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Most popular Individual film directors, film-makers books

The most popular Individual film directors, film-makers books currently available. Updated weekly.
Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. Book & DVD Set
Kubrick's extraordinary gift for thought-provoking entertainment is the driving force behind A Clockwork Orange, which tells the story of a young man subjected to inhumane treatment to "cure" him of his violent behavior. Each set in the Making of a Masterpiece series comes in a deluxe LP-sized folio and includes the remastered DVD, the original...
Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Book & DVD Set
Stanley Kubrick's epic mind-expanding adventure traces man's journey from prehistory into the uncharted universe of the future, inviting us to rethink everything we thought we knew. Each set in the Making of a Masterpiece series comes in a deluxe LP-sized folio and includes a DVD of the remastered film, the original poster, interviews, and...
Orson Welles Portfolio
Cult Filmmakers: 50 Movie Mavericks You Need to Know
Cult Filmmakers is the first in a series of illustrated gift books that each profile 50 cult individuals in the visual arts.
Mr Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder
Studded with cameos of Waters's stars, from Divine and Mink Stole to Johnny Depp, Kathleen Turner, Patricia Hearst, and Tracey Ullman, and illustrated with unseen photos from Waters's personal collection, Mr. Know-It-All is Waters's most hypnotically readable, upsetting, revelatory book - another instant Waters classic.
Ayoade on Ayoade
In this book Richard Ayoade -- actor, writer, director, and amateur dentist -- reflects on his cinematic legacy as only he can: in conversation with himself. Over ten brilliantly insightful and often erotic interviews, Ayoade examines Ayoade fully and without mercy, leading a breathless investigation into this once-in-a-generation visionary.
Anything You Can Imagine: Peter Jackson and the Making of Middle-Earth
The definitive history of Peter Jackson's Middle-earth saga, Anything You Can Imagine takes us on a cinematic journey across all six films, featuring brand-new interviews with Peter, his cast & crew. From the early days of daring to dream it could be done, through the highs and lows of making the films, to fan adoration and, finally, Oscar glory.
Modern Nature: Journals, 1989 - 1990
*****AS HEARD ON BBC RADIO 4*****A meditative and inspiring diary of Derek Jarman's famous garden at Dungeness. In 1986 Derek Jarman discovered he was HIV positive and decided to make a garden at his cottage on the barren coast of Dungeness.
Seduction: Sex, Lies, and Stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood
An exploration of "Hollywood's glamorous golden age via the cenematic life of Howard Hughes and the women who encountered him--sometimes at the expense of their minds and souls"--Dust jacket flap.
Starting Point: 1979-1996 (paperback)
A collection of essays, speeches, inteviews and reflections by the acclaimed filmaker Hayao Miyazaki.
Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. Book & DVD Set
Barry Lyndon is a cinematic masterwork without equal. At first misunderstood upon its 1975 release, it is now widely considered to be one of Kubrick's finest achievements. Each set in the Making of a Masterpiece series comes in a deluxe LP-sized folio and includes a DVD of the remastered film, the original poster, essays, interviews, and...
Werner Herzog - A Guide for the Perplexed: Conversations with Paul Cronin
Saturday Night at the Movies: The Extraordinary Partnerships Behind Cinema's Greatest Scores
Exploring the most successful director-composer partnerships of all time, and the musical realms they created
Into The Valley - The Autobiography
From school punk to modern day film producer Richard Jobson's autobiography is a riveting read of how, having suffered a harrowing incident as a child that left him suffering with epilepsy, he overcame his disability to become successful in the world of music and film and it will appeal particularly to fans of Punk Rock, The Skids and Big Country
Tarkovsky: Films, Stills, Polaroids & Writings
A monograph on Andrei Tarkovsky, Russian filmmaker, writer, film editor and film theorist of extraordinary influence and cinematic vision.
Of Walking In Ice: Munich - Paris: 23 November - 14 December, 1974
A poetic meditation on life and death, by one of the most renowned and respected film-makers and intellectuals of our time. It is a remarkable narrative - part pilgrimage, part meditation, and a confrontation between a great German Romantic imagination and the contemporary world.
Tarantino: A Retrospective
I Feel Bad About My Neck: Dolly Alderton introduction
Stanley Kubrick Archives
From the opening sequence of Killer's Kiss to the final frames of Eyes Wide Shut, this dazzling collection includes some of Kubrick's most unforgettable shots and revealing interviews, as well as abundant material from his own archives, such as set designs, screenplays, notes, correspondence, and shooting schedules.
Tim Burton (updated edition): The iconic filmmaker and his work
In this celebration of one of the most remarkable filmmakers of the last 30 years, film critic and journalist Ian Nathan explores the depths of Burton's imagination and inspiration.
Easy Riders, Raging Bulls
The definitive look at how the 70s movie makers changed the face of cinema
Norfolk Summer: Making the Go-Between
A story of the making on location of this classic film at a seventeenth-century mansion in the Norfolk countryside, starring Julie Christie and Alan Bates.
MGM Style: Cedric Gibbons and the Art of the Golden Age of Hollywood
"An overview of the career and achievements of Hollywood's most famous art director. Cedric Gibbons was the supervisor in charge of the art department at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studios from its inception in 1924 until Gibbons chose to retire in 1956. Contains over 175 photographs, the majority of which have never before been published"--
Scorsese: A Retrospective
The definitive celebration of Martin Scorsese's fifty years at the helm of filmmaking.
Stephen King at the Movies
Wes Anderson Collection
The Wes Anderson Collection is the first in-depth overview of Anderson's work, guiding readers through the life and career of one of the most talked-about contemporary filmmakers. Previously unpublished photos, artwork and ephemera complement a book-length interview between Anderson and award-winning film critic Matt Zoller Seitz
Making of Alien
To celebrate Alien's fortieth anniversary, author J.W. Rinzler (The Making of Star Wars) tells the story of how it evolved from a simple idea into one of the most memorable sci-fi horror thrillers of all time.
Tim Burton
TIM BURTON - Brand New Books -Paperback 2009 - by Tim Burton
Life in Movies: Stories from 50 years in Hollywood
Shares the life and career of the producer, writer, and director charting the changes in Hollywood over the decades.
Play Time: Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism
Malcolm Turvey examines Jacques Tati's unique comedic style and evaluates its significance for the history of film and modernism. Richly illustrated with images from the director's films, Play Time offers an illuminating and original understanding of Tati's work.
Stanley Kubrick: The Odysseys
Role Models
A personal invitation into one of the most unique, perverse, and hilarious artistic minds of our time.
Pixels of Paul Cezanne: And Reflections on Other Artists
The Pixels of Paul Cezanne is a collection of essays by Wim Wenders which he presents his observations and reflections on the fellow artists who have influenced, shaped and inspired him."How are they doing it?"
David Lynch: Someone Is in My House
Featuring rarely seen multimedia works by the revered cult filmmaker David Lynch, this revelatory book shows how he applies his powerful imagination and visual language across genres.
Secret Life of the Movies
Hidden motifs, references, background details, set design, cameos, crossovers, inspirations and oddities in the history of cinema.
Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema
Sets down the author's thoughts and his memories, revealing for the original inspirations for his films - Ivan's Childhood, Andrey Rublyov, Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, Nostalgia, and The Sacrifice. The author discusses their history and his methods of work, and he explores the many problems of visual creativity.
Talking Films and Songs: Javed Akhtar in conversation with Nasreen Munni Kabir
Alfred Hitchcock. The Complete Films
Meet the inventor of modern horror. This complete guide to the Hitchcock canon is a movie buff's dream: from his 1925 debut The Pleasure Garden to 1976's swan song Family Plot, we trace the filmmaker's entire life and career. With a detailed entry for each of Hitchcock's 53 movies, this clothbound book combines insightful texts, photography,...
Hitchcock Reader
a total of 20 of Hitchcock's films are discussed in depth - many others are considered in passing section introductions by the editors that contextualize the essays and the films they discuss well-researched bibliographic references, which will allow readers to broaden the scope of their study of Alfred Hitchcock.
Walter Ruttmann and the Cinema of Multiplicity: Avant-Garde Film - Advertising - Modernity
A fascinating insight on avant-garde film director Walter Ruttmann, the first in English of its kind.
Barbara Hammer: Evidentary Bodies
At Your Own Risk: A Saint's Testament
Impassioned, witty and polemical, At Your Own Risk is Derek Jarman's defiant celebration of gay sexuality. In At Your Own Risk, Derek Jarman weaves poetry, prose, photographs and newspaper extracts into a rich tapestry of gay experience in the UK.
World is Ever Changing
Nicolas Roeg is one of the most distinctive and influential film-makers of his generation. His explosive debut as a director with "Performance", established an approach to film-making that was unconventional and ever-changing. In this book, he intends to pass on the wealth of wisdom and experience he has garnered over fifty years of film-making.
Turning Point: 1997-2008 (hardcover)
A collection of essays, speeches, inteviews and reflections by the acclaimed filmaker Hayao Miyazaki.
Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained: The Continuation of Metacinema
Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Acclaimed critic Matt Zoller Seitz goes behind the scenes of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel
Orson Welles, Volume 3: One-Man Band
An epic survey of Orson Welles' life and work. It shows what it was like to be around Welles, and, what it was like to be him, in which lies the answer to the old riddle: whatever happened to Orson Welles?
Coen Brothers: The iconic filmmakers and their work
Renowned film journalist Ian Nathan delves into the extraordinary lives of the Coen brothers to reveal how they survived flops and triumphs alike, never once compromising their vision, to become two of the world's most interesting, distinctive and creative filmmakers.
Quentin Tarantino: The iconic filmmaker and his work
A true cinephile, Tarantino is famed for his visually arresting approach and this exploration of his career will feature stunning images taken on set and behind the scenes.
Patagonian Hare: A Memoir
The international bestseller: a cry of witness to the 20th century - the unforgettable memoir of 70 years of contemporary and personal history from the great French filmmaker, journalist and intellectual Claude Lanzmann. 'A masterpiece' Le Point 'A masterpiece' Der Spiegel 'A masterpiece' Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung