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Most popular Electronic, holographic & video art books

The most popular Electronic, holographic & video art books currently available. Updated weekly.
Art Of Anthem
Miniature Final Fantasy
Art Of Super Mario Odyssey
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Foil Note Cards
Show your Hogwart pride with this classic set of ten Hogwarts note cards, the newest addition to Insight Editions' best-selling Harry Potter stationery series! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, founded by Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin, is located in the grand Hogwarts castle. These embossed foil note cards celebrate the iconic school by showcasing its classic crest in a clean, minimal design. A perfect accessory to the beloved Harry Potter films, the Hogwarts Crest Foil Note Cards invite fans to show their love for the magical series.
Art Of Gears 5
Art Of Dauntless
Art Of Concrete Genie
Art Of Rage 2
Art Of Bravely Second: End Layer
Art Of Days Gone
Legend Of Zelda, The: Breath Of The Wild - Creating A Champion Hero's Edition
Legend Of Zelda, The: Breath Of The Wild - Creating A Champi<br>Dark Horse honors Link, the chosen hero, with the Hero's Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild--Creating a Champion.This deluxe slipcase edition features the royal blue worn by the Hylian Champion and includes the Creating a Champion art book with an exclusive cover, a map of Hyrule printed on cloth, an art print of the Champions' photo Link hangs in his Hateno home, and a beautiful glass replica of a spirit orb. Bring light back to Hyrule with the Hero's Edition!The Creating a Champion art book is the ultimate companion to the award-winning video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and includes material from its DLC packs. Witness the making of a champion!This book features:* Nearly 50 pages of sketches and official illustrations from Takumi Wada* 296 Pages of design artwork and commentary about the making of the game from creators* 55 Page historical section that divulges an in-depth history of the Hyrule of Breath of the Wild.* Interviews with key members of the development team including Hidemaro Fujibayashi, Satoru Takizawa, Takumi Wada, and Eiji AonumaMake sure to check out the other installments in this unparalleled collection of historical information on The Legend of Zelda franchise with the New York Times best selling The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts, and The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia which detail the first 30 years of this historic video game franchise<br>
Video/Art: The First Fifty Years
The curator who founded MoMA's video program recounts the artists and events that defined the medium's first 50 years
Murderous Passions: The Delirious Cinema of Jesus Franco
Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists
The new edition of an introduction to computer programming within the context of the visual arts, using the open-source programming language Processing; thoroughly updated throughout.
Art Of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Art Of Anthem Limited Edition
Creating Stylized Characters
Learn how to create vibrant character designs with the step-by-step guidance of professional artists from the illustration and animation industries.
Art Of Splatoon 2
Art Of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Limited Edition
Harry Potter: Gryffindor Foil Note Cards
Digital Filmmaking Handbook
Digital Art
Exploring themes raised by digital artworks, such as viewer interaction, artificial life and intelligence, political and social activism, this book focuses at the impact of digital techniques and media on traditional forms of art such as printing, painting, photography and sculpture.
Legend Of Zelda, The: Art & Artifacts
Million Ways to Die Hard
Super Mario Encyclopedia Limited Edition: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years
Power-Up! This limited edition comes with an embossed slipcase specially designed to look like the iconic Super Mario Question Mark Block! Inside, you'll find one of four covers--Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Star, or 1-Up Mushroom--each accentuated with shimmering holofoil! The book also includes a ribbon bookmark, printed with the original beanstalk design from Super Mario Bros., and a sky-and-cloud design printed along the pages' edge.<br> <br> Super Mario Encyclopediais jam-packed with content from all seventeen Super Mario games--from the original Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 3D World. Track the evolution of the Goomba, witness the introduction of Yoshi, and relive your favorite levels. This tome also contains an interview with producer Takashi Tezuka, tips to help you find every coin, star, sun, and mushroom--even explanations of glitches! With information on enemies, items, obstacles, and worlds from over thirty years of Mario, Super Mario Encyclopedia is the definitive resource for everything Super Mario!
Bond Girls: Body, Fashion and Gender
Art Of Metal Gear Solid I-iv
Picture Cycle
A multigenre investigation of the personal and cultural annals of memory, identity, and spectatorship, both on and off the screen.
Gwent: Art Of The Witcher Card Game
Art Of Bravely Default
PALETTE 08: Iridescent: Holographics in Design
Lost in Space: The Art of Juan Ortiz
Lost in Space<br>Juan Ortiz turns his unique eye for poster design to the classic sci-fi series Lost In Space. Each episode is lovingly reimagined as a visually striking poster, creating a one of a kind collection to accompany one of the most influential and celebrated sci-fi series of all time. Each poster has a different aesthetic, taking inspiration from 60s movie posters, comic books, pulp novel covers and blacklight posters.<br>
Art Of Splatoon
Discursive Design: Critical, Speculative, and Alternative Things
Exploring how design can be used for good-prompting self-reflection, igniting the imagination, and affecting positive social change.
Artists` Moving Image in Britain Since 1989
An in-depth study of the expanding role of the moving image in British art over the past thirty years
Always Starts with an Encounter: Wols-Eileen Quinlan
An encounter across time and space between Wols, a pioneering artist of the early twentieth century, and Eileen Quinlan, a contempory American artist.
Legend Of Zelda, The: Breath Of The Wild - Creating A Champion
This oversized hardcover is the ultimate companion to the award-winning video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and includes material from both of its DLC packs. This book features nearly fifty pages of sketches and official illustrations from Takumi Wada, two-hundred and ninety-six pages of design artwork and commentary about the making of the game from the creators, a fifty-five-page historical section that divulges the history of Hyrule as it is known in-game, and interviews with key members of the development team-Hidemaro Fujibayashi, Satoru Takizawa, Takumi Wada, and Eiji Aonuma. Witness the making of a champion! o An in-depth history of the Hyrule of Breath of the Wild. o Insights from the creators on the making of the game. o Three-hundred and fifty pages of illustrations and designs.
Pipilotti Rist: Open My Glade
Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation
Includes illustrations from several animated movies such as "Bambi", "Mulan", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Brother Bear" along with insights from the artist on how and why they were designed.
History of Video Art
100 Greatest Video Game Characters
100 Greatest Video Game Characters provides readers with an understanding of the cultural significance of these iconic personalities. Whether the reader is seeking out information on a particular character or group of characters, students, scholars, and fans alike will find this collection accessible.
Character Design Quarterly 9
Character Design Quarterly is a creative, bright, and engaging magazine for artists, animators, illustrators and character designers of all levels.
Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes
Discover the world of digital artist Lois van Baarle, a.k.a. Loish, in this high-quality collection of her most beautiful work.
After Uniqueness: A History of Film and Video Art in Circulation
A historical-conceptual perspective on the concept of "the political"
Art Of Ratchet & Clank
Britpop Cinema: From Trainspotting to This Is England
Architecture Filmmaking
Alejandro Cesarco - Song
Cinematic Challenge- Volume 2: Filming Colonia America
Practice of Light: A Genealogy of Visual Technologies from Prints to Pixels
An account of Western visual technologies since the Renaissance traces a history of the increasing control of light's intrinsic excess.