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The most popular Film guides & reviews books currently available. Updated weekly.
Men in Black Films: The Official Visual Companion to the Films
Men in Black: The Official Visual Companion to the Films is the first book to cover all four films, including Men in Black International.
Ultimate Star Wars New Edition: The Definitive Guide to the Star Wars Universe
Harry Potter on Location: An Unofficial Review and Guide to the Locations Used for the Entire Film Series Including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
review and guide to the locations used for harry potter, the entire film series
Star Wars How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks and Other Galactic Survival Skills
Feel Free: Essays
Star Wars Archives. 1977-1983
Star Wars exploded onto our cinema screens in 1977, and the world has not been the same since. In this XXL-sized tome, George Lucas guides us through the original trilogy like never before, recounting the inspirations, experiences, and stories that created a modern monomyth. Complete with script pages, concept art, storyboards, on-set...
New York Times Book of Movies: The Essential 1,000 Films To See
This guide is a collection of reviews for the 1,000 most important, popular, and influential films of nearly a century of cinema from the first talkies to modern blockbusters and indie sleepers.
Turner Classic Movies Presents Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide: From the Silent Era Through 1965: Third Edition
"More than 10,000 movies from the silent era through 1965"--Cover.
Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary
Ultimate Superhero Movie Guide
From the early glories of Superman and Tim Burton's Batman, to the modern dominance of Marvel and DC's cinematic universes, this book celebrates the stars, stunts and special effects that have brought dozens of legendary comic book heroes to the big screen.
Ralph Breaks the Internet The Official Guide
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: Magical Movie Handbook
Discover everything you need to know about the magical world of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald!
Movie Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
Chronicling more than 100 of the best movies ever made and bringing cinema to life, this title covers early visionaries of the 1900's and the golden age of black and white films, to international art-house and 21st-century sci-fi.
Dictionary of Film Terms: The Aesthetic Companion to Film Art - Fifth Edition
Now in its fifth edition, Frank Beaver's Dictionary of Film Terms has become an indispensable reference tool for the study of films and filmmaking. The updated and expanded edition includes new definitions ranging from "bullet-time" optical effects, to the coming-of-age narrative, and LED lighting technology in science fiction films. More than 200 film title references have been added.
Horror: Films to Scare you to Death
Packed with photographs of the most terrifying scenes in cinema history, Horror is the definitive guide tracing the story of horror, decade-by-decade. Whether you're a seasoned, horror expert or a tentative horror explorer, this is the ultimate guide through a century of fear.
Complete Making of "Indiana Jones": The Definitive Story Behind All Four Films
Coen Brothers: The iconic filmmakers and their work
Renowned film journalist Ian Nathan delves into the extraordinary lives of the Coen brothers to reveal how they survived flops and triumphs alike, never once compromising their vision, to become two of the world's most interesting, distinctive and creative filmmakers.
Star Wars: Geektionary: The Galaxy From A To Z
Art of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Step inside the world of the talented art departments who, led by Academy Award (R)-winning production designer Stuart Craig, were responsible for the creation of the unforgettable characters, locations and beasts from the eagerly anticipated next chapter in the wizarding world.
Andy Warhol's The Chelsea Girls
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Movie-Making News: The Stories Behind the Magic [Lenticular Cover]
Inspired by the very newspapers seen in the Fantastic Beasts films, and produced on newsprint paper to mimic their appearance, Movie-Making News reveals previously untold behind-the-scenes stories from the first film and offers a sneak-peek at what's to come in the exciting next instalment.
Scotland Film Locations
Discover the locations that created movie magic with this beautifully illustrated guide to the cities, towns and windswept landscapes that have formed the backdrop to some of Scotland's most famous films.
Harry Potter - The Artifact Vault
Throughout the making of the Harry Potter movies, designers and craftspeople were tasked with creating fabulous Feasts, flying brooms, enchanted maps, in addition to all the magical items necessary for everyday wizarding life. Harry Potter: The Artefact Vault chronicles the work at the graphics and prop teams in creating lovingly crafted items.
Hobbit Trilogy Location Guidebook
The definitive and authorised location guidebook for THE HOBBIT trilogy of movies.
Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
An official behind-the-scenes companion to "Rogue One" provides an in-depth tour of the production's art department, profiling key droids, vehicles, and weapons through hundreds of concept paintings, sketches, storyboards, matte paintings, and designs.
1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year
This book is a day-by-day chronicle of 1939 Hollywood's greatest year. Each entry will focus on major news events-national and international-as well as minor curiosities or news items that would prove to be more important in the future. This will be followed by a full description and commentary on the Hollywood movies that were released each day.
Star Wars - The Imperial Handbook - A Commander's Guide
Star Wars: The Imperial Handbook shares the knowledge of a newly promoted Commander in the Imperial Military, providing a comprehensive overview of the Imperial war machine. After the Battle of Endor, the guide fell into the hands of the Rebel Alliance who provide handwritten annotations.
Notes From the Upside Down - Inside the World of Stranger Things: An Unofficial Handbook to the Hit TV Series
With season 2 now released, don't miss out on getting the perfect gift for any Stranger Things fan in your life. This fan handbook is here to tell you more about the origins of the show, including the mysterious Montauk Project conspiracy theory, get you clued up on the inspirations behind the characters, and assess the show's DNA.
Star Wars The Last Jedi (TM) The Visual Dictionary
Star Wars: The Last Jedi The Visual Dictionary is the definitive guide to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, revealing the characters, creatures, droids, locations, and technology from the film. Packed with 100+ images and information as penned by Star Wars scribe Pablo Hidalgo, it's a must-have for all fans who want to go beyond the movie experience. Product Information: ISBN: 9780241281093 Author: Pablo Hidalgo Publisher: DK Format: Hardback Pages: 79 Dimensions: 31 x 26 x 1.5cm
Archive of Magic: the Film Wizardry of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Go behind the scenes of J. K. Rowling's magical universe of creatures and wizards in this exciting full-colour companion volume to Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.
Art and Making of Aquaman
Immerse yourself in the art and making of Aquaman, the movie chronicling Arthur Curry's path to a future reign as King of the Seven Seas.
Teenage Slasher Movie Book, 2nd Revised and Expanded Edition
Packed with slasher movie reviews and illustrated with an extensive collection of distinctive and often graphic color poster artwork, The Teenage Slasher Movie Book, 2nd Revised and Expanded Edition also looks at the political, cultural, and social influences on the slasher movie and its own effect on other film genres.
Studying The Hurt Locker
Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy
Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy offers a rare glimpse into the Lucasfilm archives and showcases the most iconic storyboard artwork from the first three Star Wars films.
Disney Pixar Coco The Essential Guide
Discover everything you need to know about the exciting new Disney Pixar movie, Coco, in DK's Essential Guide.Disney Pixar Coco: The Essential Guide is the perfect partner to Disney's highly anticipated new movie. Disney Pixar's Coco is the celebration of a lifetime, where the discovery of a generations-old mystery leads to a most extraordinary and surprising family reunion. This guide will cover all the memorable characters, plus key locations, themes and iconic moments from the movie in DK's lively and informative non-fiction style., (c) 2017 Disney/Pixar. All rights reserved.
Frightfest Guide To Monster Movies
Marvel Studios All Your Questions Answered
Turner Classic Movies: Christmas in the Movies: 30 Classics to Celebrate the Season
Get in the spirit of the season with Turner Classic Movies: Christmas in the Movies, a bucket list showcasing the greatest and most beloved holiday movies of all time, from age-old classics to modern favorites. From the most trusted authority on film!
Terminator Salvation: The Official Movie Companion
Takes you behind-the-scenes of the making of the fourth Terminator movie, "Terminator Salvation" and contains interviews with the cast and crew, including Christian Bale and McG, as well as an abundance of photos.
"La Regle Du Jeu": French Film Guide
Focuses on "La Regle du jeu" in the context of both the time in which it was made and the currents of intertextuality by which it is traversed. This book examines sequences from the film itself, its themes, reception and critical approaches and readings.
Alien Next Door: In Space, No One Can Hear You Clean
See a new, caring side to the legendary science fiction monster as he tends to Jonesy the cat, endeavours to keep his house cleaner than the Nostromo, and searches for his place on a cold, new, alien world: Earth. From facehuggers to feather dusters, discover how the perfect killing machine relaxes after a day of scaring space marines.
Singin' in the Rain
Singin' in the Rain remains one of the best loved films ever made. In a shot-by-shot analysis of the famous title number, Peter Wollen shows how Gene Kelly binds the dance and musical elements into the narrative, and convincingly argues that the film was the high point in the careers of those who worked on it.
John Hughes and Eighties Cinema: Teenage Hopes and American Dreams
Star Wars - The Bounty Hunter Code
An illustrated guide for all bounty hunters, containing the secrets of the hunt of this misunderstood profession. As well as the bounty hunter philosophy, it also includes discussions of armour and weaponry.
101 Gangster Movies You Must See Before You Die
101 Gangster Movies You Must See Before You Die brings knowledge, insight, and passion to a wealth of dirty rats, horses' heads, colorful misters, dons, molls, triads, kingpins, hoods, yakuza, low-life scum, informers, shoot-outs, hold- ups, heists, gangs, shakedowns, drug deals, getaway cars, murders, kidnappings, and car chases.
Close-Up: Great Cinematic Performances Volume 1: America
This two-volume set presents detailed interpretations of singular performances by several of the most compelling actors in cinema history. This volume focuses on American cinema, including case studies of key performances from actors like Bette Davis, Irene Dunne, Whoopi Goldberg, Cary Grant, Oscar Isaac, Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino.
Star Wars: The Best of Star Wars Insider: Volume 2
Second volume of the Star Wars Insider, featuring content previously printed in the Star Wars Insider magazine.
British Films of the 1970s
British Films of the 1970s offers highly detailed and insightful critical analysis of a range of individual films of the period. This analysis draws upon an innovative range of critical methodologies which place the film texts within a rich variety of historical contexts. -- .
Deconstruction, Feminism, Film
This book probes the feminist faultlines in Derrida's thought and generates original feminist insight into key concerns of contemporary film studies, including spectatorship, realism vs artifice, narrative, adaptation, auto/biography and the still.