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Most popular Electronic music books

The most popular Electronic music books currently available. Updated weekly.
Acid For The Children - The autobiography of Flea, the Red Hot Chili Peppers legend
Flea, the iconic bassist and co-founder, alongside Anthony Kiedis, of the immortal Red Hot Chili Peppers finally tells his fascinating origin story, complete with all the dizzying highs and the gutter lows you'd expect from an LA street rat turned world-famous rock star. With a foreword by punk rock legend, Patti Smith.
Second Summer of Love: How Dance Music Took Over the World
Second Summer of Love: How Dance Music Took Over the World
Wendy Carlos's Switched-On Bach
Grime Kids: The Inside Story of the Global Grime Takeover
An explosive insider account of grime, from subculture to international phenomenon. Perfect for fans of Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Stormzy.
Massive Attack's Blue Lines
Join The Future: Bleep Techno and the Birth of British Bass Music
`Wiley is Wiley, and if you don't know me, you don't know much.'*Winner of the NME Best Music Book Award 2018*A TIMES BOOK OF THE YEARA SUNDAY TIMES BOOK OF THE YEARA TELEGRAPH BOOK OF THE YEAR'The greatest UK MC of all time' NoiseyWiley.
All Things Remembered
Here is the memoir of an extraordinary life, an explosive story of abuse, revenge, graffiti, breakdancing, gold teeth, sawn-off shotguns, car crashes, hot yoga, absent fatherhood and redemption through reality TV - all told in Goldie's unmistakeable, charismatic voice.
Mars by 1980: The Story of Electronic Music
In Mars By 1980, David Stubbs charts the evolution of electronic music from the earliest mechanical experiments in the late nineteenth century, through to the familiar sounds of electronica, house and techno that we know today.
Inner City Pressure: The Story of Grime
A GUARDIAN, OBSERVER, PITCHFORK, NPR, METRO AND HERALD SCOTLAND BEST MUSIC BOOK OF 2018'The definitive grime biography' NME'A landmark genre history' Pitchfork
Story of Northern Soul: A Definitive History of the Dance Scene that Refuses to Die
Packed with memorabilia and anecdotes from the Twisted Wheel in Manchester to the mighty Wigan Casino, The Story of Northern Soul is the definitive history of the Northern Soul scene.
Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II
Composing Electronic Music: A New Aesthetic
Electronic music evokes new sensations, feelings, and thoughts in both composers and listeners. Composing Electronic Music outlines a new theory based on the powerful toolkit of electronic music techniques.
Synthesizer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Programming, Playing, and Recording the Ultimate Electronic Music Instrument
Electronic music instruments known as synthesizers have been around since the 1950s, but the past few decades have seen their capabilities expand exponentially and their forms shape-shift from room-filling grandeur to sophisticated applications that run on pocket-sized phones and MP3 players. This book reveals the history, basics, forms, and uses of this astonishing instrument.
Inner City Pressure: The Story of Grime
A GUARDIAN, OBSERVER, PITCHFORK, NPR, METRO AND HERALD SCOTLAND BEST MUSIC BOOK OF 2018'The definitive grime biography' NME'A landmark genre history' Pitchfork
Cybersonic Arts: Adventures in American New Music
Out of Order: The Underground Rave Scene 1997 - 2006
Daphne Oram - an Individual Note of Music, Sound and Electronics
Daphne Oram (1925-2003) was one of the central figures in the development of British experimental electronic music. Having declined a place at the Royal College of Music to become a music balancer at the BBC, she went on to become the co-founder and first director of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. In 1972, she authored her only book, 'An Individual
Speed of Sound: Breaking the Barriers between Music and Technology: A Memoir
The `engaging, emotional, funny and surprising' (JJ Abrams) memoir of the electronic music and technology pioneer Thomas Dolby
Spectrum Compendium: Archival Documentation of the Post-Industrial Underground: Spectrum Magazine Archive 1998 - 2002
In Search of a Concrete Music
Suitable for those interested in contemporary musicology or media history, this title offers translation of the author's pioneering work - at once a journal of his experiments in sound composition and a treatise on the raison d'etre of concrete music.
Refining Sound: A Practical Guide to Synthesis and Synthesizers
Refining Sound is a practical roadmap to the complexities of creating sounds on modern synthesizers. Veteran synthesizer instructor Brian K. Shepard draws on his years of experience in synthesizer pedagogy in order to peel back the often-mysterious layers of sound synthesis one-by-one.
Electronic and Experimental Music: Technology, Music, and Culture
Arduino for Musicians: A Complete Guide to Arduino and Teensy Microcontrollers
The Arduino platform provides a virtually limitless range of creative opportunities to musicians who are interested to explore new technologies. In Arduino for Musicians, Brent Edstrom provides a comprehensive guide to the underlying technologies enabling the creation of custom instruments that respond to light, touch, breath, and other forms of control.
Live Electronic Music: Composition, Performance, Study
Smile If You Dare
Synopsis coming soon.......
Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor, 1980-1983
In Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor Tim Lawrence examines the city's party, dance, music, and art culture between 1980 and 1983, tracing the rise, apex, and fall of this inventive, vibrant, and tumultuous scene.
Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture
Speed of Sound: Breaking the Barriers between Music and Technology: A Memoir
The `engaging, emotional, funny and surprising' (JJ Abrams) memoir of the electronic music and technology pioneer Thomas Dolby
Bits and Pieces: A History of Chiptunes
A style of lo-fi electronic music that emerged from the first generation of 8-bit video game hardware, chiptune thrives today in a vibrant musical subculture that repurposes obsolete gaming hardware. Bits and Pieces tells the story of chiptune in full.
Electronic Inspirations: Technologies of the Cold War Musical Avant-Garde
Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone
Digital Musician
Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound
A collection of twenty-four interviews with women in electronic music and sound cultures, including club and radio DJs, remixers, composers, improvisers, instrument builders, and performance artists.
Catch the Beat: The Best of Soul Underground 1987-90
Electronic Dance Music Grooves: House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and More!
SuperCollider Book
The essential reference to SuperCollider, a powerful, flexible, open-source, cross-platform audio programming language.
Record Players: The story of dance music told by history's greatest DJs
The Record Players includes in-depth interviews with 50 of history's most significant DJs, including Fabio, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Cool Herc, John Peel, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Shadow, Paul Oakenfold, Norman Cook, Pete Tong, Tiesto, Dreem Teem, Jeff Dexter and many more.
Babbling Corpse: Vaporwave and the Commodification of Ghosts
In the age of global capitalism, vaporwave celebrates and undermines the electronic ghosts haunting the nostalgia industry.
Understanding Video Game Music
Music is central to the experience of interacting with video games. In this book, Tim Summers explores the functions of music in video games, offers new insights into well-loved game music and provides a wide array of new tools and concepts for its analysis.
Sound Unseen: Acousmatic Sound in Theory and Practice
Sound Unseen explores the phenomenon of acousmatic sound - a sound that one hears without seeing its source-and presents a powerful argument for the central yet overlooked role of acousmatic sound in music aesthetics, sound studies, literature, philosophy and the history of the senses.
All Things Remembered
ONE OF THE GUARDIAN'S BEST BOOKS OF 2017Who better to tell the story of the gentrification of a musical genre than the man who started out as Jungle's most streetwise ambassador and went on to collect an MBE from Buckingham Palace?
David Guetta: The Songbook (Piano Voice and Guitar)
David Guetta: The Songbook is a collection of 42 hit songs from the world's biggest DJ, arranged for piano, voice and guitar for the first time in one book. This artist-approved songbook features a 4-page colour photo section and includes Number 1 hits such as Titanium, When Love Takes Over and Club Can't Handle Me.
Creativities, Technologies, and Media in Music Learning and Teaching: An Oxford Handbook of Music Education, Volume 5
Creativities, Media, and Technology in Music Learning and Teaching reviews the diverse types of creativity found within music education practice across the globe. The volume explores the transformative changes within the discipline resulting from new technologies and rapid advances in media, and the implications these have for the future.
Popular Viennese Electronic Music, 1990-2015: A Cultural History
Do You Remember House?: Queer of Color Undergrounds in Post-Soul Chicago
This book tells the full story of house music in Chicago, from its emergence to its queer remediation to its memorialization from the late '70s to the present.
Dance Music Manual
Live Wires: A History of Electronic Music
Live Wires explores how five key electronic technologies revolutionized music.