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The most popular Art & design styles: Pop art books currently available. Updated weekly.
David Hockney's Dog Days
Suitable for David Hockney fans and dog lovers everywhere, this book deals with two of the artist's closest friends, his dachshunds Stanley and Boodgie. It includes Hockney's paintings and drawings of his two companions, dozens of illustrations, and a text by the artist himself.
Yorkshire Sketchbook
The author has returned to England to paint the landscape of his childhood in East Yorkshire. Executed in watercolour and ink, this title features panoramic scenes that have the spatial complexity of finished paintings - the broad sweep of sky or road, the patchwork tapestry of land - yet convey the immediacy of the author's impressions.
Peter Blake's ABC
Pop artist Peter Blake has an eye for the quirky and the overlooked. As well as being known as a painter, Blake is renowned for his works on paper and as a leading exponent of collage. This work displays the strong graphic sensibility and the love of popular culture for which the artist has long been renowned.
Becoming Andy Warhol
An original graphic novel biography of Andy Warhol, the cultural icon and Pop-art legend
Jeff Koons: At the Ashmolean
Jeff Koons is one the most famous, important, subversise and expensive artists in the world. Here he curates a range of works from his entire career, many having never been shown in the UK.
Discover the artist who put soup cans in MoMA and movie stars in the Met. This introduction to Andy Warhol presents his prolific and radical oeuvre and its relentless interrogation of consumerism, materialism, and the role of the artist. The title includes more than 100 images of Warhol's work in top-quality reproductions that retain all of the...
Lichtenstein Posters
Roy Lichtenstein's masterful Pop Art posters from 1962 to 1997 are showcased in this collection of 68 full-colour reproductions.
Warhol on Basquiat. Andy Warhol's Words and Pictures
Produced in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation and Jean-Michel Basquiat's estate, this book explores the artists' complex personal and professional relationship through hundreds of never-before-published photographs of Basquiat by Warhol, excerpts from the legendary Andy Warhol Diaries, rarely seen archival material and examples of...
Jim Dine: Tools
Peter Blake: Design
Celebrates the brilliant creative talent of the acclaimed British artist Peter Blake.
Pop Art
Peaking in the 1960s, Pop Art began as a revolt against mainstream approaches to art and culture and evolved into a wholesale interrogation of modern society, consumerism, the role of the artist, and of what constituted an artwork. Epitomized by Warhol's Campbell's soup cans, Pop Art drew on mass-market sources and products as well as the banal...
Andy Warhol Banana Tote Bag
The Andy Warhol Foundation Banana Tote Bag features Warhol's iconic yellow banana image and signature on one side and stylish thin black sailor stripes on the other side
Philosophy of Andy Warhol
Published in 1975, this autobiography of private Andy Warhol talks about love, sex, food, beauty, fame, work, money, success; about New York and America; and about himself - his childhood in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, good times and bad times in the Big Apple, the explosion of his career in the Sixties, and life among celebrities.
Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol
A landmark graphic biography of the king of Pop Art: Andy Warhol
I Want to Be A Machine: Andy Warhol and Eduardo Paolozzi
Fascinating compare-and-contrast examination of Eduardo Paolozzi and Andy Warhol and their fascination with the machine in their art. A great introduction to the work of both artists.
Mod Art
Examining and illustrating the art scene surrounding the birth of modernism and its simultaneous rise among the burgeoning working class Mod scene of the Sixties, Paul Anderson's Mod Art is the definitive work on the visual culture of Mod.
Andy Warhol Diaries Edited by Pat Hackett
Andy Warhol kept these diaries faithfully from November 1976 right up to his final week, in February 1987. With appearances from and references to everyone who was anyone, from Jim Morrison, Martina Navratilova and Calvin Klein to Muhammad Ali, these diaries are the most glamorous, witty and revealing writings of the twentieth century.
Lichtenstein Posters
Now available as a paperback edition, this collection of sixty-eight full-color reproductions focuses solely on Roy Lichtenstein's masterful Pop Art posters dating from 1960 to 1997.
Roy Lichtenstein's ABC
One of the founders of pop art, the author is best known for largescale renditions of comic-strip art, and for fusing comicbook techniques with high art in his appropriations of such artists as Picasso and Mondrian. In this title, the author's unique style celebrates the ABC, with results that are surprising, delightful and amusing.
Pop Art: Create Your Own Striking Wall Art
Thomas Bohler shows you how achieve this fantastic art style. Pop Art prints are characteristically bold and colourful, lending themselves to reproduction and making them perfect for beginners.
Andy Warhol-From A to B and Back Again
A unique 360-degree view of an incomparable 20th-century American artist
Pop Art (Movements Mod Art)
Mass culture, popular taste and kitsch, previously considered outside the limits of fine art, were the inspiration and provocative themes of pop art. This book is intended as an accessible introduction to the pop art movement.
Re-make/Re-model: Art, Pop, Fashion and the making of Roxy Music, 1953-1972
Written with the assistance, of those involved, including Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera, this book gives an account of how pop art, the avant garde underground of the 1960s, and the heady slipstream of London in the sixties was transformed into the fashion cults of revivalism, nostalgia and pop futurism in the early 1970s.
Kitaj Prints: A Catalogue Raisonne
Tate Introductions: Andy Warhol
Tate Introductions: Andy Warhol is part of the popular series that offers a concise introduction and pictorial overview of the greatest modern artists and artistic movements.
Lichtenstein Expressionism
Accompanying catalogue of an exhibition at Gagosian Gallery, Paris.
Pop! The World of Pop Art
Guiding the reader through the work of some of the most well-known practitioners, such as Warhol and Lichtenstein, this compelling book also travels the world to examine how Pop art influenced artists as far afield as Italy, Spain, Finland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
Pop Trash
From trash to treasure, Jason Mecier's amazing celebrity portraits made from trash, candy, and other items are a visual treat for pop culture and pop art fans alike.
Sadistic Magician Jim Mahfood Sketchbook Volume 1
Collects the best of artist Jim Mahfood's eclectic sketchbook archives from the last 5 years. This sketchbook/art book offers a unique look at process, trial and error, problem solving, and eventual victory over the odds and a glorious celebration of visual mayhem.
Fink on Warhol: New York Photographs of the 1960s by Larry Fink
America was in the Throes of a certain revolution, that revolution comprised of Civil Rights, anti-war, and anti-establishment. Andy Warhol's significance was that he took what were iconic commercial objects and made them into clever art. This book features pictures of Warhol and his tribe that were taken within a time frame of four or five days.
This monograph contains a wide-ranging interview with the painter R.B. Kitaj - part of the Pop art generation which included David Hockney, Allen Jones and Patrick Caufield - a selection of 60 of his finest paintings, drawings and prints and unpublished documentary images from his personal archive.
Pop Art
An introduction to the great masters of the Pop Art movement.
ON&BY Andy Warhol
The third in the unique series of anthologies which aims to collect important key writings by and on the most significant artists in contemporary culture. The definitive resource of Warhol in his own words, and in the words of others.
James Rosenquist
Roy Lichtenstein
Part of the "MoMA Artist Series", this book explores the works of Roy Lichtenstein. It features works which are accompanied by a short essay that places the work in its historical moment in the development of modern art and the artists own life.
Pop Art: 50 Works of Art You Should Know
The most important and best-loved artists of the Pop Art movement are gathered in this accessible book of painting, photography, film stills and sculpture.
Pop Art
Thorough survey of the Pop phenomenon of the 1960s and beyond.
Andy Warhol Drawings
This whimsical collection of Warhol's early drawings reveals the visual musings of the man before he became the legend. The relatively unknown experiments in commercial illustration collected here were created between 1950 and 1960, pre-dating his more famous paintings and prints.
Andy Warhol: Phaidon Focus
The perfect introduction to the life and work of Andy Warhol.
This is Warhol
Andy Warhol, the iconic Pop artist, presented himself as the vacuous, dumb kid, famously saying, 'If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintingsand there I am. This book penetrates the surface and explores Warhols art from his beginnings as a commercial artist to his apotheosis as a society portrait painter.
Martin Sharp: His Life and Times
The life of the charismatic, unconventional, unique and surprising Martin Sharp - pop artist and joint founder of the underground magazine Oz
Long March of Pop: Art, Music, and Design, 1930-1995
An original and insightful new history of Pop Art from one of the most important art historians of our time
Andy Warhol: The LIFE (R) Years 1949 - 1959
In 2011 a sensational find came to light in Andy Warhol's estate: an extensive collection of drawings that provides impressive evidence of Warhol's artistic talents. He used iconic photographs and magazine illustrations, many of which were taken from LIFE magazine, as inspiration. This publication explores these sources and presents them in juxtaposition.
Ed Ruscha and the Great American West
The renowned artist Ed Ruscha was born in Nebraska, and worked in Southern California since the late 1950s. The everyday landscapes of the West, are the primary motifs of his often deadpan and instantly recognizable paintings and works on paper. This book offers a full exploration of the painter's fascination with the evolving American West.
Pop Art: A Colourful History
Pop Art is the most important 20th-century art movement. It brought Modernism to the masses, making art sexy and fun with coke cans and comics. Describing the great works by Warhol, Lichtenstein and other key figures, the author also re-examines the movement for the 21st century and asks if it is still art?
Becoming Andy Warhol
An original graphic novel biography about Andy Warhol, the cultural icon and pop-art legend
Pop Art
Less a distinct style than the concrete expression of being in a particular era, Pop art is regarded as one of the most influential movements in modern art. From Lichtenstein's comic book aesthetics to Allen Jones's much-contested female figure furniture, this overview examines the origins, pioneers, and stand-out pieces of a movement which...
Art of Brutalism: Rescuing Hope from Catastrophe in 1950s Britain
Eduardo Paolozzi
A seminal new publication on one of Britain's most original and influential post-war artists, marking a major retrospective.
Dream Colony: A Life in Art