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Most popular Jazz books

The most popular Jazz books currently available. Updated weekly.
Drop of Patience
The second novel from the internationally acclaimed author of A Different Drummer
Real Book: Volume I Sixth Edition (C Instruments)
The Real Books are the best-selling jazz books of all time. Since the 1970s, musicians have trusted these volumes to get them through every gig, night after night. The problem is that the books were illegally produced and distributed, without any regard t
Bluffer's Guide to Jazz: Instant Wit & Wisdom
Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of jazz. the Bluffer's Guides provide hard fact masquerading as frivolous observation in one witty, easy read.
Jazz Guitar Handbook: A Complete Course in All Styles of Jazz
Lady Sings the Blues
Jazz Theory Book
Over 500 pages of text and over 750 musical examples. Written in the language of the working jazz musician, this book is easy to read and user-friendly. At the same time, it is the most comprehensive study of jazz harmony and theory ever published. "The Jazz Theory Book" takes the student from the most basic techniques such as chord construction and the II-V-I progression through scale theory, the blues, "I've Got Rhythm" changes, slash chords, the bebop and pentatonic scales, how to read a lead sheet and memorize tunes and a study of reharmonization that is almost a book in itself. Satisfaction guaranteed or money will be refunded. Mark Levine has worked with Bobby Hutcherson, Cal Tjader, Joe Henderson, Woody Shaw, and many other jazz greats. A great jazz solo consists of: 1% magic; 99% stuff that is explainable, analyzable, categorizable, doable. This book is mostly about the 99% stuff.An excellent companion for all jazz musicians, covering chord and scale theory, improvisation, reharmonization and much more...
Jazz Piano Book
Hear It And Sing It] - Exploring Modal Jazz
Bill Evans: How My Heart Sings
A biography of the influential jazz pianist, Bill Evans. Peter Pettinger, himself a concert pianist, describes Evans's life, his personal tragedies and commercial successes, his music making, his technique and compositional methods, his approach to ensemble playing, and his legacy.
What Happened, Miss Simone?: A Biography
Inspired by the Oscar-nominated Netflix documentary, What Happened, Miss Simone? is an intimate and vivid portrait of the twentieth-century icon Nina Simone.
As Serious As Your Life: Black Music and the Free Jazz Revolution, 1957-1977
An essential masterpiece of jazz history by renowned photographer and music historian, with a new foreword by Richard Williams
Jazz Piano Scales, Grades 1-5
Contains all the scales, set out by grade, for ABRSM's new jazz piano exam. Includes a short introduction sets out what the examiner will be looking for and a table of recommended speeds.
New Orleans Jazz Styles (Complete Edition)
Space is the Place: The Lives and Times of Sun Ra
Quite possibly the most inspirational music biography ever written - essential. MUZIK
R. Crumb Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country
Contains three companion sets of trading cards - Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats, and Pioneers of Country Music - in book form. This work provides the biography of each musician, along with a full colour original illustration.
John Heussenstamm/Paul Silbergleit: 100 Jazz Lessons (Book/Online Audio)
Cover Art of Blue Note Records: The Collection
The Cover Art of Blue Note Records is Graham Marsh and Glyn Callingham's classic collection of the finest record sleeves produced by the celebrated Blue Note record label.
Real Book Of Jazz
Kind Of Blue: Miles Davis and the Making of a Masterpiece
Verve: The Sound of America
Tells the entire story of jazz from its earliest days in New Orleans to the 1970s and beyond told through archival material from Verve, the genres most important label. This title presents some of the rarest records and unseen ephemera from the label that helped define the world of jazz.
Clarinet Scales Grades 1-8 from 2015
Miles: The Autobiography
'LISTEN. The greatest feeling I ever had in my life -- with my clothes on -- was when I first heard Diz and Bird back in 1944. I've come close to matching the feeling of that night, but I've never quite got there. I'm always looking for it, trying to always feel it in and through the music I play ...'
Real Book Play-Along: Volume I Sixth Edition C Instruments (Book/USB)
(Real Book Play-Along). The Real Book you know and love has now been updated to include play-along tracks for 240 songs on one convenient USB flash drive stick! The play-along CDs alone are worth $100 so this is an amazing package price!
Improvisation Studies Reader: Spontaneous Acts
Experiencing Herbie Hancock: A Listener's Companion
Eric Wendell looks beyond the successes and failures of jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock to explore his musical design within the jazz community and mainstream pop culture. Wendell explores how Hancock's efforts have established new jazz standards while fostering a cross-genre continuity among modern jazz practitioners.
Definitive Jazz & Blues Encyclopedia: New & Expanded Edition
Fully updated, tracing the evolution of jazz and blues from their nineteenth-century African-American origins right through to the present day. Key musical developments within each era are covered, as well as an A-Z of key artists; sections on Styles and Instruments also included. Written by a team of experts. Comprehensive and easy to use.
Jazz Piano Pieces, Grade 3
Five albums of graded pieces providing a wealth of jazz repertoire. Each presents 15 pieces in three lists: blues, standards and contemporary jazz. The head of each piece is set out with characteristic voicings, phrasing and rhythmic patterns. The improvised section gives guideline pitches and left-hand voicings as a practical starting-point.
Blue Moment: Miles Davis's Kind of Blue and the Remaking of Modern Music
Its atmosphere - slow, dark, meditative, luminous - became all-pervasive for a generation, and has remained the epitome of melancholy coolness ever since. Richard Williams has written a history of the album which for once does not rip it out of its wider cultural context.
Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-68
Giant Steps: Bebop and the Creators of Modern Jazz, 1945-65
Examines the important figures in the creation of modern jazz, detailing the emergence of bebop through the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Fats Navarro, Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. Using this as its starting point, this title delves into the developments of jazz composition, modal jazz and free jazz.
Baroness: The Search for Nica the Rebellious Rothschild
Part musical odyssey, part dazzling love story The Baroness traces Nica's extraordinary, thrilling journey - from England's stately homes to the battlefields of Africa, passing under the shadow of the Holocaust, and finally, to the creative ferment of New York's 1950s jazz scene.
Flute Scales Grades 1-8 from 2015
Help!: The Beatles, Duke Ellington, and the Magic of Collaboration
The fascinating story of how creative cooperation inspired two of the world's most celebrated musical acts.
Great Jazz Piano Solos
Jazz Image
If music is an international language, then jazz is the unofficial American ambassador to the world. This work features various images that are both historical documents and cultural artifacts, as they are simultaneously records of a period and works of art unto themselves.
Jazz in the 1970s: Diverging Streams
Shoemaker explores the musicians and music of one of the most important decades in jazz history, looking at events overlooked in most jazz histories, which too often stop at the 1960s. He argues that this period in jazz history saw an explosion of artist-produced recordings and the successful marketing of radical artists by major record labels.
How to Listen to Jazz
An acclaimed music scholar presents an accessible introduction to the art of listening to jazz
Birdland, The Jazz Corner of the World: An Illustrated Tribute, 1949-1965
Jazz Theory Workbook: From Basic to Advanced Study
Best Of George And Ira Gershwin
Contains over 30 classic songs with a short biography.
All Woman Jazz
Features female vocalists and is suitable for auditions, performances, semi-professional, or professional singers, or those who just wants to have a bit of fun. This book contains piano arrangements, vocal line and guitar chord symbols. It includes an accompanying CD that contains sound alike, backing tracks to sing over.
After Hours Jazz 1
Contains songs that are arranged for the Grade 3-5 pianist to enjoy.
Big Book Of Ragtime Piano
Really the Blues
Penguin Jazz Guide: The History of the Music in the 1000 Best Albums
A guide to jazz recordings that every fan should know. It includes 1001 essential recordings from the authors' acclaimed guide, adding new information, revising and reassessing each entry, and showing how these key pieces tell the history of the music - and with it the history of the twentieth century.
Derek Bailey: And the Story of Free Improvisation
Lifts the lid on an artistic ferment which has defied every known law of the music business.
Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire
Written by award-winning jazz historian Ted Gioia, this comprehensive guide offers an illuminating look at more than 250 seminal jazz compositions. In this comprehensive and unique survey, here are the songs that sit at the heart of the jazz repertoire, ranging from "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "Autumn in New York" to "God Bless the Child,""How High the Moon," and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love." Gioia includes Broadway show tunes written by such greats as George Gershwin and Irving Berlin, and classics by such famed jazz musicians as Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, and John Coltrane. The book offers vibrant discussions of each song, packed with information about how the song was written, who recorded it, the song's place in jazz history, and much more., Gioia includes recommendations for more than 2,000 recordings, with a list of suggested tracks for each song. Filled with colorful anecdotes and expert commentary, The Jazz Standards will appeal to a wide audience, serving as a fascinating introduction for new fans, an invaluable and long-needed handbook for jazz lovers and musicians, and an indispensable reference for students and educators.
Swingin' on Central Avenue: African American Jazz in Los Angeles
Through their own words, Vacher tells their story in Los Angeles, offering along the way a close look at the role the black musicians union played in their lives while also taking on jazz historiography's comparative neglect of these West Coast players.
So You Want to Sing Jazz: A Guide for Professionals
Jazz Scene
From 1955-65 the historian Eric Hobsbawm took the pseudonym 'Francis Newton' and wrote a monthly column for the New Statesman on jazz - music he had loved ever since discovering it as a boy in 1933 ('the year Adolf Hitler took power in Germany').