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Most popular Blues books

The most popular Blues books currently available. Updated weekly.
Blues From Laurel Canyon: My Life as a Bluesman
John's account of his long life is both affectionate and compelling - a guided tour through more than sixty years of the music business and its stars, brought to vivid life by one of its undisputed pioneers.
Up Jumped the Devil: The Real Life of Robert Johnson
Up Jumped the Devil will astonish blues fans who thought they knew something about Robert Johnson.
Lady Sings the Blues
Blues: A Very Short Introduction
Joy Of Boogie And Blues
Bitten by the Blues: The Alligator Records Story
Tina Turner: My Love Story (Official Autobiography)
_______________________*** The full, dramatic story of one of the most remarkable women in music history, celebrating Tina Turner's 60th year in the industry ***Love's got everything to do with it.
Improvising Blues Piano
So You Want to Sing the Blues: A Guide for Performers
Eli Yamin explores those essential elements that make the blues sound authentic and guides readers of all backgrounds and levels through mastering this art form. He provides glimpses into the musical lives of the women and men who created the blues and offers concrete explanations and exercises to improve any singer's technique and expression.
Starting Blues Harmonica (Book/CD/Harmonica)
Blues Harp From Scratch (Book/CD)
Don't Worry 'Bout The Bear: From the Blues to Jazz, Rock & Roll and Black Sabbath
R. Crumb Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country
Contains three companion sets of trading cards - Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats, and Pioneers of Country Music - in book form. This work provides the biography of each musician, along with a full colour original illustration.
Joe Cocker: The Authorised Biography
But most of all it is an uplifting story of an ordinary man who lit up America like a beacon in the night, was written off as a shambolic wreck and then - against all the odds - climbed back to become an even bigger star than he was first time around.
Little Black Songbook: The Blues
John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson: The Blues Harmonica of Chicago's Bronzeville
Mitsutoshi Inaba offers the first full-length biography of this key figure in the evolution of the Chicago blues. Interviews with Sonny Boy's family members and his last harmonica student provide new insights into the character of the man as well as the techniques of the musician.
In Search Of The Blues: Black Voices, White Visions
Everyone knows the story of the Delta blues, with its fierce, raw voices and tormented drifters and deals with the devil at the crossroads at midnight. This book rewrites that story.
Beale Street Dynasty: Sex, Song, and the Struggle for the Soul of Memphis
The dramatic rise and fall of Beale Street, the legendary Memphis thoroughfare that shook American culture.
Being Elvis: A Lonely Life
The intimate yet unsparing biography of the world's first and most iconic rock star.
In 1963, in a south London hotel, Andrew Loog Oldham discovered an unknown rhythm and blues band called the Rolling Stones and became their manager and producer; 2Stoned is the remarkable record of these years, when Oldham's radical strategies transformed them into the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band That Ever Drew Breath.
Land Where Blues Began
Miles Davis: The Definitive Biography
The acclaimed classic biography, fully revised, becomes the definitive.
Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch and the British Folk and Blues Revival
The guitarists' guitarist and the songwriters' songwriter, the legendary Bert Jansch has influenced diverse stars. Born in Edinburgh in 1943, Jansch became an inspirational and pioneering figure during Britain's 'folk revival' of the 1960s. In 1967, he formed folk/jazz fusion band Pentangle with John Renbourn and enjoyed international success.
Blues Solos For Acoustic Guitar
Harmonica Play-Along Volume 10: Blues Classics
Tina Turner: My Love Story (Official Autobiography)
My Years with Townes Van Zandt: Music, Genius and Rage
Definitive Jazz & Blues Encyclopedia: New & Expanded Edition
Fully updated, tracing the evolution of jazz and blues from their nineteenth-century African-American origins right through to the present day. Key musical developments within each era are covered, as well as an A-Z of key artists; sections on Styles and Instruments also included. Written by a team of experts. Comprehensive and easy to use.
John Coltrane and the Jazz Revolution in the 1960s
Early Jazz: Its Roots and Musical Development
Escaping the Delta: Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues
This close-up look at the life and music of Robert Johnson and his contributions to the evolution of blues music describes his obscurity during his own life, his innovative influence on American popular music, and how the history of blues music was shaped and transformed by white fans with different tastes and standards.
101 Must-Know Blues Licks
Blues Guitar For Dummies
Following in the bestselling tradition of our Guitar For Dummies (more than 550,000 copies sold in two editions) and Rock Guitar For Dummies (nearly 70,000 copies sold), this accessible guide shows guitarists and would-be guitarists how to start playing the blues--;without having to read music.
Improvising Blues Guitar: An Introduction to Blues Guitar Styles, Techniques and Improvisation
It's never too late to play blues, rags & boogies
Helps pianists learn about blues, exploring different skills and techniques that are needed to play, through favorite repertoire in easy-to-play arrangements.
Hear It And Sing It] - Exploring The Blues
Delbert McClinton: One of the Fortunate Few
Today, more than sixty years after he first stepped onto a stage, Delbert McClinton shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to play sold-out concert and dance halls, theaters, and festival events across America. This book offers readers a soundtrack to some of the most pivotal moments in the history of American popular music - all backed by a cooking rhythm section.
Deep Blues
What to Listen For in Jazz
An introduction to jazz by the editor of "The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz" and "The Blackwell Guide to Recorded Jazz". A free audio CD accompanies the book.
Deep In A Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker
From his emergence in the 1950s - when an uncannily beautiful young man from Oklahoma appeared in the West Coast and became, seemingly overnight, the prince of 'cool' jazz - until his violent, drug-related death in Amsterdam in 1988, Chet Baker lived a life that has become an American myth.
Railroadin' Some: Railroads in the Early Blues
A comprehensive study of the impact of the railroads on 19th and early 20th Century African American society and the many and varied references to this phenomenon in early blues lyrics.
Guitar Play-Along Volume 49: Stevie Ray Vaughan (Book/Online Audio)
Last Swill & Testament: The Hilarious, Unexpurgated Memoirs of Paul 'Sailor' Vernon, Blues Fanatic, Rare Record Dealer, Ligger, Erstwhile Bon Viveur & Friend to the Stars
Born to shell-shocked parents in shell-shocked London shortly after the end of World War II, Paul 'Sailor' Vernon came into his own during the 1960s when spotty teenage herberts with bad haircuts began discovering The Blues. This illustrated autobiography charts the many twists and turns in his roller-coaster adventure of a life.
Blues Piano Collection
Delta Blues: The Life and Times of the Mississippi Masters Who Revolutionized American Music
"The essential history of this distinctly American genre."-Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Complete Blues And Ragtime Guitar Player
Keyboard Lesson Goldmine: 100 Blues Lessons (Book/Audio)
Can't Be Satisfied: The Life and Times of Muddy Waters
The definitive biography, by a long way, of the most influential blues musician of them all. In a nutshell: no Muddy Waters, no Rolling Stones
Ed Roscetti: Blues Drumming
100 Books Every Blues Fan Should Own