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Most popular History of art & design styles: c 1600 to c 1800 books

The most popular History of art & design styles: c 1600 to c 1800 books currently available. Updated weekly.
Rembrandt. The Self-Portraits
No other 17th-century artist played the self-portrait game as extravagantly as the Dutchman Rembrandt. Spanning from his youth until just a year prior to his death, this unprecedented collection gathers the entirety of Rembrandt's self-portraiture in impeccable reproductions. The works are an intimate glimpse into the artist's lifelong self-...
Vermeer. The Complete Works
Discover one of the most admired artists in history: Johannes Vermeer. Complete with crisp reproductions, details, and insightful essays, this monograph spans his entire repertoire, illuminating the artist's outstanding ability not only to bear witness to the spirit of the Dutch Golden Age, but also to encapsulate an entire story in just one...
Classic Beauties: Artists, Italy and the Esthetic Ideals of the 18th Century
Superbly illustrated essays introduce the key Italian painters and sculptors to which Europe's aristocracy flocked in the 18th Century
Rembrandt. The Complete Paintings
The Dutch Golden Age spawned some of history's greatest artists and artisans, but few can boast of the genius of Rembrandt. Commemorating 350 years of unparalleled legacy, this XXL-sized monograph gathers the artist's 330 paintings in exquisite reproductions and details that reveal how, in all their forms, Rembrandt's painted works are built of...
Golden Age of Dutch and Flemish Painting
This beautifully illustrated, expansive overview of Dutch and Flemish art during the 17th century illuminates the creative achievements of one of the most important eras in Western art.
Meet Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, the Dutch master artist whose unique eye for people and situations created some of the most famous portraits and historical, religious, and mythological scenes in the world. In this book, we tour Rembrandt's key paintings, etchings, and drawings to uncover the stylistic and technical innovations with which one...
Vermeer. The Complete Works
Just 35 works make up the complete known oeuvre of Johannes Vermeer but in their combination of mimesis and mystery they have secured his place as one of the most admired artists in history. This jumbo-sized monograph presents his astonishing catalogue with numerous spreads, ravishing details, and an essay exploring his outstanding ability to...
Rembrandt's Light
Graven Images: The Art of the Woodcut
With a foreword by Reece Shearsmith, this beautifully designed book highlights some of the most striking and amusing examples of the woodcut from the British Library's collections, evoking monsters, witches, criminals, drinking, war and politics.
Alexander von Humboldt: And the Botanical Exploration of the Americas
Now available in a new edition, this gorgeously illustrated book showcases botanical masterpieces by Alexander von Humboldt, one of history's great scientists and explorers.
Hokusai: 22 Pull-Out Posters
Perfect for display or close observation, this impeccably produced collection of some of Hokusai's most renowned prints highlights the exquisite lines and delicate hues that have entranced viewers for centuries
Nicolaes Maes: Dutch Master of the Golden Age
An expert look at the life and captivating work of the Dutch painter Nicolaes Maes, Rembrandt's most famous pupil
Lives of Rubens
Rembrandt's Light
Universal Baroque
A multi-disciplinary study of the notion of the baroque, using examples of music, art, visual culture, literature and architecture, revealing it to be a global phenomenon -- .
Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez
WINNER OF THE JAMES TAIT BLACK BIOGRAPHY PRIZESHORTLISTED FOR THE RATHBONES FOLIO PRIZELONGLISTED FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE FOR NON-FICTIONSelected as a Book of the Year in the Herald In 1845, a Reading bookseller named John Snare came across the dirt-blackened portrait of a prince at a country house auction.
Pasta For Nightingales: A 17th-century handbook of bird-care and folklore
Vermeer and the Dutch Masters
The latest addition to Flame Tree's highly successful Masterworks series, this wonderful new book highlights the work of the Dutch Masters, including Vermeer, Rembrandt, Van Eyck, Frans Hals and their compatriots.
Constable's Skies: Paintings and Sketches by John Constable
A beautifully designed gift book devoted to John Constable's studies of skies.
Early Rubens
Impressionists Handbook
Gouthiere's Candelabras
Offers fresh insight into two exquisite masterworks by Pierre Gouthiere (1732-1813), celebrated gilder to the French kings.
Painted Hall: Sir James Thornhill's Masterpiece at Greenwich
Published to mark the reopening of the spectacular 40,000 square feet of ceiling and wall decorations of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich,The Painted Hall is a wonderful celebration of what has been called `the Sistine Chapel of the UK'.
Rowlandson the Caricaturist
Rowlandson was an English painter and caricaturist who illustrated the life of the 18th century England and created comic images of familiar social types of his day. His characters ranged from the ridiculously pretentions, with their elaborate coiffures, widely frogged uniforms, and enormous bosoms and bottoms, to the merely pathetic.
Everything is Happening: Journey into a Painting
A gripping and beguiling blend of art history, memoir and travel writing which delves into the mysteries and meanings of Las Meninas, Vel zquez's iconic masterpiece
Gainsborough's Family Album
Lives of Gainsborough
Rembrandt'S Mark
The exhibition and catalogue cast a fresh light on this innovative 'artists' artist', who continues to inspire and engage artists and audiences three and a half centuries after his death.
Rubens, Rembrandt, and Drawing in the Golden Age
An extraordinary history of Netherlandish drawing, focused on the training and skill of artists during the long 17th century
Baroque Pathways: The National Galleries Barberini Corsini in Rome
A study of the uniquely versatile artist and brilliant social commentator.
Butterfly Journey: The Life and Art of Maria Sibylla Merian
The amazing story of the life and work of the renowned botanical artist Maria Sibylla Merian is told alongside her beautiful illustrations of butterflies in this charming and elegant book.
From his royal court portraits to horrific scenes of conflict, Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes remains one of Spain's most revered and startling artists. With key works from throughout his career, this vivid introduction explores Goya's mastery of form and light and varied, daring subjects.
Martin Lister and his Remarkable Daughters: The Art of Science in the Seventeenth Century
This is the fascinating story of Martin Lister's great work on shells and molluscs, 'Historiae Conchyliorum'; its illustrations (over 1,000 copperplates) by his daughters, Susanna and Anna, and the early techniques behind scientific illustration together with the often unnoticed role of women in the scientific revolution.
Caravaggio and Bernini
This book maps the artistic revolution that took place in Rome in the early 17th century in seven essays, written by experts in the field and accompanied by an excellent selection of over eighty masterpieces-of both painting and sculpture.
Gainsborough is one of the most appealing artists of the 18th century. The author draws on recently discovered material to provide a fresh perspective on both the life and art of this master.
Goya: A Life in Letters
From an early age Goya was anxious to preserve a record of his life, but few of his writings have survived and his most personal records appear in his letters. Goya's surviving letters reveal a highly emotional man, prepared to state his feelings as passionately to the authorities of a Cathedral as to a close friend.
Classical Ideal: English Silver, 1760-1840
Accompanying the first-ever exhibition devoted to English neo-classical silver and held in 2010, this book brings together a wealth of items in the neo-classical style.
Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes:: In and Around the Peter Marino Collection
The outstanding collection of European bronze scupltures formed by Peter Marino, which focuses especially on French and Italian bronzes of the High Baroque, includes masterpieces by some of the greatest sculptors of their age, among them Ferdinando Tacca, Giovanni Battista Foggini, Robert le Lorrain, and Corneille van Cleve.
Enlightened Princesses: Caroline, Augusta, Charlotte, and the Shaping of the Modern World
"This publication accompanies the exhibition Enlightened princesses: Caroline, Augusta, Charlotte, and the shaping of the modern world, co-organized by the Yale Center for British Art and Historic Royal Palaces, on view at the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, from 2 February to 30 April 2017, and at Kensington Palace, London, from 22 June to 12 November 2017"--Colophon.
Rembrandt's Universe: His Art * His Life * His World
Now available in a reduced format edition, here is the ultimate book on Rembrandt's art and life by one of the world's best-known writers on Dutch art.
Meet Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez, the leading light of the Spanish Golden Age and a giant of Western art history. From humble genre scenes to the ever-mysterious Las Meninas, this introductory book charts the compositional expertise, natural figuration, and masterful handling of tone that secured Velazquez's place as "the greatest...
Making Magnificence: Architects, Stuccatori, and the Eighteenth-Century Interior
Touring and Publicizing England's Country Houses in the Long Eighteenth Century
Painting by Numbers: The life and art of Ferdinand Bauer
Ferdinand Bauer is seen by many as the greatest natural history painter of all time. This fascinating new study of Bauer's work includes reproductions of never-before-published works from collections in Europe and Australia. Written by one of the world's foremost botanical scholars, Painting by Numbers reveals Bauer's innovative colour-coding technique for the first time.
Utrecht, Caravaggio and Europe
Green Florilegium
This elegant book features exquisite reproductions of a rare 17th-century album of floral illustrations.
Rembrandt by Rembrandt: The Self-Portraits
"Les portraits de Rembrandt first published in France by aEditions du Seuil, 2019"--Colophon.
George Stubbs: 'All Done from Nature'
George Stubbs: 'all done from Nature' presents the first significant overview of Stubbs's work in Britain for more than 10 years and brings together 100 paintings, drawings and publications, from the National Gallery's Whistlejacket to pieces that have never been seen in public.
European Architecture 1750-1890
This comprehensive examination of 18th and 19th-century architecture explores its extreme diversity within the context of social, economic and political upheaval. It offers an analysis of the ways issues of style functioned to make architecture one of the most experimental art forms in the period.