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Most popular ELT: teaching theory & methods books

The most popular ELT: teaching theory & methods books currently available. Updated weekly.
Stride Ahead: An Aid to Comprehension
Very Good condition
Teaching Tenses
Course in English Language Teaching
A completely revised and updated edition of A Course in Language Teaching.
Task-Based Language Teaching
While Designing Tasks underpins this new title, the material has been thoroughly updated and includes four new chapters.
How Second Languages are Learned: An Introduction
For students of English language, linguistics or modern languages, this introduction explores second language (L2) learning in terms of five problems facing the L2 learner: 'breaking into' the language; associating forms with meanings; learning L2 syntax; learning L2 semantics; and learning about context of use.
Curriculum Development in Language Teaching
A new edition of a successful title, which has been fully revised and updated to reflect contemporary issues in curriculum.
Key Issues in Language Teaching
A comprehensive and extensively researched overview of key issues in language teaching today.
Learning Teaching 3rd Edition Student's Book Pack
Learning Teaching is the essential guide for new teachers and is an invaluable resource for teacher training courses. It combines the basic principles of working in a language classroom with practical teaching advice, helping teachers plan and run successful activities, lessons and courses. This extended edition has been revised and restructured.
Outcomes Advanced with Access Code and Class DVD
Testing for Language Teachers
This second edition remains the most practical guide to testing language. It has a new chapter on testing young learners.
Materials Development in Language Teaching
Comprehensively revised and updated to take account of the impact of technology on the field of materials development
How to Teach Speaking
How to Teach Speaking will increase a teacher's knowledge on this crucial subject and provide ideas to take and use in class.
Teach English as a Foreign Language: Teach Yourself (New Edition): Book
Everything you need to know to teach EFL successfully
Language Curriculum Design
Combining research/theory with practice, this describes the steps involved in the language curriculum design process, elaborates and justifies these steps, and provides opportunities for practicing and applying them.
How Languages are Learned
This prize-winning, readable introduction to research in language acquisition is recommended reading for second language teachers worldwide.
Lexical Grammar: Activities for Teaching Chunks and Exploring Patterns
This title is for language teachers who are interested in the relationship between grammar and vocabulary, and who are looking for activities which focus on units of language, such as chunks and patterns.
Doing Action Research in English Language Teaching: A Guide for Practitioners
A guide to going through an action research process. It addresses: action research and how it differs from other forms of research; the steps involved in developing an action research project; ways of developing a research focus; methods of data collection; approaches to data analysis; and, making sense of action research for classroom action.
Teaching Grammar from Rules to Reasons: Practical Ideas and Advice for Working with Grammar in the Classroom
An alternative approach to teaching Grammar in the classroom.
Grammar for English Language Teachers
The book provides practical ideas for planning lessons, with clear explanations. Easy exercises encourage teachers to understand factors affecting grammatical choices, transferring that knowledge to their students. Analysis of real learner errors from the Cambridge Corpus develops teachers' ability to deal with students' common mistakes.
Exploring Language Assessment and Testing: Language in Action
Applying Linguistics in the Classroom: A Sociocultural Approach
Penny Ur's 100 Teaching Tips: Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers
Tried and tested teaching tips for language teachers.
Mapping Applied Linguistics: A Guide for Students and Practitioners
Introducing Functional Grammar
An accessible introduction to functional grammar', providing students of language and linguistics with a user-friendly overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of the systemic functional grammar model.
Grammar Practice Activities Paperback with CD-ROM: A Practical Guide for Teachers
This is a fully revised and updated version of a classic title.
Language Learning Motivation in Japan
This book synthesises current theory and research on L2 motivation in the EFL Japanese context covering topics such as the issues of cultural identity, demotivation, language communities, positive psychology, possible L2 selves and internationalisation within a key EFL context.
Doing Corpus Linguistics
Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts
How to Teach Grammar
How to Teach Grammar is a practical guide to teaching grammar, with a task file designed to make grammar less mysterious and more understandable.
Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics
This Dictionary is an essential tool for students of applied linguistics, language teaching, TEFL, and introductory courses in general linguistics and explains those difficult theoretical terms which students may encounter across these fields.
ETpedia Materials Writing: 500 Ideas for Creating English Language Materials
ETpedia Materials Writing is a complete reference guide to writing ELT materials, with 500 ideas to support and aid writers, teachers and students.
Language Assessment for Classroom Teachers: Classroom-based language assessments: why, when, what and how?
This book provides teachers with an entirely new approach to developing and using classroom-based language assessments. This approach is based on current theory and practice in the field of language assessment and on an understanding of the assessment needs of classroom teachers.
Mindset for IELTS Level 3 Teacher's Book with Class Audio: An Official Cambridge IELTS Course
MINDSET, the multi-level course from the organisation that produces the IELTS test, develops students' English skills and leaves them fully prepared for test day.
English Phonetics and Phonology Paperback with Audio CDs (2): A Practical Course
This is a complete basic course in English phonetics and phonology.
Teaching Pronunciation Paperback with Audio CDs (2): A Course Book and Reference Guide
This new edition of Teaching Pronunciation - a reference and activity book in one - has been revised to reflect recent research into the sound system of North American English, as well as new practices in pronunciation pedagogy. Audio CDs with additional examples are now packaged with the book.
Classroom Management Techniques
A complete and essential activity-based guide to ELT classroom management.
Practical Phonetics and Phonology: A Resource Book for Students
ETpedia Teenagers: 500 ideas for teaching English to teenagers
ETpedia Teenagers provides 500 ideas for teaching English to teenagers, with practical activities and insights to help you understand, motivate and support your teenage students.
Teaching Languages to Young Learners
This book will develop readers' understanding of children are being taught a foreign language.
Pragmatics for Language Educators: A Sociolinguistic Perspective
Bilingualism in Schools and Society: Language, Identity, and Policy, Second Edition
Happy Teachers Change The World: A Guide For Integrating Mindfulness In Education
Salience in Second Language Acquisition
ETpedia Grammar: 500 ideas and activities for teaching grammar
ETpedia Grammar is a one-stop resource for teaching English language grammar. It's full of practical ideas, inspiration, tips, and classroom activities.
Gold B1+ Pre-First New Edition Teacher's Book with Portal access and Teacher's Resource Disc Pack
Language Curriculum Design
Teaching and Researching: Motivation
Introducing Language and Intercultural Communication
Reading in a Second Language: Cognitive and Psycholinguistic Issues
Doing Research in Applied Linguistics: Realities, dilemmas, and solutions