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Most popular Historical & comparative linguistics books

The most popular Historical & comparative linguistics books currently available. Updated weekly.
Bad Words: And What They Say About Us
Snowflake, elite, expert . . . What are today's 'bad words' and what do they say about us, both as individuals and as a society?
Orbs and the Attack of the Hair Spiders
Lost World of the Torah: Law as Covenant and Wisdom in Ancient Context
Sounds Appealing: The Passionate Story of English Pronunciation
Introduction to the History of English
This introduction to the history of English includes chapters on language change, the Indo-European background of English, and on Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English and Late Modern English. It offers information about the socio-historical background, the core areas of linguistic structure, discourse, speech acts and genres.
Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology
This book provides a brief account of the origins, history, and sense-development of more than 38,000 words.
Aal Aboot Geordie
This informative, accessible exploration of Geordie examines the origins of the dialect and its European roots. It includes a glossary of words along with features on Geordie songs, Brown Ale, Border Reivers, Geordie surnames, keelmen and local food. In addition the book examines the two main theories that explain the term Geordie.
Stories of English
This superbly well-informed - and also wonderfully entertaining - history of the English language answers all these questions, showing how the many strands of English (Standard English, dialect and slang among them) developed to create the richly-varied language of today.
English - One Tongue, Many Voices
This is the fully revised and expanded second edition of English - One Tongue, Many Voices, a book by three internationally distinguished English language scholars who tell the fascinating, improbable saga of English in time and space.
Rude Rhyming Slang
London Taxi Driver Slang
Sincerity and Authenticity
Trilling is concerned with the process by which the arduous enterprise of sincerity, of being true to one's self, came to occupy a place of supreme importance in the moral life-and the further shift which finds that place now usurped by the darker and still more strenuous modern ideal of authenticity.
Police Slang
Godzone Dictionary: Of Favourite New Zealand Words and Phrases
This concise A-Z dictionary is a quick and easy reference to understanding the words and phrases that make New Zealand English unique.
Story of English
The Story of English is the extraordinary tale of the origins and development of the English language. Two thousand years ago English was confined to a handful of savage tribes on the shores of north-west Europe; More widely scattered, written and spoken than any other language in history, English has become a global phenomenon.
Ghetto: The History of a Word
Few words are as ideologically charged as "ghetto," a term that has described legally segregated Jewish quarters, dense immigrant enclaves, Nazi holding pens, and black neighborhoods in the United States. Daniel B. Schwartz reveals how the history of ghettos is tied up with struggle and argument over the slippery meaning of a word.
Language Change
Essential study guides for the future linguist.
Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms
Get stuck into this authoritative and entertaining dictionary of English idioms. Packed with over 6,000 entries from the whole of the English-speaking world, including figurative expressions, similes, sayings, and proverbs, it really is the bee's knees. Ideal for students, learners, or anyone interested in the English language.
Languages: A Very Short Introduction
How many languages are there? What differentiates one language from another? Are new languages still being discovered? Why are so many languages disappearing? These are some of the questions considered in this Very Short Introduction. By examining the science of languages, we find that the answers are not as simple as we might expect.
Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat: Naval slang and its everyday usage
Military Slang
Indigenous Language Revitalization in the Americas
Through the Language Glass: Why The World Looks Different In Other Languages
"Guy Deutscher is that rare beast, an academic who talks good sense about linguistics... Observer*Does language reflect the culture of a society? A delightful amalgam of cultural history and popular science, this book explores some of the most fascinating and controversial questions about language, culture and the human mind.
Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World's Undeciphered Scripts
Real McCoy and 149 other Eponyms
Encompassing eponyms from medicine, botany, invention, science, fashion, food and literature, this book uncovers the intriguing tales of discovery, mythology, innovation and infamy behind the eponyms we use every day. The perfect addition to any wordsmith's bookshelf.
Unfolding Of Language
'Language is mankind's greatest invention - except of course, that it was never invented.' So begins Guy Deutscher's fascinating investigation into the evolution of language.
Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World
Roughly half the world's population speaks languages derived from a shared linguistic source known as Proto-Indo-European. But who were the early speakers of this ancient mother tongue, and how did they manage to spread it around the globe? This title reveals how their domestication of horses and use of the wheel spread language.
Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics
This authoritative dictionary provides coverage across the field of linguistics, both the theoretical and the practical. In over 3,250 entries it clearly defines terms relating to phonetics, grammar, semantics, languages (spoken and written), dialects, and sociolinguistics.
Languages In The World: How History, Culture, and Politics Shape Language
This innovative introduction outlines the structure and distribution of the world s languages, charting their evolution over the past 200,000 years.
Emergence and Development of English: An Introduction
A step-by-step introduction to the history of the English language that teaches both students and instructors about complex systems, the scientific model behind human speech. This easy-to-follow text includes chapter openers, key terms, chapter summaries and end-of-chapter exercises, as well as online resources and audio samples.
Hobson-Jobson: The Definitive Glossary of British India
Hobson-Jobson is a unique lexicon of British India. Part dictionary, part encyclopedia it shows how words of Indian origin entered the English language and offers insight into Victorian views of Asia and the way cultures transform one another. Quirky and entertaining, this selected edition includes a fascinating introduction and notes.
Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary in Context: Building Competency with Words Occurring 50 Times or More
Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary in Context by Miles V. Van Pelt and Gary D. Pratico is a biblical Hebrew language resource designed to reinforce a student's basic vocabulary by reading words in the context of the Hebrew Bible.
English Around the World: An Introduction
A lively and accessible introduction to world Englishes, describing varieties used in a wide range of countries worldwide, and setting them within their historical and social contexts. Providing essential knowledge and skills for those embarking on the study of world Englishes, this is set to become the leading introductory text.
Adventure Of English
Melvyn Bragg's fascinating biography of the English language
Linguistics: A Very Short Introduction
Covers the major aspects of linguistics. This guide begins at the 'arts' end of the subject and finishes at the 'science' end, with the discoveries regarding language in the brain. It looks at the prehistory of languages and their common origins, language and evolution, language in time and space, grammar and dictionaries and phonetics.
Learning Latin the Ancient Way: Latin Textbooks from the Ancient World
During the Roman empire Greek speakers learned Latin using textbooks that still offer special advantages: authentic and enjoyable vignettes about the ancient world, easy Latin composed by Romans, insight into ancient learning practices. This book makes the ancient Latin-learning materials available to modern students for the first time.
Not Like a Native Speaker: On Languaging as a Postcolonial Experience
A riveting series of stories that portray the biopolitics of speaking and writing in a postcolonial world.
Adventure Of English
Reissued to celebrate Sceptre's 30th anniversary: Melvyn Bragg's bestselling biography of the English language, featuring a new afterword by the author.
English Language: Description, Variation and Context
Language Contact in Africa and the African Diaspora in the Americas: In honor of John V. Singler
Comparative Literature: A Very Short Introduction
Considering literature comparatively can help readers realize how much can be learned by looking beyond the horizon of their own cultures, discovering not only more about other literatures, but also about their own. Ben Hutchinson offers a history of comparative literature, placing it at the heart of literary criticism.
Linguistics: Why It Matters
"Linguistics applies the analytical methods of the sciences to a subject formerly thought to belong mainly to the humanities: language. Geoff Pullum offers a stimulating introduction to the many ways in which the study of linguistics matters. With its close relationships to other disciplines, the subject has a compelling human story to tell"--
Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology
Provides a brief account of the origins, history, and sense-development of a large part of the vocabulary of modern English, including both basic words and a wide selection of derivative forms.
Introduction to Early Modern English
A study of the English language during the period 1500-1700.
Book of Feckin' Irish Slang that's great craic for cute hoors and bowsies
The almost incomprehensible wit and wonder of Irish slang words. Can you tell your bowsies from your gougers from your gurriers? No? Well, it's time to stop acting the maggot and find out, courtesy of this invaluable reference book that's been donkey's years in the making (only coddin').
Luath Scots Language Learner: An Introduction to Contemporary Spoken Scots
An updated edition of the first ever comprehensive Scots language course, including 25 graded lessons, an English to Scots vocabulary list and more.
Analyzing Syntax Through Texts: Old, Middle, and Early Modern English
This textbook invites the student to explore early English syntax by looking at the linguistic characteristics of well- known texts throughout the early history of English. It shows how that piece of the language fits in to the broader picture of how English is developing and introduces the student to the real writing of the period.
101 Problems and Solutions in Historical Linguistics: A Workbook
This workbook guides students through 12 problems on the establishment of genetic relationship among languages, 24 problems on sound change, 35 problems on phonological reconstruction, 10 problems on internal reconstruction, and 20 problems on subgrouping.
Introducing English Syntax: A Basic Guide for Students of English
History of Spanish: A Student's Introduction
This concise textbook provides advanced undergraduate and graduate students with an engaging and thorough overview of the history of Spanish and its development from Latin. Featuring numerous exercises, and presupposing no prior knowledge of Latin or linguistics, the book is suitable for courses on the history of Spanish and Spanish linguistics.