a Peruvian village, The Lettered Mountain tells how Andean peasants thought to be illiterate appropriated the Roman alphabet long ago.
Charles Whibley
Literacy in the Persianate World: Writing and the Social Order
This book offers the first comparative study of the historical role of writing in three languages, including two in non-Roman scripts, over a period of two and a half millennia, which provides an opportunity for reassessment of the work on literacy in English that has accumulated over the past half century.
Building Communities of Learners: A Collaboration Among Teachers, Students, Families, and Community
This text shows how teachers can create partnerships with parents and students that facilitate participation in the schools while also validating home culture and family concerns and aspirations. It reflects current research and theory in several areas related to literacy development.
Issues and Trends in Literacy Education
Invitations to Love: Literacy, Love Letters and Social Change in Nepal
A discussion of the implications of the emergence of love-letter correspondences for social relations in Nepal