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Most popular Art & design styles: Surrealism & Dada books

The most popular Art & design styles: Surrealism & Dada books currently available. Updated weekly.
Surreal Life of Leonora Carrington
A personal biography of Leonora Carrington, the debutante who ran away to Mexico and became one of the world's most significant surrealist artists.
In Montparnasse: The Emergence of Surrealism in Paris, from Duchamp to Dali
From soft watches to burning giraffes, this book celebrates the fantastical world and flamboyant personality of Salvador Dali, one of the most visionary and prolific artists of the 20th century. In equal parts provoking, eccentric, and technically skilled, Dali's provocative work, and his controversial persona, revolutionized the concept of the...
Frida Kahlo Wall Calendar 2020 (Art Calendar)
Now regarded as a feminist and LGBT icon, as well as a key artist during the twentieth century, this calendar celebrates Frida Kahlo's life with beautiful portraits alongside her famous quotes about life and art. Informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next months views.
Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art
A survey of the life and work of Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington (born 1917). It provides an overview of this intriguing artist's rich body of work. It considers Carrington's preoccupation with alchemy and the occult, and explores the influence of indigenous Mexican culture and beliefs on her production.
Dali. Les diners de Gala
Ever heard of surrealist fine dining? This must-have reprint of Les diners de Gala reveals the exotic flavors and elaborate imaginings behind the legendary dinner parties of Salvador and Gala Dali. With recipes from such leading Paris restaurants as La Tour d'Argent and Maxim's, a special section on aphrodisia, and bespoke illustrations from...
Dada: Art and Anti-Art
As a member of the first Dada group in Zurich during the First World War, the author was in a unique position to tell its history. In this book, he draws together not only important historical documents but the testimonies of friends, such as Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst and Raoul Hausmann.
This is Magritte
Belgian artist Rene Magritte's life is infused with bizarre moments: a surreal journey oscillating between fact and fiction that he always conducted as the straight-faced bowler-hatted man. He would shape his own life story to be its own surreal work of art. This book tells his story.
Age of Light
Model. Muse. Lover. Artist. This sweeping debut novel is based on the true story of Lee Miller's journey to become an artist and her lover affair with Man Ray in bohemian 1930s Paris.
Meet the Belgian Surrealist forever on the hunt for magic and mystery. This introduction to Magritte presents key works from the artist's vast repertoire of visual humor, paradox, and surprise which makes us look and look again, not only at the painting, but at our sense of self and the world.
Small, smart, essential - an incisive overview of Surrealism, introducing the movement's key artists and capturing its essential and enduring concepts.
Manifestoes of Surrealism
Presents the essential ideas of the founder of French surrealism
Lives of the Surrealists
Life histories of the Surrealists, known and unknown, by one of the last surviving members of the movement--artist and best-selling author Desmond Morris
Chasm: A Weekend
Chasm is the only novel by Dorothea Tanning, the famed surrealist artist, and was published when she was 93 years old.
Dada Bodies: Between Battlefield and Fairground
A comprehensive study of Dada's images of the body in various media and geographical centres. Mask or machine-part, grotesque or iconoclastic, the bodily image is confronted as both a reflection of and on the disjunctive, dehumanised society of wartime and post-war Europe, and a blueprint of the New Man. -- .
Dali. The Paintings
An essential overview of Salvador Dali's mind-melting ideas and seismic art historical impact, this compact publication reviews the master of Surrealism's complete paintings, supplemented with sketches and ephemera. Presented by Robert Descharnes and Gilles Neret, many of these works have rarely been seen before but epitomize Dali's depictions...
A concise and gripping encounter with Francis Bacon, one of the most individual, powerful, and disturbing painters of the 20th century. Emerging into notoriety in the period following World War II, Bacon developed a unique figurative form, distorted, dismembered, and writhing with intense emotional content.
After an initially guarded response from the critics, the work was rapidly reevaluated and won the Olivier Award for Best New Play the following year. Set in London and Venice the play has an innovative chronology that opens at the end of an affair and works its way backwards over nine years, from 1977 to 1968.
Dada and Surrealist Film
This groundbreaking collection of thirteen original essays analyzes connections between film and two highly influential twentieth-century movements.
Surrealism is an art movement, dedicated to expressing the imagination as revealed in dreams, free of the conscious control of reason and convention. Surrealism inherited its anti-rationalist sensibility from Dada, but was lighter in spirit than that movement. Like Dada, it was shaped by theories on our perception of reality.
Biographic: Kahlo: Great Lives in Graphic Form
Biographic: Kahlo casts a modern eye over her life and work, with an array of irresistible facts and figures converted into infographics to reveal the artist behind the pictures.
Salvador Dali at Home
Salvador Dali at Home explores the profound influence of Catalan culture and tradition, Dali's home life and loves, and the places he lived on his extraordinary creative output.
Haunted Bauhaus: Occult Spirituality, Gender Fluidity, Queer Identities, and Radical Politics
An investigation of the irrational and the unconventional currents swirling behind the Bauhaus's signature sleek surfaces and austere structures.
When is a urinal no longer a urinal? When Marcel Duchamp declared it to be art. From his infamous Fountain to reworked Mona Lisa with mustache and beard, this essential introduction to Duchamp surveys his audacious practice of "readymades" and beyond and its critical place in 20th-century art.
Duchamp Dictionary
Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) has entered mainstream culture as one of the founding fathers of modern art. This book explores the artist's life and work. It features more than 200 entries on the interesting and important artworks, relationships, people and ideas in Duchamp's life.
Dora Maar
An exquisite volume on the beautiful, talented, and mysterious Dora Maar, showcasing her Surrealist photography, her life with Pablo Picasso, and her friendships with Surrealists in 1930s Paris.
Surrealism & the Occult
Leonora Carrington and the International Avant-Garde
The first comprehensive examination of Leonora Carrington (1917-2011), a major twentieth-century writer and multi-media artist. It offers an interdisciplinary exploration of the intellectual, literary, and artistic currents that animate her relationships with avant-garde movements throughout the Western Hemisphere. -- .
Russian Dada 1914-1924
A lavishly illustrated volume that views Russian avant-garde art through the lens of Dada.
Fictions of Arthur Cravan: Poetry, Boxing and Revolution
The first comprehensive English-language account and critical reading of the legendary poet and boxer Arthur Cravan, a fleeting figure on the periphery of early twentieth-century European avant-gardism. -- .
Semaine de Bonte: A Surrealistic Novel in Collage
Max Ernst and Alchemy: A Magician in Search of Myth
Surrealist artist Max Ernst defined collage as the 'alchemy of the visual image'. This book demonstrates that the artist had a profound and abiding interest in alchemical philosophy and often used alchemical symbolism in works created throughout his career. It helps you understand a multilayered complexity of Ernst's works.
Salvador Dali: Coloring Book
An activity book that allows young artists to explore the crazy world of Salvador Dali. It offers plenty of space to colour outside the lines, and is also designed to give children an early interest in some of the great masters. It includes sections of Dali's masterpieces to inspire children's creativity, whatever their age.
Rejecting society's standards and burrowing into deepest desires, Surrealism sought to attain a whole new realm of both art and experience. This introduction covers the key players and practices of one of the most influential and all-encompassing movements of the 20th century.
Surrealism Reader:An Anthology of Ideas: An Anthology of Ideas
Surrealism is one of the most influential cultural movements of the twentieth century. While its contribution to the art and literature of the century is well known, its relation to the development of intellectual ideas has only recently become a matter of serious investigation. twentieth century.
Surreal Life of Leonora Carrington
A personal biography of Leonora Carrington, the debutante who ran away to Mexico and became one of the world's most significant surrealist artists.
Down Below
Dimensionism: Modern Art in the Age of Einstein
The first book to document how artists of the early twentieth century responded to new scientific conceptions of reality.
Monsters and Myths: Surrealism and War in the 1930s and 1940s
This revelatory survey of Surrealist masterworks of the 1930s and 1940s by artists such as Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Max Ernst, and Andre Masson presents the movement through a new and timely lens--that of war, violence, and exile.
Kant after Duchamp
A collection of essays around a central thesis with implications for the history of the avant-gardes. The author observes that Duchamp caused a shift in aesthetic judgement, replacing "this is beautiful" with "this is art" and offers a re-reading of Kant's "Critique of Judgement" revealing links.
What is Surrealism?: Selected Writings
Book Of Surrealist Games, A
Surrealist Women: An International Anthology
Beginning in Paris in the 1920s, women poets, essayists, painters, and artists in other media have actively collaborated in defining and refining surrealism's basic project - achieving a higher, open, and dynamic consciousness. This anthology displays the range and significance of women's contributions to surrealism.
Dali's Mustache
This Is Not a Pipe
What does it mean to write "This is not a pipe" across a bluntly literal painting of a pipe? By exploring the nuances and ambiguities of Magritte's visual critique of language, the author finds the painter less removed than previously thought from the pioneers of modern abstraction.
Revolution of the Mind: The Life of Andre Breton
Life and Masterworks of Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali: The Late Work
Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was one of the most famous and controversial artists of the twentieth century. This title focuses on Dali's work after 1940, presenting it as a multifaceted oeuvre that simultaneously drew inspiration from the Old Masters and the contemporary world.
Surrealism: 50 Works of Art You Should Know
This accessible book on the Surrealist art movement features paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, film stills, and architecture, displaying the enormous breadth and variety of Surrealism.