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Life/Style: Elegant Simplcity at Home
Designer and lifestyle authority Tricia Foley illustrates her approach to creating elegantly pared-down environments for the home and work space.
Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses
A groundbreaking global survey of the finest mid-20th-century homes - one of the most popular styles of our time
Tiny Home to Call Your Own: Living Well in Just-Right Houses
Do you feel as though you're living in an expensive and ill-fitting home filled with too much stuff? A Tiny Home to Call Your Own examines the hows and whys of tiny-home living, and will help you assess whether it's the right for you by examining all aspects of tiny house living and exploring and array of living spaces.
Rock the Boat: Boats, Cabins and Homes on the Water
Rock the Boat<br>A boat is a hole in the water that you put your passion into. Movable homes provide endless opportunities for exploration and changes of scenery. Modified ferries allow ample space for families. Shanty boats inspire images of Huck Finn's literary journey and youthful spirit. Former cruise ships become charming hotels. These floating domiciles showcase alternative living solutions from the private to the commercial. From the romantic lakes of Kashmir to the Bay of Venice, houseboats claim their space atop the water worldwide. These charismatic and aquatic homes provide refuge from being landlocked and promise to satisfy curious natures. A Life Afloat profiles the imaginative inhabitants and designers behind these houseboats<br>
Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations
Interior design guru Axel Vervoordt shares his latest inspirations for the home. Axel Vervoordts intense curiosity has fueled his work as an interior designer, spurring him to explore and draw inspiration from cultures around the globe. He was first exposed to Eastern art and philosophy years ago, but today it has become the guiding principle in his work, particularly the concept of Wabi., Developed in the twelfth century, Wabi advocates simplicity and humility, the rejection of all that is superfluous or artificial. Through extraordinary photographs from Japan and Korea to Belgium and Switzerland, Vervoordt invites us to explore the elements that inspire him: natural materials and time worn objects that evoke the essence of Wabi. Today, together with the Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki, Vervoordt carries the principles of Wabi into his remarkable interiors., As Vervoordt reveals how he infuses his current creations with a fundamentally oriental approach, interiors devotees will gain new insight from this tribute to the designers latest sources of inspiration for the home.
Timeless Home: James Gorst Architects
Place of Houses
Examines houses in the small Massachusetts town of Edgartown; in Santa Barbara, California, where a commitment was made to re-create an imaginary Spanish past; and in Sea Ranch, on the northern California coast, where the authors attempt to create a community.
Houses: Atelier AM
Following up on their much-heralded first volume of interiors, this new publication presents the next evolution of Atelier AM virtuosos of mixing antiques and museum-quality artworks with pedigreed design.
Free Flow Apartments
This book shows the transformation of an existing apartment with problems into a new, open floor space that satisfies the needs of the modern owners.
Virginia Woolf at Home
An intimate exploration of Virginia Woolf's homes
Global Villa Design
Houses: Extraordinary Living
The world's most innovative and influential architect-designed houses created since the early 20th century
Sigfried Giedion: Liberated Dwelling
A manifesto of a modernist housing ideology
Ricardo Bofill: Visions of Architecture
Innovative Houses: Concepts for Sustainable Living
Housing is rapidly having to adapt to the global changes of the twenty first century. This book examines the residential design trends that have arisen in response to these challenges.
My Life in Houses
'I was born on 25th May, 1938, in the front bedroom of a house in Orton Road, a house on the outer edges of Raffles, a council estate. I was a lucky girl.' So begins Margaret Forster's journey through the houses she's lived in, from that sparkling new council house, to her beloved London home of today.
New Sri Lankan House
The New Sri Lankan House charts the development of private houses in the 21st century in a variety of locations around the island.
Nano House: Innovations for Small Dwellings
Presents 43 examples of designs for small-scale (less than 75m2) houses set in a variety of contexts. Using digital tools, sustainable materials and prefabrication technologies, these projects offer realistic solutions for houses where space is at a premium, nature must be preserved or accommodation created for those who need it most.
Alvar Aalto Houses
Originally published in hardcover in 2011.
Beachside Bohemian: Easy Living By the Sea
Effortlessly combining bohemian chic style and family living, the fashionable couple serve up fun and practical design tips from their beachfront vacation home.
Japanese Contemporary House: Small Anthology of Floating Spaces
This book contains five essays about the contemporary Japanese house illustrated with a selection of designs by young architects. The domestic space becomes a symbol of the ability to adapt to new cultural and technological patterns.
Georgian and Regency Houses Explained
A guide to the houses of the 18th and early 19th century, their exteriors and their interiors. It explains various aspects of the Georgian and Regency house and provides a comprehensive guide to the houses of this period.
Finn Juhl and His House
Atmospherically illustrated tribute to the brilliant Danish designer and his own home, an icon of good taste
Case Study Houses
An unprecedented event in architecture history, the Case Study Houses program gave America new models for residential living. This comprehensive account of the project presents each of the 36 prototype homes through floor plans, sketches, and photographs, and explores how architects like Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, and Eero Saarinen...
Masterpieces: Bungalow Architecture + Design
Prefab Housing and the Future of Building: Product to Process
This book takes the reader through the history, theory and design of prefabricated and modular housing, leading up to a discussion of contemporary problems and opportunities. It includes a broad international focus with case studies of leading designers and companies, and cutting-edge research.
Affordable Housing in New York: The People, Places, and Policies That Transformed a City
A richly illustrated history of below-market housing in New York, from the 1920s to today that is essential reading for understanding and advancing debates about how to enable future generations to call New York home.
Georgia O'Keeffe and Her Houses: Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu: Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu
Small Eco Houses: Living Green in Style
A showcase of how good design can transform any small space into a comfortable, modern, and environmentally sensitive home.
Wales: Churches, Houses, Castles
From the great citadels of Caernarvon, Powis and Beaumaris in the north, to the Victorian glories of Cardiff in the south, St David's cathedral in the west to the little hill church of Patrishow in the east, the buildings of Wales embody its history and are the equal of any in the British Isles. This title is suitable for those visiting Wales.
Design In The Hamptons
Cook's Camden: The Making of Modern Housing
In the 1960s and 1970s, a team of leading architects established a new type of collective housing in the London Borough of Camden. In place of tower blocks, they created a high-density, low-rise urbanism, based on a return to streets with front doors. This book examinesthis programme and shows how it offers important lessons and insights for the
Curated House: Creating Style, Beauty, and Balance
Michael S Smith's first collection of new interiors work in seven years.
Modern House
Designed to Perform: An Illustrated Guide to Providing Energy Efficient Homes
Little House in the City
This book celebrates the growing popularity of small houses and the renaissance of urban areas.
Behind the Privets: Classic Hampton Houses
Classic and timeless, these exclusive homes recall the simple glamor of vintage Hamptons design.
Casa Bohemia: The Spanish-Style House
A celebration of the uniquely vibrant architecture and interiors of classic and new Spanish-style houses in the south-western United States, Mexico, and Spain.
Tom Scheerer Decorates
In an age in which houses exhibiting unchecked exuberance, high drama or conspicuous luxury get all the attention, leading interior designer Tom Scheerer has cultivated his own more restrained brand of chic, a look he modestly describes as cheerful and no nonsense. But it is so much more.
Help With Housing Costs: Volume 1: Guide to Universal Credit & Council Tax Rebates, 2018-19
Sunderland Cottage: A History of Wearside's 'Little Palaces'
For the first time, this in-depth study explores the history behind the construction of the famous 'Sunderland cottages'.
Prefabulous Small Houses
Prefabulous Small Houses explores the beauty, variety, design and environmentally positive benefits of prefab construction through the wide variety of prefabrication methods in use today with prefabulous examples.
Tiny Homes, Maximum Style
The construction of smaller houses is increasing. This book travels to countries across the world to discover tiny houses in the mountains, on the coast and in the cities which how architecture responds to space limitations without compromising style.
Marsa Malaz Kempinski: Precious Jewel on the Sea
Stone Houses: Natural Forms in Historic and Modern Homes
A global look at rustic living in stone houses during the twenty-first century, Stone Houses presents new and recent houses that demonstrate the inexhaustible potential of this most beloved home structure.
Queering the Interior
Truth About Cottages: A History and an Illustrated Guide to 50 Types of English Cottage
The old cottages of Britain are amongst the country's best-loved treasures. This book tells the story of cottage life since the seventeenth century, often using the words of the people who built the cottages or lived in them. It features fifty main types of cottage, dating from the fifteenth century.
Japanese House: Material Culture in the Modern Home
Highly illustrated and accessibly written, this book offers a fascinating exploration of material culture in the Japanese house and home.
Creatives Homes
Showcases unique homes and interiors of artists all over the world.
70/80/90 Iconic Australian Houses: Three Decades of Domestic Architecture
Compiling a selection of examples of Australian houses of the 1970s, 80s and 90s. This title provides an introduction, that places the period in social, historical and architectural context, before each of the selected houses is individually reviewed in an informed and engaging style.