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Most popular History of art: pre-history books

The most popular History of art: pre-history books currently available. Updated weekly.
Cave Art
An archaeological exploration of the mysterious world of cave art through the ages.
1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die
The essential guide to the most important masterpieces in history, revised and fully updated for 2018.
Art of Mesoamerica: From Olmec to Aztec
Mary Ellen Miller's rich visual and scholarly survey of pre-Hispanic art and architecture, including the most recent archaeological finds.
Art Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
Embark on a tour of the world's greatest artistic movements and works, from prehistoric cave paintings to performance art with The Art Book, the latest in the stunning Big Ideas series. The Art Book explores the most celebrated artworks by history's most influential painters, sculptors, and artists with stunning visuals and insightful quotes. Discover profiles of the most important artists from across the globe, stretching from the prehistoric Altamira cave paintings and Chinese jade carvings to movements including impressionism, symbolism, and cubism. Understand the ideas which inspired masterpieces by Botticelli, Rembrandt, Klimt, Matisse, Picasso, and dozens more, with The Art Book's fascinating coverage of painting, drawing, printing, sculpture, conceptual art, and performance art, from ancient history to the modern day. This hardback book has 352 pages and measures: 23.8 x 20 x 2.6cm
Paleoart. Visions of the Prehistoric Past
Despite vanishing from Earth 66 million years ago, dinosaurs are one of our favorite cultural fascinations. In this history of paleoart, writer Zoe Lescaze and artist Walton Ford scour the globe for dinosaur paintings, drawings, prints, mosaics, and murals. Dating from early 19th century to the digital era, this collection is a celebration of...
Body Sutra: Tracing the human form through art & imagination
PADMAVAT: An Epic Love Story
RAJASTHAN: A Concise History
First Artists: In Search of the World's Oldest Art
Two of the greatest living authorities on Ice Age art take the reader on a journey across the globe and hundreds of thousands of years into the past to discover the deepest origins of art.
Early Art and Architecture of Africa
This new history of over 5000 years of African art reveals its true diversity for the first time. Challenging centuries of misconceptions that have obscured the sophisticated nature of African art, Peter Garlake uses the latest research and archaeological findings to offer exciting new insights.
Origins of Monsters: Image and Cognition in the First Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Can cognitive science explain the potency of such images? Does evolutionary psychology hold a key to understanding the transmission of symbols? How is our making and perception of images influenced by institutions and technologies? This title deals with these questions.
Bodies of Clay: On Prehistoric Humanised Pottery
First comprehensive consideration of the role, function, social context and significance of pots shaped to mimic the human body or parts thereof among prehistoric communities
Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire
Bangudae Petroglyphs In Uslan
Britain's Oldest Art: The Ice Age cave art of Creswell Crags
This is the story of the discovery, in 2003, of Britain's first Ice Age cave art at Creswell Crags. It includes a definitive list, photographs, drawings and description of the motifs and sets the discovery in its archaeological and geological context.
Images of the Ice Age
Leading archaeologist Paul Bahn explores the caves, rocks, and objects decorated by our Ice Age ancestors, giving us a unique opportunity to marvel at some of the earliest evidence of artistic expression. Images of the Ice Age provides a visual feast and an absorbing synthesis of this crucial aspect of human history.
What is Paleolithic Art?: Cave Paintings and the Dawn of Human Creativity
Exploring the Book of Kells
A beautiful and simple introduction to the Book of Kells. George Otto Simms, a world-renowned authority on the Book of Kells, reveals the mysteries hidden in this magnificent manuscript, and the lives of the monks who made it. Newly-expanded colour plate section.
Early Rock Art of the American West: The Geometric Enigma
Breaking the Surface: An Art/Archaeology of Prehistoric Architecture
Breaking the Surface offers comprehensive discussions of the philosophy of holes and perforations, the linguistic anthropology of cut- and break-words, and the perceptual psychology of concavities. The book offers a revelatory way to handle the archaeological past and is a major step forward in the growing subdiscipline of art and archaeology.
Ancient Greece: Social Structure and Evolution
This book is for students and scholars of ancient civilizations who would benefit from an approach to Ancient Greece which compares anthropological approaches to other early civilizations, including ancient China, the Maya, the Inca, the Harappan, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Japan.
Overlay: Contemporary Art and Art of Prehistory
Art and Archaeology of the Erligang Civilization
The Erligang culture is best known for the remains of an immense walled city at Zhengzhou, a smaller site at Panlongcheng in Hubei, and a large-scale bronze industry of remarkable artistic and technological sophistication. This book deals with Erligang culture.
Cave Art
The first guide to all the decorated Ice Age caves in Europe that are open to the public. Covers 50 caves in England, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, and the relevant museums and centres.
Troy: City, Homer and Turkey
'Troy. City, Homer and Turkey' presents the latest insights and discoveries relating to both the historical and the legendary Troy.
Rock Art Through Time: Scanian rock carvings in the Bronze Age and Earliest Iron Age
This beautifully illustrated new addition to the Swedish rock Art series presents a detailed reassessment of the Simrishamn rock art and examines the close relationship between iconography displayed on metals and that found in rock art.
Creativity in the Bronze Age: Understanding Innovation in Pottery, Textile, and Metalwork Production
This book explores the nature of creativity in a critical period of human history - the European Bronze Age - through developments in three key crafts - pottery, textiles, and metalwork. It will interest students and teachers of prehistory/archaeology, craft studies (especially textiles, metal, and pottery), as well as those interested in creativity.
Our Voices: Indigeneity and Architecture
Our Voices: Indigeneity and Architecture is an exciting advance in the field of architecture offering multiple indigenous perspectives on architecture and design theory and practice.
Beyond the Cyclades: Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context from Mainland Greece, the North and East Aegean
This second volume on Early Cycladic (and Cycladicising) sculptures examines finds from mainland Greece, along with the rarer items from the north and east Aegean