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Most popular Body art & tattooing books

The most popular Body art & tattooing books currently available. Updated weekly.
Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume I
hardback book
Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume II
Working as a prison guard in St Petersburgs notorious Kresty Prison, the author diligently recorded over 3,000 criminal tattoos, documenting their meanings within this closed society. This title explores the extremes of this collection.
Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume III
Documenting over 3,000 tattoo drawings, this title describes the motifs that represent the uncensored lives of Russian criminal classes, ranging from violence and pornography to politics and alcohol.
Inked: The World's Most Impressive, Unique and Innovative Tattoos
Inked brings you a stunning collection of the most intricate, unique and exquisite tattoos. Showcasing a range of innovative styles as well as traditional designs, and packing a punch of colour and charisma, every one of the tattoos in this book is proof that a tattoo is not just ink; it's art.
World Atlas of Tattoo
Showcases the work of the top tattoo artists around the globe.
Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition
This beautifully illustrated set of fully functional tarot cards is based on traditional tarot iconography as interpreted by MEGAMUNDEN, author of Tattoo Postcards and the best-selling Tattoo Colouring Book.
Christian Warlich: Tattoo Flash Book
The original work of Christian Warlich, Europe's preeminent tattoo artist in the first half of the 20th century, is brought back to life in a stunning new volume.
Tattoorialist: Berlin, London, New York, Tokyo, Paris
An atlas of the best tattoo artists on the planet
1000 Tattoos: The Most Creative New Designs from the World's Leading and Up-And-Coming Tattoo Artists
1000 Tattoos is the latest addition to the series that began with Universe s 1000 Football Shirts and 1000 Sneakers, offering a broad and in-depth survey of the latest trends in tattoo designs.
Tattoo Colouring Book
Packed with illustrations, this book celebrates the art of the tattoo. It includes tattoo designs that all specially drawn for the book range from traditional motifs hearts, sailors, girls, skulls, roses to more elaborate compositions with a contemporary edge.
Tattoo: An Illustrated Miscellany
A treasury of tattoo collectibles and memorabilia from private archives
Graphic Art of Tattoo Lettering: A Visual Guide to Contemporary Styles and Designs
A groundbreaking reference covering the key styles and schools in contemporary tattoo lettering. This book includes step-by-step guides to lettering design from a wide array of leading tattoo artists.
Swear Word Coloring Book: Hilarious Sweary Coloring Book for Fun and Stress Relief
Teach Yourself Henna Tattoo: Making Mehndi Art with Easy-To-Follow Instructions, Patterns, and Projects
Tattoo Dictionary
An essential A-Z guide to the secret language of tattoos.
Body Art
The latest title in Thames & Hudson's World of Art series surveys the extraordinary diversity and creativity of global body art, past and present.
Tattoos: An Illustrated History
A lavishly illustrated history of tattoos and their evolution which goes back hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
Hand Poked / No Electricity: Stick and Poke Tattoo Culture
"Sarah Lu brings you ... a love letter to stick and poke tattoo culture. Not only an artists' handbook but a resource book, a history book and a visual feast of everything single colour"--Back cover.
Painted Bodies: African Body Painting, Tattoos, and Scarification
Tattoo Street Style: London, Brighton, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, LA, Melbourne
Inspiring and captivating, Tattoo Street Style is a tribute to creativity and self-expression, a celebration of body, beauty and style, a manifesto for redefining the rules. Over four hundred original portraits capture extraordinary tattooed people from around the world, in New York, LA, Melbourne, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Brighton.
Body Art
Russian Criminal Tattoo: Police Files Volume I
Piercing Bible
Tokyo Tattoo 1970
Mammoth Book of New Tattoo Art
The best recent tattoos and paintings of the world's leading tatoo artists
Tattoo Masters Flash Collection: Part II -- Selected Styles Around the World
TTT: Tattoo
Tattoo FAQ: The Story Behind The Ink
An informative walk through the world of tattoos-the history, traditions, old and new trends, the art, culture, and more. This book covers the earliest known examples of tattoos to the more recent innovations in the field, such as ultraviolet ink, and temporary tattoos containing one's personal and financial data.
Ed Hardy: Deeper Than Skin: Art of the New Tattoo
Legendary American tattoo artist Ed Hardy s groundbreaking tattoos, flash, drawings, and artworks are gathered together for the first time in one brash book.
Film Listography
Listography for movie buffs! This guided journal features four-colour illustrations and over 70 movie-themed list topics, ranging from the classic ('List your favourite films of all time') to the loveably idiosyncratic ('List films you walked out on').
Forever: The New Tattoo
Sketchy Life
Conscious Ink: the Hidden Meaning of Tattoos: Mystical, Magical, and Transformative Art You Dare to Wear
Mehndi Designs: Traditional Henna Body Art
Japanese Tattooing Now: Memory and Transition
Today's Japanese youth continue a 300 year tradition of tattooing, proudly creating and wearing this ever changing art form. Over 350 breathtaking colour photos display a vast range of Japanese tattoos, from tradtional full-body forms repleat with classical images steeped in symbolism, and others influence by the cultures of the West.
Tattoo Chronicles
Looks at a pivotal year in the author's personal and professional life through an illustrated diary that begins in spring 2008 and ends in summer 2009. This title features the many of her sketches, photographs, images of a variety of finished tattoos and her many unusual personal collections - all shot by herself.
Black & Grey Tattoo - 3 Volume Set: From Street Art to Fine Art
Great Book of Tattoo Designs, Revised Ed
A collection of over 500 original tattoo patterns. Featuring a variety of popular subjects including floral, fantasy, Celtic, pagan, gothic, sacred, oriental and mythical, it provides any artist or individual searching for the right tattoo with an unlimited resource of designs. Each pattern can be used individually, in combination with others.
Oriental Tattoo Art: Contemporary Chinese and Japanese Tattoo Masters
Through interviews with artists and the presentation of their work, this book puts the charm of contemporary oriental tattoo art on full display. It contains an appendix with nearly 150 traditional oriental symbols and written characters with clear explanations of their unique cultural meanings for the appreciation and use of the reader.
Nail Art: Inspiring Designs by the World's Leading Technicians
Forever More: The New Tattoo
Black Tattoo Art 2: Modern Expressions of the Tribal
Ink 'N Girls
Bang Bang: My Life in Ink
Vintage Tattoo Flash: 100 Years of Traditional Tattoos from the Collection of Jonathan Shaw
London Tattoo Guide
In-depth profiles of the top 15 pioneering London studios, for residents and tattoo tourists.
Anatomical Tattoo
'The Anatomical Tattoo' is an introduction to the growing phenomenon of anatomical imagery as tattoos and highlights the best examples in the world today. Working with over 80 tattoo artists from across the globe, this book showcases this fascinating new trend by documenting more than 150 anatomical tattoos.
Vintage Tattoos: A Sourcebook for Old-School Designs and Tat
This achingly cool book explores the bold, colourful and enduringly popular tattoo designs that were perfected across two World Wars.
DIY Henna Tattoos: Learn Decorative Patterns, Draw Modern Designs and Create Everyday Body Art
The easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photo graphs in DIY Henna Tattoos make learning henna art simple and fun. Whether you want to sport something quick and simple or decorate a large area, you can easily choose how much of your skin to adorn with these stylish motifs. And because the tattoo is from henna, next month you get to try a new and different look!
Bushido: Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo
A journey through the elusive world of traditional Japanese tattooing, based largely on Takahiro's experiences as a client and student of the master Hiryoshi III. He and Katie trace bushido, the samurai code of chivalry, through the imagery and interpersonal dynamics of the veiled subculture. They i