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Most popular Discourse analysis books

The most popular Discourse analysis books currently available. Updated weekly.
Rhetoric: A Very Short Introduction
Society's attitudes to rhetoric are often very negative. Here, Richard Toye provides an engaging, historically informed introduction to rhetoric, from Ancient Greece to the present day. Wide-ranging in its scope, this Very Short Introduction is the essential starting point for understanding the art of persuasion.
Thank You for Arguing: What Cicero, Shakespeare and the Simpsons Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion
Routledge International Handbook on Narrative and Life History
Discourse Analysis: An Introduction
A comprehensive, accessible introduction to discourse analysis - essential reading for students encountering the subject for the first time.
More Wordcrime: Solving Crime With Linguistics
Discourse Analysis and Austerity: Critical Studies from Economics and Linguistics
Ancient Rhetoric: From Aristotle to Philostratus
Think Again: How to Reason and Argue
What is Rhetoric?
This book offers a new unified approach to rhetoric, a means of persuading or influencing interlocutors. All the principal authors from Plato and Aristotle to contemporary theorists are integrated into Michel Meyer's 'problematological' conception of rhetoric, based on the primacy of questioning and answering in language and thought.
Introducing Multimodality
Discourses of Brexit
I'm Right and You're an Idiot: The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean it Up
This fully updated 2nd edition grapples with the desperate state of current public discourse. Through interviews and wisdom from outstanding thinkers, it shows that deliberately polluted conversations can discourage people from taking action on critical issues, and demonstrates how we can become more powerful communicators.
On Dialogue
"The text of this Routledge Great Minds edition of On Dialogue was originally published in the Routledge Classics series (2004), edited by Lee Nichol"--Page ix.
Discursive Perspectives on Education Policy and Implementation
This edited volume demonstrates some of the potential contributions of discourse analytic approaches to the study of education policy and its implementation within particular policy contexts.
Essential study guides for the future linguist.
Critical Discourse Analysis: The Critical Study of Language
Language and Power
Discourse Analysis
Quantum Language and the Migration of Scientific Concepts
How highly abstract quantum concepts were represented in language, and how these concepts were later taken up by philosophers, literary critics, and new-age gurus.
Discourse and Narrative Methods: Theoretical Departures, Analytical Strategies and Situated Writings
Looking at discourse and narrative methods in their interrelations, this book offers readers an orientation within this broad and contested area and develops concrete analytical strategies for those who wish to explore both or one of these fields.
Voices in the Media: Performing French Linguistic Otherness
Routledge Handbook of Language and Politics
Rhetorics of Empire: Languages of Colonial Conflict After 1900
An investigation of the place of imperialist rhetoric in the history of twentieth century empires. Issues examined include discourses of imperialist modernization, the language of colonial 'civilizing', and the rhetorical justifications advanced for violent colonial practices. -- .
Language of Persuasion in Politics: An Introduction
Metadiscourse in Written Genres: Uncovering Textual and Interactional Aspects of Texts
Taking metadiscourse as their starting point, the articles in this book focus both on the interactive and cross-cultural aspects of written texts in varying genres. They compare and contrast rich data from an intriguing mixture of languages to substantially advance our understanding of the communicative nature of written texts.
Self-Reflexive Journalism: A Corpus Study of Journalistic Culture and Community in the Guardian
Metadiscourse: Exploring Interaction in Writing
Rhetorics of Names and Naming
Business of Words: Wordsmiths, Linguists, and Other Language Workers
Research Methods for Classroom Discourse
Critical Discourse Analysis and Cognitive Science: New Perspectives on Immigration Discourse
This study advances a model for Critical Discourse Analysis which draws on Evolutionary Psychology and Cognitive Linguistics, applied in a critical analysis of immigration discourse. It will be of special interest to students and researchers with which to explore new perspectives in CDA.
Worlds of Written Discourse: A Genre-Based View
Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method
How to Analyse Texts: A toolkit for students of English
Grammar, Meaning, and Concepts: A Discourse-Based Approach to English Grammar
Discourse: The Basics
Discourse Analysis: The Questions Discourse Analysts Ask and How They Answer Them
International Arbitration Discourse and Practices in Asia
Introducing Discourse Analysis: From Grammar to Society
Discourse and Diversionary Justice: An Analysis of Youth Justice Conferencing
This book analyses the Youth Justice Conferencing Program in New South Wales, Australia. Exploring this form of diversionary justice from the perspectives of functional linguistics and performance studies, the authors combine close textual analysis with ethnographic research methodologies.
Linguistics of Spoken Communication in Early Modern English Writing: Exploring Bess of Hardwick's Manuscript Letters
This book uses a corpus of manuscript letters from Bess of Hardwick to investigate how linguistic features characteristic of spoken communication function within early modern epistolary prose.
Language of Literature: An Introduction to Stylistics
Essential study guides for the future linguist.
What Happened in the Twentieth Century?: Towards a Critique of Extremist Reason
"In this new volume, philosopher Peter Sloterdijk argues that we will never understand the 20th century if we focus on events or ideologies. Rather, he argues that the predominant motif of the 20th century is what Badiou called a passion for the real, which manifests itself as the will to actualize the truth directly in the here and now"--
Systematically Working with Multimodal Data: Research Methods in Multimodal Discourse Analysis
Discourse of Propaganda: Case Studies from the Persian Gulf War and the War on Terror
Using case studies from recent American military interventions, examines propaganda as an intertextual process, one in which discourse is recontextualized faithfully by multiple parties over time. Explores how messages are constructed, performed, and recontextualized in new and diverse situations.
Discourse Analysis: A Resource Book for Students
Discourse and Identity on Facebook
Lynching: Violence, Rhetoric, and American Identity
Investigates lynching as a racialized practice of civic engagement, in effect an argument against black inclusion within the changing nation. Ersula Ore scrutinizes the civic roots of lynching, the relationship between lynching and white constitutionalism, and contemporary manifestations of lynching discourse and logic today.
Popular Music and Multimodal Critical Discourse Studies: Ideology, Control and Resistance in Turkey since 2002
Writing as Punishment in Schools, Courts, and Everyday Life
Looks at many instances of writing as punishment, including forced tattooing, drunk shaming, court-ordered letters of apology, and social media shaming, with the aim of bringing understanding and recognition to the coupling of literacy and subjection.