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Most popular Dialect, slang & jargon books

The most popular Dialect, slang & jargon books currently available. Updated weekly.
Bad Words: And What They Say About Us
Snowflake, elite, expert . . . What are today's 'bad words' and what do they say about us, both as individuals and as a society?
Sounds & Furies: The Love-Hate Relationship between Women and Slang
Women as slang creators and users is perhaps the last, and very important, piece of the slang jigsaw. Women in slang is a pretty sorry story, but women and slang is an undiscovered territory, which this book explores, from fishwives and flappers to Mumsnet.
Book of Feckin' Irish Slang that's great craic for cute hoors and bowsies
The almost incomprehensible wit and wonder of Irish slang words. Can you tell your bowsies from your gougers from your gurriers? No? Well, it's time to stop acting the maggot and find out, courtesy of this invaluable reference book that's been donkey's years in the making (only coddin').
Orbs and the Attack of the Hair Spiders
Sounds Appealing: The Passionate Story of English Pronunciation
The newest volume in David Crystal's pentalogy of the English language, focusing on the subtleties of pronunciation
Rude Rhyming Slang
London Taxi Driver Slang
Feckin' Book of Irish History: for anyone who hasn't been paying attention for the last 30,000 years
Forget the boring stuff you learned in school. Here's the REAL skinny on Irish history.
Police Slang
Aal Aboot Geordie
This informative, accessible exploration of Geordie examines the origins of the dialect and its European roots. It includes a glossary of words along with features on Geordie songs, Brown Ale, Border Reivers, Geordie surnames, keelmen and local food. In addition the book examines the two main theories that explain the term Geordie.
Through the Language Glass: Why The World Looks Different In Other Languages
Does language reflect the culture of a society? Is our mother-tongue a lens through which we perceive the world? Can different languages lead their speakers to different thoughts? This title states that contrary to the fashionable academic consensus of today, the answer to all these questions is - yes.
Military Slang
Luath Scots Language Learner: An Introduction to Contemporary Spoken Scots
An updated edition of the first ever comprehensive Scots language course, including 25 graded lessons, an English to Scots vocabulary list and more.
Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs
This unique and thoroughly revised collection contains over 1,100 of the most widely used proverbs in English, drawing on the resources of the Oxford Languages team for the most up-to-date research. Lively and compelling, it is filled with favourites - old and new - with a strong emphasis on meanings of proverbs catalogued.
English Accents and Dialects: An Introduction to Social and Regional Varieties of English in the British Isles, Fifth Edition
English Accents and Dialects provides a unique introductory guide to the regional and social varieties of English spoken in the UK and Ireland.
Real McCoy and 149 other Eponyms
Encompassing eponyms from medicine, botany, invention, science, fashion, food and literature, this book uncovers the intriguing tales of discovery, mythology, innovation and infamy behind the eponyms we use every day. The perfect addition to any wordsmith's bookshelf.
Theory of the Aphorism: From Confucius to Twitter
Comparative Creole Syntax: Parallel Outlines of 18 Creole Grammars
Unfolding Of Language
'Language is mankind's greatest invention - except of course, that it was never invented.' So begins Guy Deutscher's fascinating investigation into the evolution of language.
Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics
This authoritative dictionary provides coverage across the field of linguistics, both the theoretical and the practical. In over 3,250 entries it clearly defines terms relating to phonetics, grammar, semantics, languages (spoken and written), dialects, and sociolinguistics.
Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat: Naval slang and its everyday usage
Sounds Appealing: The Passionate Story of English Pronunciation
Dread Talk: The Language of the Rastafari
In Dread Talk Velma Pollard describes the language of Rastafari, tracing its development as an expansion of Jamaican Creole while showing how it is distinct both from Creole and Standard English. She demonstrates that dread talk must be understood in ter
Introduction To American English
This work explains American English in the context of American life, history, and institutions, while also making comparisons with British English.
Language in the Inner City: Studies in the Black English Vernacular
Language in the Inner City firmly establishes African American Vernacular English not simply as slang but as a well-formed set of rules of pronunciation and grammar capable of conveying complex logic and reasoning and confirms the Black vernacular as a separate and independent dialect of English.
Longman Handy Learners Dictionary of American English New Edition Paper
This handy dictionary is for students who need quick and easy reference to American words and phrases.
Slang: A Very Short Introduction
What words qualify as slang? Should slang be acknowledged as a language in itself? And what does the digital revolution mean for the future of slang? In this Very Short Introduction, Jonathon Green addresses these questions, considering the etymology, dating, and spelling of the words that have invaded and shaped the English language.
Pidgins, Creoles and Mixed Languages: An Introduction
Musiqa al-Kalimat: Modern Standard Arabic Through Popular Songs: Intermediate to Advanced
A new approach to learning Modern Standard Arabic through the songs of Fairouz, Kazem al-Saher, and many others
Dialects at School: Educating Linguistically Diverse Students
Routledge Dictionary of Modern American Slang and Unconventional English
Language, Capitalism, Colonialism: Toward a Critical History
Heller and McElhinny reinterpret sociolinguistics for the twenty-first century with an original approach to the study of language that is situated in the political and economic contexts of colonialism and capitalism.
World Lexicon of Grammaticalization
For linguists and language teachers, as well as anthropologists, educationalists, psychologists and psycholinguists, this volume allows language experts to understand and explain why grammatical phenomena take the forms they do, and why certain linguistic structures are not restricted to English but can also be found in other languages.
Lost For Words
From Today programme presenter and national treasure John Humphrys, the bestselling cry in book form for better English and an expose of the political uses and abuses of language.
Scots: The Mither Tongue
Focusing on the contemporary Scottish culture, this book is a useful reading for those who care about their country's identity in the twenty-first century. It is a history of how the Scots have come to speak the way they do and it acted as a catalyst for radical changes in attitude towards the language.
Dirty Korean: Everyday Slang from 'What's Up?' to 'F*%# Off'
Chinese Slanguage
Speaking American: A History of English in the United States
Speaking American shows what the English language looked like from various points on the American continent at crucial points in its linguistic history.
Indonesian Slang: Colloquial Indonesian at Work
Cekidot, gan!--"Check it out Boss!" Kamu Dodol--"You're a coconut fudge!" (You're slow on the uptake) This book is an informal compendium of Indonesian expressions, including proverbs, slang, quotations and acronyms. The unique aspects of the Indonesian language offer one of the best windows into Indonesian culture. Slang, titles, prove
Language Crisis in the Ryukyus
Long denigrated as dialects of Japanese, the Ryukyuan languages are today recognized as languages in their own right. However, speakers of Ryukyuan languages have suffered from stigmatization, oppressive language policies and domination from outside the Ryukyu Archipelago. As a result, the Ryukyuan languages are now severely endangered.
Dictionary of Contemporary Slang
The fourth edition of a highly acclaimed Dictionary of Contemporary Slang this is the definitive and indispensible guide to the use of slang today
More Chinese Slanguage
Learn 101 Jerriais Verbs in 1 Day: With LearnBots
Quirky LearnBots Verbito and Verbita, buzzy robo-bees and a mischievous canine called CyberDog, present the 101 most commonly used Jerriais verbs, with each verbs's infinitive cleverly incorporated into each illustration for further reinforcement. Each verb also comes with its own unique colour coded verb table and kick-starter app!
Jamaican Word Dictionary: & Short Stories About Language
The Jamaican patois is spoken all over the world, wherever Jamaicans get together for a chat or a song. It is very much a living language, continuing to evolve, but always retaining the expressive, lively, sunshiny characters of the Jamaican people.
Victorian Dictionary of Slang & Phrase
Ware's dictionary, first published in 1909, is a treasure trove of the everyday language of the nineteenth century. Reproduced in facsimile with an introduction by John Simpson, Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, this dictionary provides a fascinating and highly entertaining witness to the colourful history of unofficial English.
Historical Dialectology in the Digital Age
Drawing on the resources created by the Institute of Historical Dialectology at the University of Edinburgh this volume illustrates how traditional methods of historical dialectology can benefit from new methods of data-collection to test out theoretical and empirical claims.
It's All Greek: Borrowed Words and their Histories
Did you know that marmalade, pirate, sketch and purse trace their linguistic origins back to the Athens of 500 bce? This book offers a word-by-word look at the influence of Greek on everyday words in English, telling the stories behind their etymological developments.
Mexican American English: Substrate Influence and the Birth of an Ethnolect
An intensive overview of Mexican American English, linking it to the speech of other immigrant groups worldwide. This study is of particular interest to students and researchers in linguistics, as it provides insight into language contact, immigrant groups' response to majority cultures, and an analysis of language-transfer effects.
Oxford Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases
This updated and revised edition is the authoritative guide to foreign words and phrases used in contemporary British and American English. Drawn from over 40 languages, the 6,000 entries detail the history of each word or phrase and provide selected quotations to clearly illustrate their use in the English language.
Mind The Gap: Ellipsis and Stylistic Variation in Spoken and Written English
Examining the "gappiness" of language technically known as ellipsis, this text provides an account of the different contexts, both linguistic and situational which affect its use.