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The most popular Ceramics: artworks books currently available. Updated weekly.
Beauty of Everyday Things
Long revered as the authority on craftsmanship and Japanese aesthetics, Yanagi devoted his life and writing to defend the value of craft. In an age of feeble and ugly machine-made things, The Beauty of Everyday Things is a call to deepen relationships with the objects that surround people.
New Wave Clay: Ceramic Design, Art and Architecture
This book is a survey of eighty international ceramicists who bridge the worlds of product design, interiors, fine art, and luxury craftsmanship.
Potter's Book of Glaze Recipes
This guide provides a short introduction to glazes with basic instructions on making your own, followed by a comprehensive collection of glaze recipes, covering a wide range of temperatures and variations. The book should be of use to any potter or ceramicist.
Glaze Book: A Visual Catalogue of Decorative Ceramic Glazes
A reference for all ceramic artists and designers, packed with information and glaze recipes. Each of the glazes is reproduced pictorially so that readers can see the colour and surface responses it has to offer, and each is accompanied by a brief description, the firing range, and suggested uses.
Potter in Japan
There can be no potter in the world whose name is more widely known and respected than that of Bernard Leach. He is as famous in Japan and the East as he is in Europe and America, not only as an artist-craftsman but also as a thinker.
Workshop Guide to Ceramics
Collects the breadth and range of ceramic techniques. This title includes a guide to forming techniques, from pinch, coil, slab and wheel to mold-making, slip casting and extrusion, with sections on slip decoration, embossing and glazing, glaze recipes and applications.
It's Just Dirt!: The Historic Art Potteries of North Carolina's Seagrove Region
A history of Pottery in North Carolina's Seagrove area where more than one hundred potters craft pottery today.
Scottish Wemyss Ware 1882-1930: The George Bellamy Collection
An exclusive tour of one of the most diverse and high-quality collections of Scottish Wemyss Ware.
Ceramics from Islamic Lands
Presents a comprehensive history of ceramics from Islamic lands. This book provides a whole framework for the understanding and study of Islamic ceramics. It is of great interest to the general reader, as well as being a useful reference work for students and specialists.
Ceramics and the Human Figure
This exciting publication is a much needed addition to this field ofwork. It will feature fantastic works by important ceramic artistsworking within the realm of the human form.
A comprehensive overview of raku, covering the history, clay types and firing of raku, as well as the glazes, techniques and reduction processes. This title also looks at the development of raku, and at changes in the way it is perceived.
Statuettes of the Art Deco Period
A detailed look at the statuettes of the Art Deco period, and the artists who created them.
Ruskin Pottery: Pottery of Edward Richard Taylor and William Howson Taylor, 1898-1933
Portmeirion Pottery
Designs of Kathie Winkle for James Broadhurst and Sons Ltd.1958-1978
Firing Kilns
Understanding Greek Vases - A Guide to Terms, Styles, and Techniques
What is a pyxis? Who was the Amasis Painter? How did Greek vases get their distinctive black and orange colours? This volume offers definitions and descriptions of these and many other Greek vase shapes, painters and techniques encountered in museum exhibitions and publications.
Pattern: & the secrets of lasting design
The inside stories of Emma Bridgewater's beloved pottery and homeware designs.
Bodies of Clay: On Prehistoric Humanised Pottery
First comprehensive consideration of the role, function, social context and significance of pots shaped to mimic the human body or parts thereof among prehistoric communities
European Porcelain - In The Metropolitan Museum of Art
A beautifully illustrated book showcasing masterpieces of European porcelain from The Met's renowned collection
Imagenes de centauros en los vasos aticos de figuras negras y de figuras rojas: Siglos VIII A.C. - IV A.C.
The centaur, a hybrid being with the body of horse and a human head and torso, first appeared in the mountains of Thessaly. This book is composed of a catalogue divided into nine chapters. Each chapter comprises catalogue entries for a number of black-figure and red-figure Attic vases.
Princely Pursuit: The Malcolm D. Gutter Collection of Early Meissen Porcelain
Modelling and Sculpting the Figure
Modelling and Sculpting the Figure details the creative process for sculpting the figure, from conceptual and practical considerations to the finished work. It covers tools, methods for building armatures, and how to create realistic, abstract and expressive figures, in a variety of media. For beginners and established artists alike.
Athenian Potters and Painters Volume II
This volume presents the proceedings of the second Athenian Potters and Painters conference, which was held at the American School of Classical Studies, Athens 2007. Together with the 1994 conference (Volume I, Oxbow 1997), these are the first of their kind - focusing purely on Athenian pottery and addressing key aspects of its study.
Gabriele Koch - Hand Building and Smoke Firing
Ceramic Jewellery
This book covers all the essential information needed to make ceramic jewellery - a popular new area. It looks at sourcing or making the fittings and findings, combining your ceramic with other materials, and various potential design problems, as well as looking at the current international scene.
Autoreference Infinie: Individual, Community and History in Miquel Barcelo's Works
Ravilious and Wedgwood: The Complete Wedgwood Designs of Eric Ravilious
Patterns for Post-war Britain: The Tile Designs of Peggy Angus
Medieval Tiles
During the Middle Ages decorative floor tiles were used in abbey churches, royal palaces, parish churches and the homes of wealthy citizens. Many medieval tiles disappeared during nineteenth-century restorations but the designs lived on in the copies made by Victorian tile manufacturers. The British Museum has a collection of these tiles.
Sources of Inspiration: For Ceramics and the Applied Arts
This book contains a wealth of images - of both natural and manmade objects - that will spark the imagination of all who see them. In this book the author shows how these images can be visually abstracted and then refined and developed to create beautiful patterns and designs.
Painting Porcelain: In the Meissen Style
Learn the classic porcelain painting techniques from Meissen (Germany) that rank among the most beautiful and precious of all porcelain art. In many full-color, step-by-step illustrations, the author shows how the porcelain painter can create decorations in the Meissen manner. Especially popular are thirty-six flower motifs, the classic onion pattern, and green grapevine decorations.
Parian: Copeland's Statuary Porcelain
Offers a detailed examination of the whole topic of Parian porcelain, its origin, marketing and manufacturing process.
Motawi Tileworks
Golden Age of English Glass 1650-1775
A full and detailed discussion of the history of English glassmaking during its critical period of innovation (c.1650-1675) and its world triumph (c.1700-1775).
Potter's Book
Bernard Leach (1887-1979) is generally reckoned to be the 'father of British studio pottery. In this title, he communicates his deeply-held convictions, through an account of the standards and materials essential to English slipware, stoneware, Japanese raku and Oriental porcelain.
Italian Renaissance Maiolica
The V&A has the greatest collection of maiolica in the world. This long awaited study explores the significance of these fascinating objects in the art and social history of the Italian Renaissance.
Live Form: Women, Ceramics, and Community
Italian Maiolica and Europe: Medieval and Later Italian Pottery in the Ashmolean Museum
A book dedicated to a unique collection housed at the Ashmolean Museum, which is rated as one of the greatest in the world.
Polished to Perfection: Japanese Cloisonne
This stunning book features the finest examples of Japanese cloisonne -enameled objects that reflect the exquisite craftsmanship required of the technique as well as the Japanese cultural reverence for meticulous and exacting work.
Pottery Gardener: Flowers and Hens at the Emma Bridgewater Factory
A stunning gardening book full of inspiration, tips and advice
Iskandar Jalil: Kembara Tanah Liat (Clay Travels)
This catalogue illuminates Iskandar Jalil's enduring relationship with clay and the pivotal role he plays in expanding the practice of ceramics.
Ceramic Transfer Printing
This book is aimed at those in ceramics who wish to move into print andtransfers. Printmaking allows reproduction of bothphotographic and 'hand drawn' imagery, pattern and text onto thesurface of two and three-dimensional ceramic objects through the creation of transfers.
American Art Pottery - The Robert A. Ellison Jr. Collection
The fascinating story of the American art pottery movement told through hundreds of distinctive works
Masterpieces of French Faience: Selections from the Sidney R. Knafel Collection
Published in conjunction with Masterpieces of French Faience: Selections from the Sidney R Knafel Collection on view at The Frick Collection from October 9, 2018.
Godden's Guide to English Blue and White Porcelain
A unique new study, this is the first book on the subject for thirty years.
Ceramic Theory and Cultural Process
This book develops a theory of ceramics which elucidates the complex relationship between ceramics and culture and society. Drawing on the theoretical perspectives of systems theory, cybernetics and cultural ecology, Dr Arnold develops cross-cultural generalizations to explain the origins and evolution of the craft of pottery making.
Cornish Ware and Domestic Pottery by T.G. Green
Repairing Pottery and Porcelain: A Practical Guide
A step-by-step guide to repairing pottery and porcelain, from a simple plate to a complex figurine. It gives advice on materials to use, methods and techniques of joining, and how to disguise the join afterwards. The guide also covers how much work to do in terms of conservation and restoration.
Approaches to the Study of Attic Vases: Beazley and Pottier
Philippe Rouet examines how Attic painted vases were interpreted by Edmond Pottier (1855-1934), founder of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, and John Beazley (1885-1970), the master of attributions in the twentieth century. The comparison shows two markedly different approaches, one primarily archaeological, the other centred on the history of ancient art.