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Most popular Choreography books

The most popular Choreography books currently available. Updated weekly.
Choreography: Creating and Developing Dance for Performance
Choreographer's Handbook
A handbook from an internationally renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher. It explains how to navigate a course through the complex process of creating dance. It provides choreographers with a manifesto and reflects on his experience of choreographic practice to allow each artist and dance-maker to find his or her own aesthetic process.
Choreutics gives a cogent account of the basis of Laban's Space Harmony.
Dance Composition Basics-2nd Edition
"Designed for beginning college-level dance composition courses and dance courses at the middle and high school levels, this textbook and its ancillaries highlight selected portions of original dance compositions by two famous choreographers"--
Through the Prism of the Senses - Mediation and New Realities of the Body in Contemporary Performance. Technology, Cognition and Emergent
Centering on contemporary synaesthetic and multimodal works, Through the Prism of the Senses examines new theory and practice in body-based arts and contemporary performance.
Chassidic Ecstasy in Music
On Choreography and Making Dance Theatre
Award-winning choreographer Mark Bruce's aim as an artist is to tap the subconscious, our hearts; transcend our everyday lives and hopefully stumble upon some truth along the way. On Choreography and Making Dance Theatre will be an invaluable artist's guide to making innovative new dance work.
Choreography and Verbatim Theatre: Dancing Words
Rudolf Nureyev: The Life
Body Stages: The Metamorphosis of Loie Fuller
Perpetual Motion
Perpetual Motion chronicles Mikhail's struggle to realise his dreams, detailing his professional training and career as a choreographer in the Soviet republics. In spite of hardship, Mikhail had the determination and talent to succeed, working with many of the foremost ballet companies in the Soviet republics, Europe and North America.
An investigation of dance and choreography that views them not only as artistic strategies but also as intrinsically theoretical and critical practices.
Boris Charmatz
Rage of Staging: Wim Vandekeybus
The first book on Wim Vandekeybus, international choreographer, and his company Ultima Vez.
Merce Cunningham: Common Time
Step by Step: An Amateur's Video Guide to Choreography
Choreography 4th Edition With Web Resource: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation
Choreography has been thoroughly updated to help students develop their skills in each step of the choreographic experience, from finding an idea to staging the performance. The text comes with a new web resource that offers video clips and supplemental learning activities.
Broadway, Balanchine, and Beyond: A Memoir
In this memoir of a roller coaster career on the New York stage, former actor and dancer Bettijane Sills offers a highly personal look at the art and practice of George Balanchine, one of ballet's greatest choreographers, and the inner workings of his world-renowned company during its golden years.
Introduction to Modern Dance Techniques