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The most popular Law books currently available. Updated weekly.
Life in the UK Test: Study Guide 2020: The essential study guide for the British citizenship test
Contains the complete official study materials reproduced from Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents 3rd edition, practice tests, expert study advice and diagrams. Purchasers get a free subscription to online tests at Everything you need to pass the test with confidence in one book.
Life in the UK Test: Practice Questions 2020: Questions and answers for the British citizenship test
Life in the UK Test: Handbook 2020: Everything you need to study for the British citizenship test
Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It's Broken
An anonymous barrister offers a shocking, darkly comic and very moving journey through the legal system - and explains how it's failing all of us.
International Law
International Law presents a student-focused approach to the subject; clearly written with non-native English-speaking students in mind, a range of learning features highlight the areas of debate and encourage students to engage critically with key disputes.
The remarkable David-against-Goliath story of the lawyer who took on industrial conglomerate DuPont in a huge class action - and won. Soon to be a major motion picture.
Narrow Corridor: States, Societies, and the Fate of Liberty
Electrician's Guide to the Building Regulations
Electrician's Guide to the Building Regulations includes the latest guidance on third-party certification schemes and covers relevant parts of the Building Regulations, including Fire Safety, Ventilation and Conservation of Energy. This guide has been fully updated to BS 7671:2018.
East West Street: Non-fiction Book of the Year 2017
A uniquely personal exploration of the origins of international law, centring on the Nuremberg Trials, the city of Lviv and a secret family history
American Trap: My battle to expose America's secret economic war against the rest of the world
This is the story of a man caught in the middle of what he came to recognise as a huge American destabilizing operation, illustrating how he plotted the key features of the secret economic war that the United States is waging against developed nations across the world.
Bluffer's Guide to Law: Instant wit and wisdom
Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of law. Know the difference between civil and criminal lawyers, jurisprudence and judicial imprudence, tort and illegal coercion (which is usually very painful).
Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases
The Guidelines are designed to provide a clear and logical framework for the assessment of damages in personal injury cases. This new edition has been fully updated to take into account inflation since the last edition. It also continues to include an additional column of figures indicating the 10% uplift in general damages.
WJEC/Eduqas Law for A level Book 2 Revision Guide
Designed to be used in conjunction with Book 1 to provide full revision support for WJEC/Eduqas A Level Law. Book 2 covers the additional content needed for the Year 2 and A2 course.
Life in the UK Test: Study Guide & CD ROM 2019: The essential study guide for the British citizenship test
Republic and The Laws
Nobody's Victim: Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Pervs and Trolls
Nobody's Victim is an unflinching look at a hidden world most people don't know exists - one of stalking, blackmail, and sexual violence, online and off - and the incredible story of how one lawyer, determined to fight back, turned her own hell into a revolution.
WJEC/Eduqas Law for A level Book 1 Revision Guide
Designed to be used in conjunction with Book 2 to provide full revision support for WJEC/Eduqas A Level Law. Book 1 covers all the content of the Year 1 and AS course, and provides some content for the Year 2 and A2 course.
Straightforward Guide To Health And Safety Law: The Essential Handbook for Businesses Large and Small
Lawless: A lawyer's unrelenting fight for justice in a war zone
Both an extraordinary woman's story and a nonfiction legal thriller with profoundly deep insight into the real Afghanistan.
Long Bright River: Read the book everyone will be talking about
'An outstanding crime novel.' PAULA HAWKINS'Outstanding . But Mickey is obsessed, dangerously so, with finding the perpetrator - before Kacey becomes the next victim. _____________________________________'A remarkable, profoundly moving novel about the ties that bind and the irrevocable wounds of childhood.
Cengage Advantage Books: Law for Business
Family Lawyer's Guide to Separation and Divorce: How to Get What You Both Want
Your family lawyer in a book. Whether you are married or living together - with children or without, if you are thinking about or are in the process of splitting up, this book is for you.
How to Speak Machine: Laws of Design for a Digital Age
Life in the UK Test: Study Guide & CD ROM 2020: The essential study guide for the British citizenship test
Misjustice: How British Law is Failing Women
Two women a week are killed by a spouse or partner. From the shocking lack of female judges to the scandal of female prisons and the double discrimination experienced by BAME women, Kennedy shows with force and fury that change for women must start at the heart of what makes society just.
Rather His Own Man: In Court with Tyrants, Tarts and Troublemakers
Compelling memoir of the UK's leading human rights lawyer. Both funny and personal, it follows on from his best selling memoir The Justice Game, bringing Robertson's fascinating and colourful career up to date.
Whitaker's 2020
Life in the UK Test: Handbook 2019: Everything you need to study for the British citizenship test
Guide To The English Legal System: An Emerald Guide
Pills, Powder, and Smoke: inside the bloody War on Drugs
Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto For Change
'There aren't many books that can claim to change your life, but this one will.' Clare Balding'A force for good, for change.
Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style
Murder, Mystery and My Family: A True-Crime Casebook from the Hit BBC Series
By the time she died she was deemed a seductress and an arch poisoner.No one wants to believe that their mother, sister or daughter is capable of murder.
Life in the UK Test: Practice Questions 2019: Questions and answers for the British citizenship test
Cultural Resource Laws and Practice
With its updated analysis and treatments of key topics, this new edition is a must-have for archaeologists and students, historic preservationists, tribal governments, and others working with cultural resources.
Social Care and the Law in Scotland - 11th Edition September 2018
Everyone working in the social care and child care sectors is expected to have an effective working knowledge of the legal framework in which they operate. Social Care and the Law in Scotland was first published in 2000 in recognition of the fact that many social work and social care texts did not account for the different legal framework in Scotland. Now in its eleventh edition, this is a core text for everyone working in the sector. This fully revised edition contains new chapters on child protection and housing and homelessness. New data protection legislation sees major changes to the whole confidentially chapter. New mental health legislation and a range of other recent legislation relevant to the sector is included. Siobhan Maclean is a registered social worker. She is an independent trainer and consultant and has written a range of texts for social care and social work professionals. Mark Shiner was a specialist Leaving Care social worker for ten years with extensive experience of working with children and young people. Mark has written widely and now lectures in Maritime Studies at Orkney College UHI. He also restores violins.
Be More RBG: Speak Truth and Dissent with Supreme Style
Essentials of Business Law, 6th edition
Essentials of Business Law is well regarded for its clear yet succinct exposition of core principles and key cases across the essential legal topics relevant to business students. This new edition has been significantly updated and deals fully and comprehensively with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
WJEC/Eduqas Law for A Level: Book 1
Written by a team of experienced teachers and examiners, Book 1 supports WJEC/Eduqas A Level Law for Yr 1 and AS. Books 1 and 2 are designed to be used together to provide full coverage of the A Level course. Both are endorsed by WJEC/Eduqas.
Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent
Just Mercy (Film Tie-In Edition): a story of justice and redemption
Essential Family Guide to Caring for Older People
Under the Wig: A Lawyer's Stories of Murder, Guilt and Innocence
Marine A: The truth about the murder conviction
For the first time, a blistering, highly-charged account from the man known as `Marine A' who was at the centre of the controversial murder of a wounded Taliban fighter. His case led to an unprecedented wave of public support which raised over GBP800,000 to fund his appeal.
Mental Capacity Act 2005 code of practice: [2007 final edition]
Abdiae Babyloniae Primi Episcopi AB Apostolis Constituti, de Historia Certaminis Apostolici, Libri Decem (1560)
On My Life: the gripping fast-paced thriller with a killer twist
When a pregnant woman is imprisoned on suspicion of murder, she must fight to prove her innocence from behind bars...
EC Media Law and Policy
Aims to provide a reasonably comprehensive account of the law and policy of the European Community in the media or audiovisual fields. The text also briefly describes the various support measures developed for the media industries in order to provide a context for the regulatory actions described.
EC Labour Law
This work provides a comprehensive introduction to EC labour law, examining all the main areas and issues. Topics covered include dual opportunities, individual employment law, health and safety issues, collective labour law, and worker participation and consultation.
Constitutional and Administrative Law
Mueller Report: Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election