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The most popular Autobiography: literary books currently available. Updated weekly.
Boy: Tales of Childhood
As a boy, all sorts of unusual things happened to Roald Dahl. There was the time he and four school friends got their revenge on beastly Mrs Prachett in her sweet shop. There are stories of holidays in fishing boats, African adventures and the days of tasting chocolate for Cadbury's. This is Roald Dahl's autobiography.
This Really Isn't About You
A disarmingly tender, funny and honest memoir of grief, love and finding your way in life.
Fierce Bad Rabbits: The Tales Behind Children's Picture Books
Cost of Living
Killing It: A Memoir of Love, Life, Death and Dinner
A deeply personal female narrative memoir about life, love, death, and dinner, set in the world of butchery.
Face Pressed Against a Window: A Memoir
An evocative and candid memoir that charts the key moments in the life of Britain's most successful bookseller.
I Will Be Complete: A memoir
From the bestselling author of Carter Beats the Devil and Sunnyside, a shocking, big-hearted memoir about his bizarre upbringing in California in the 1970s and how he survived it.
All Things Consoled
A poignant, complex and hugely resonant memoir about the shift from being a daughter to a guardian and caregiver, by Giller Prize-winning author.
Restoration Heart: A Memoir
Restoration Heart is William Cash's 'restore-a-wreck' memoir of house and heart.
Everyday Madness: On Grief, Anger, Loss and Love
After the death of her partner of thirty-two years, Lisa Appignanesi was thrust into a state striated by rage and superstition in which sanity felt elusive. Then, too, the cultural and political moment seemed to collude with her condition: everywhere people were dislocated and angry.
Life and Times of a Very British Man
Rosie: Scenes from a Vanished Life
*The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller*Rose Tremain (or Rosie as she was then) grew up in post-war London - a city still partly in ruins, where both food and affection were fiercely rationed.
Where the Hornbeam Grows: A Journey in Search of a Garden
A stunning literary memoir about inheritance, loneliness and the healing power of gardening, about how nurturing a garden can help make a home in an unfamiliar place
Help Me!: One Woman's Quest to Find Out if Self-Help Really Can Change Her Life
The irresistibly funny and very moving story of one woman's quest to find out if self-help really can change her life.
Depression: Vintage Minis
How does a writer compose a suicide note? This was not a question that the prize-winning novelist had ever contemplated before. In this true account of his depression, he describes an illness that reduced him from a successful writer to a man arranging his own destruction.
Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces
Michael Chabon, author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Manhood for Amateurs and Moonglow, returns with a collection of heartfelt, humorous and insightful essays on the meaning of fatherhood.
Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away and Returning to Britain's Poorest Towns
`Kerry Hudson blew me away, opened my eyes...' Philippa Perry, bestselling author of The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read`Compelling, fascinating and well-written, undeniably grim but peppered with humour and tenderness' Kit de Waal
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
One of America's most important classics, the first and best loved volume of Maya Angelou's bestselling seven-volume autobiography
Village Christmas: And Other Notes on the English Year
Village Christmas: And Other Notes on the English Year (Penguin Modern Classics)
Bell Jar
I was supposed to be having the time of my life. When Esther Greenwood wins an internship on a New York fashion magazine in 1953, she is elated, believing she will finally realise her dream to become a writer.
Let's Hope for the Best
Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?
The shocking, heart-breaking - and often very funny - true story behind Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. It was Jeanette's version of the story of a terraced house in Accrington, an adopted child, and the thwarted giantess Mrs Winterson.
World of Yesterday: Memoirs of a European
Austrian writer Stefan Zweig's final work, posted to his publisher the day before his tragic death, brings the destruction of a war-torn Europe vividly to rise.
Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing
Readers already familiar with Caro's work, meanwhile, will be thrilled at the revelations on offer, including how he discovered the fiercely guarded secrets of his subjects, how he constructed the pivotal scenes in his books and the fullest description yet of his forthcoming final volume of The Years of Lyndon Johnson.
On Leopard Rock: A Life of Adventures
Constellations: Reflections From Life
An extraordinarily intimate book of essays that chart the experiences that have made Sinead Gleeson the woman and the writer she is today, for readers of The Last Act of Love and I Am, I Am, I Am.
Translation as Transhumance
A humanist meditation on the art of translation that also serves as a fascinating account of wartime danger, hospitality and human kinship.
Year of Magical Thinking
From one of America's iconic writers, a portrait of a marriage and a life - in good times and bad - that will speak to anyone who has ever loved a husband or wife or child. A stunning book of electric honesty and passion.
Passage of Love
An extraordinarily vivid novel about a marriage and a husband's insatiable need to create.
Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me
By telling the stories of some of the kids she's taught, as well as her own, Kate Clanchy (MBE) offers a candid, funny and moving insight into life in British state schools today.
WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY BENJAMIN MARKOVITSIn 1845 Thoreau, a Harvard-educated 28-year-old, went to live by himself in the woods in Massachusetts.
Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices
The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices is a charming evocation of the adventures Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins experienced on a walking tour of the north-west of England.
Small Memories
A delightful insight into the formation of an artist who would become one of the world's most respected writers. Written with characteristic wit and honesty, Small Memories traces the formation of an artist always fascinated by language and who emerged, against all odds, as one of the world's most respected writers.
My Mother, The Bearded Lady: The Selected Letters of Miles Kington
A collection of letters spanning the life and career of one of our best-loved humorists, Punch columnist Miles Kington
London Lover: My Weekend that Lasted Thirty Years
Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah: The Autobiography
The stunning autobiography of the poet, writer, lyricist and activist, Benjamin Zephaniah.
This Really Isn't About You
A disarmingly tender, funny and honest memoir of grief, illness and finding your way in life.
Invisible Writing
The second volume of the remarkable autobiography of Arthur Koestler, author of Darkness at Noon. The Invisible Writing picks up where the first volume, Arrow in the Blue, ended, with Koestler joining the Communist Party. This book tells of Koestler's travels through Russia and remote parts of Soviet Central Asia and of his life as an exile.
Boy and Going Solo
Roald Dahl wasn't always a writer. Once he was just a schoolboy. Have you ever wondered what he was like growing up? This is his autobiography.
Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation
Aftermath chronicles this perilous journey as the author redefines herself as a single woman and creates a new version of family life for her daughters.
Son of Mine
Son of Mine is a compelling account of unknown heritage, of life gifts and losses, and the reclamations of parenting. It is dramatic, poignant and uplifting. But above all, it is a memoir of shock, discovery and reconciliation, all delivered in exquisite prose.
Singin' & Swingin' and Gettin' Merry Like Christmas
* The third title in Maya Angelou's bestselling five-volume autobiography is reissued with a new look to coincide with the publication of her new book
Patrick Melrose Volume 1: Never Mind, Bad News and Some Hope
Patrick Melrose Volume 1 is a story of abuse, addiction and recovery. It introduces a character like no other, on a journey to the furthest limits of human experience.
Family Business
84 Charing Cross Road
A timeless classic that should be on every book-lover's 'must read' list. First published in 1971, 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD has never been out of print.
From the renowned artist and author Patti Smith, a rare and generous look into the creative process
On Leopard Rock: A Life of Adventures
Life of My Own
Help Me!: One Woman's Quest to Find Out if Self-Help Really Can Change Her Life
The irresistibly funny and very moving story of one woman's quest to find out if self-help really can change her life.