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Most popular Fashion design & theory books

The most popular Fashion design & theory books currently available. Updated weekly.
Chanel: Collections and Creations
Chanel's combination of tradition, originality and style has always made it the most seductive of brands. This title reveal its private archives, a galaxy of brilliant designs created by Coco Chanel from 1920 onwards.
Tom Ford
A complete catalogue of Ford's design work for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004.
Legendary Artists and the Clothes They Wore
Profiles more than forty iconic artists in relationship to their sartorial choices via a mix of anecdotes, portraits of the subjects in their studios, art and runway imagery, and commentary by critics, designers, and the artists.
Peter Lindbergh. A Different Vision on Fashion Photography
Discover four decades of unique fashion storytelling from Peter Lindbergh. This stunning photographic collection includes more than 400 Lindbergh pictures, many previously unpublished, to showcase his seductive, cinematic aesthetics and the new narrative vision he brought to art and fashion. The images are accompanied by personal tributes from...
2019 Shoes Gallery Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar
Based on Linda O'Keefe's bestselling novel, the ever popular Shoes Gallery desk calendar features 365 days of Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos, Louboutins and more. Each loose leaf - one for every day of the year - is displayed in a sturdy yet attractive clear plastic stand making this calendar the perfect gift for any fashionista's desk or studio in 2019!
Fashion: The Definitive Visual Guide
Veiling in Fashion: Space and the Hijab in Minority Communities
Fashion Patternmaking Techniques: Women/Men How to Make Shirts, Undergarments, Dresses and Suits, Waistcoats, Men's Jackets
Clear thematic structure offering an extensive overview on the subject.
Fashion Design: A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process
Christian Louboutin
Issued with an attached, hard, folded cover over the front cover which has a pop-up illustration on its inside.
Fashion and Cultural Studies
Fashion and Cultural Studies addresses the growing interaction between the two fields. Bridging theory and practice, it draws on cultural diversity in fashion, dress and style in the context of globalization and its varied cultural-historical underpinnings.
Tokyo Street Style
In the tradition of Paris Street' Style, Tokyo Street Style showcases the renowned style of an urban fashion mecca through hundreds of vibrant street-style photographs and interviews with Tokyo's top tastemakers.
Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys
Originally published: London; Sterling, VA: Earthscan, 2008.
Becoming a Fashion Designer
"Go behind the scenes and be mentored by the best in the business to find out what it's really like, and what it takes, to become a fashion designer."--Jacket flap.
Game of Thrones: The Costumes: The Official Costume Design Book of Season 1 to Season 8
Discover the secrets behind creating the costumes for HBO's Game of Thrones in this definitive guide.
Pious Fashion: How Muslim Women Dress
Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers
Offers information on important designers from 1840 onwards. It includes couturiers, shoe, hat and knitwear specialists, costume designers, jewelers and hairdressers. It also covers the fashion media, photographers and illustrators, influential art movements, fashion terms, garment and accessory styles, and technical processes.
Lingerie Design: A Complete Course
Takes a very practical approach, showing how to design and construct lingerie, sleepwear and foundation garments. In this title, step-bystep illustrations demonstrate the basic blocks and show how to manipulate them into different styles. It also shows how to add unique and personal touches to garments and apply that luxurious finish.
Fashion Is Spinach
Fashion Patternmaking Techniques V1 Haute Couture
High fashion is the driving force behind the entire fashion and garment industry. This book introduces in its patternmaking techniques.
Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion
This illustrated guide to men's fashion introduces men to the timeless elements of fashion and personal style.
Fashion Patternmaking Techniques: Women & Men: How to Make Skirts and Trousers
This book faces the topic of patterns formally in an exhaustive presentation of all kinds of skirts and trousers.
New Luxury: Highsnobiety: Defining the Aspirational in the Age of Hype
Yves Saint Laurent
One of the most distinctive and influential designers of the second half of the twentieth century, Yves Saint Laurent takes his place in the pantheon of French couturiers, alongside Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Jeanne Lanvin. This title presents a comprehensive retrospective of his life's work.
2020 Shoes Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar
Medieval Tailor's Assistant: Common Garments 1100-1480
Suitable for both amateurs and professionals wishing to re-create the clothing of Medieval England for historical interpretation or drama. This book extends its range with details of fitting different figures and many more patterns for main garments and accessories. It includes instructions for plain garments, and patterns for experienced sewers.
Creating Couture Embellishment
Larry Legaspi
The first volume documenting the life and work of Larry Legaspi, the designer behind the iconic looks for musical acts including KISS, Labelle, George Clinton, and Parliament.
Essence: Discovering the World of Scent, Perfume and Fragrance
Celtic Stencil Designs: Pictorial Archive
Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel
Captures the style of American fashion maverick Iris Apfel who has cultivated a personal chic that is exuberantly idiosyncratic. Featuring over ninety colour plates, this work shows off a selection of her outfits on wittily posed mannequins.
Promoting Fashion
The marketing and promotion of fashion is entering a fast-moving and challenging phase. This book shows how to appeal to the consumer and communicate the brand message. Advertising campaigns, both offline and online, are discussed, together with the existing and new methods of PR and promotion.
Patterns of Fashion 3: 1560 - 1620
The third of four volumes of Patterns of Fashions written and illustrated by Janet Arnold that together form an indispensable core collection for any costume designer, for theatre film or reenactments.
Fashion as Photograph: Viewing and Reviewing Images of Fashion
Examines the production and consumption of fashion images from the points of view of industry and academia, the museum, the auction house, and the art gallery. Illustrated in black and white and colour, this book discusses issues in fashion photography and establishes a space for different ways of looking to emerge on this dynamic visual form.
Fashion Drawing, Second edition: Illustration Techniques for Fashion Designers
A guide to fashion drawing for students of fashion design. It covers men, women and children, starting with how to draw the fashion figure and continuing with garments and garment details, before teaching the reader how to render various types of fabric. It also includes details on how to draw flats as well as rendering knits, denim, and fur.
How to Set Up & Run a Fashion Label: Third Edition
Chanel (3 Volumes in Slipcase)
Self-inventor extraordinaire, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel revolutionized the lifestyle of her time by inventing a modern concept of luxury. She set her stamp on the 20th century, promoting a new feminine silhouette both sophisticated and discreet. This modern attitude of understated luxe thrives today thanks to the creative talents of Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director since 1983, who has reinvigorated the house by reinventing its famous signatures season after season., Assouline's completely updated trilogy unfolds the spirit and heritage of the house of Chanel, from Coco's revolutionary designs to Karl Lagerfeld's present innovations. This elegant slipcase set includes three Memoire volumes celebrating Mademoiselle's revolutionary style: Chanel Fashion, Chanel Jewelry, and Chanel Perfume.
Fashion: A Philosophy
Explores the myths, ideas, and history that makes up haute couture, the must-have trends over the centuries, and the very concept of fashion itself. This title explores the possible meanings encompassed by the word fashion', probing its elusive place in art, politics, and history.
Fashion Details 4,000 Drawings
This new title by best-selling author Elisabetta Drudi offers an inspirational sourcebook of the drawing techniques for fashion details which contains all what is needed to know how to make accurate technical drawings of details as collars, pleats, flounces, gathers, drapes, necklines and so on with 3,000 original fashion drawings throughout.
Vintage Details: A Fashion Sourcebook
Features a collection of over 550 beautifully photographed details from previously unseen 20th-century vintage clothing. This title is a suitable reference to vintage detailing for fashion design students and professionals.
Vivienne Westwood: An Unfashionable Life
The acclaimed biography of one of England's great eccentrics and leading fashion designers, reissued in an updated edition to coincide with a major exhibition of Westwood's work at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
PLUS+: Style Inspiration for Everyone
Beautiful Fall: Fashion, Genius and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris
'It was all about the cult of pleasure and beauty. Some lost their plumes, others lost their lives' - Anouchka, former model and Paris party girl
Fashion Portfolio: Design and Presentation
The book takes the reader through all the major steps of fashion portfolio creation. A beautiful but practical book that provides useful techniques and helps the reader get inside the mind of the designer.
Fashion Design Course: Principles, Practice and Techniques
A revised and updated edition of this essential practical foundation course in fashion design.
Fashion: The 50 Most Influential Fashion Designers in the World
A handy pocket guide to the most influential fashion designers and fashion trends from the 19th century up to the present.
Men's Garments
Men's Garments offers bases for city and sport clothing to construct an entire wardrobe of men's clothing from shirts to coats : all types of shirts, ties, vests, sweaters, city pants, jeans, jackets and coats.
High fashion for children from the Parisian brand Bonpoint
Mario Testino. SIR
Mario Testino selects his finest male portraiture from the past 30 years. As costume, gender play, photojournalism, and fashion collide, this Eden of male allure is testimony both to Testino's unfailing eye for immediacy and elegance, and to the evolution of male self-expression over the past three decades.
Manolo: The Art of Shoes
Through a playful series of alphabetical vignettes, Manolo Blahnik reveals his ideas and inspirations in newly photographed examples of shoes and whimsical drawings.