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The most popular Art & design styles: Conceptual art books currently available. Updated weekly.
Performance in Contemporary Art
A brand new history of contemporary performance and its crucial role in contemporary art, written by one of the world's leading curators and writers on performance art.
Michael Craig-Martin: Present Sense
A selection of Michael Craig-Martin's paintings, prints and sculptures, with an interview.
Lives of the Artists, Lives of the Architects
Bas Jan Ader: Death is Elsewhere
On July 9, 1975, artist Bas Jan Ader set sail from Chatham, Massachusetts, for Palmouth, England, on the second leg of a three-part piece titled In Search of the Miraculous. He was never seen again. This book features biography, theoretical reflection, and archival research to draw a detailed picture of the world in which Aders' work.
Things from the Flood
Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object from 1966 to 1972
This work documents the network of ideas that has been labelled conceptual art. Including texts by and taped discussions among and with the artists involved, the book is arranged as an annotated chronology.
Chris Burden
Chris Burden is a seminal figure in contemporary art. A monograph on Burden, this book gives an overview of his art, illuminated by searching texts by some of the most important curators and writers on art and supported by a catalogue. Its thematic arrangement reveals the conceptual relationships between works produced in differing mediums.
Contemporary Art: A Very Short Introduction
What is 'contemporary' about contemporary art? Who is really running the art world? This controversial and witty exploration of the dramatic changes that have taken place in the art world since the fall of the Berlin Wall provides a critical look at the reasons for the current art boom, and reveals the politics behind the business.
Gabi Veit: Creatura | Geschoepf
Spoons - the most elementary cultural object worldwide - transformed into art as Gabi Veit explores the possibilities of design. Text in English, German and Italian.
Alejandro Cesarco - Song
Duchamp Dictionary
Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) has entered mainstream culture as one of the founding fathers of modern art. This book explores the artist's life and work. It features more than 200 entries on the interesting and important artworks, relationships, people and ideas in Duchamp's life.
Louise Bourgeois: I Have Been to Hell and Back
Dauntless, psychological, feminist-the substantial oeuvre of Louise Bourgeois
Daniel Arsham
The first comprehensive monograph on artist Daniel Arsham s genre-bending world.
Sophie Calle: My All
Chinese Surplus: Biopolitical Aesthetics and the Medically Commodified Body
Ari Larissa Heinrich examines transnational Chinese aesthetic production-from the earliest appearance of Frankenstein in China to the more recent phenomenon of "cadaver art"- to demonstrate how representations of the medically commodified body can illuminate the effects of biopolitical violence and postcolonialism in contemporary life.
Word is Art
A fascinating overview of how contemporary artists incorporate text and language into work that speaks to some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century.
Katurran Odyssey: An Epic Adventure of Courage, Discovery, and Hope
Short Stories: London in Two-and-a-half Dimensions
Art & Language International: Conceptual Art between Art Worlds
Robert Bailey reconstructs the history of conceptual art collective Art & Language to show how its international collaborations with dozens of artists and critics between 1969 and 1977 laid the foundation for global contemporary art, all while highlighting how conceptual art exceeds the visual to impact the philosophical and political.
Tales from the Loop
Inkworks: Darren Quach Sketchbook Vol. 01
Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art
Postscript is the first collection of writings on the subject of conceptual writing by a diverse field of scholars in the realms of art, literature, media, as well as the artists themselves
Mel Bochner Voices
Rick Myers: A Bullet for Bu uel: Fragments of a Failed Bullet
Conceptual Art: A Critical Anthology
This landmark anthology collects for the first time the key historical documents that helped give definition and purpose to the conceptual art movement.
Olafur Eliasson
A study of the artist and his poetic explorations of science and perception.
Unconcealed: The International Network of Conceptual Artists 1967-77 - Dealers, Exhibitions and Public Collections
World of Gilbert & George: The Story Board
Takes the reader on a picaresque voyage through the artists' world - a world of extremes, taking in the beauty of nature and the urban landscape, sex and eroticism, religion and spirituality, drunkenness and degradation, fear and human aggression, raucous humour and poetry.
Taxidermy Art: A Rogue's Guide to the Work, the Culture, and How to Do It Yourself
From home-goods stores to hip bars, the Tate Modern to the most conservative decor magazine, taxidermy is everywhere these days. In this collection of rogue taxidermy, you will find a monkey with a fez and a martini glass, a jewel-encrusted piglet, a bionic fawn, and a polar bear floating balancing refrigerator.
Transition in Post-Soviet Art: The Collective Actions Group Before and After 1989
This volume presents the evolution of the Moscow-based conceptual artist group called Collective Actions, proposing it as a case-study for understanding the transformations that took place in Eastern European art after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Mike Kelley: 99.9998% Remaining
Abdulnasser Gharem- Art of Survival
Abdulnasser Gharem stands apart in so many ways. He is a soldier and an artist. He is widely regarded as a pioneer in the region for his firebrand intellectual courage and innovative use of materials. This monograph tells the story of one of Saudi Arabia's most talked about contemporary artists.
Cindy Sherman: Phaidon Focus
The perfect introduction to the life and work of Cindy Sherman.
Corporate Imaginations: Fluxus Strategies for Living
Glenn Ligon: Encounters and Collisions
Conceptual Art in Britain, 1964 1979
This publication explores the history of conceptual art in Britain during its most exciting and innovative period, from the mid 1960s, to the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979.
Woosh: Spaceship Sketches from the Couch
Featuring Michael Craig-Martin's characteristic outline drawings from earlier points in his career to those conceived in recent months, this book is the definitive companion to the preferred medium of one of our most significant living artists.
Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art
How artists' magazines, in all their ephemerality, materiality, and temporary intensity, challenged mainstream art criticism and the gallery system.
David Shrigley: Animals
Michael Craig-Martin: Transience
Animals Real and Imagined: Fantasy of What is and What Might be
Daniel Buren Underground
Allan Wexler: Absurd Thinking-Between Art and Design
This book features projects, developed during the artist Allan Wexler s forty-year career, which mediate the gap between fine and applied art using the mediums of architecture, sculpture, photography, painting, and drawing."
Principles of Creature Design: Creating Imaginary Animals
Image and Text in Conceptual Art: Critical Operations in Context
This book examines the use of image and text juxtapositions in conceptual art as a strategy for challenging several ideological and institutional demands placed on art. In particular, it asks: How has the presence of language in a visual art context changed the ways art is talked about, theorised and produced?
Allan Kaprow and Claes Oldenburg: Art, Happenings, and Cultural Politics
Synthetic Proposition: Conceptualism and the Political Referent in Contemporary Art
Traces two intersecting trajectories in American art. It shows how rights-based 1960s politics and the identity politics of the 1970s influenced the development of Conceptual art (with a capital 'C') into the diverse set of practices generally characterised as conceptualist (with a lower-case 'c'). -- .
David Hammons: Bliz-aard Ball Sale
Drawing on unpublished documents and oral histories, an illustrated examination of an iconic artwork of an artist who has made a lifework of tactical evasion.
Epilogue: Illustration and Concept Art of the Middle East