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Most popular Art & design styles: Arts & Crafts style books

The most popular Art & design styles: Arts & Crafts style books currently available. Updated weekly.
Beauty of Everyday Things
Long revered as the authority on craftsmanship and Japanese aesthetics, Yanagi devoted his life and writing to defend the value of craft. In an age of feeble and ugly machine-made things, The Beauty of Everyday Things is a call to deepen relationships with the objects that surround people.
William Morris: Artist Craftsman Pioneer
William Morris was an outstanding character of many talents, being an architect, writer, social campaigner, artist and, with his Kelmscott Press, an important figure of the Arts and Crafts movement. This book offers a survey of his life and work alongside some of his finest decorative work.
Carl Larsson's Home, Family and Farm: Paintings from the Swedish Arts and Crafts Movement
Beautiful watercolours depicting Swedish rural life at the turn of the last century, by one of Sweden's best-loved artists.
Colouring Book of Glasgow
Colouring book based on the city of Glasgow
Colour Make & Doodle - Nativity Model
Colour, Make & Doodle Nativity Model is a fun and engaging way to teach and remember the Nativity story. Children aged 4 - 11 will love Sarah Kidd's lively designs. Here is everything they will need to make their own Nativity model, with full, step-by-step instructions and detailed, colour photos to show how the finished model should look. Sarah's ingenious and inventive recycling of household materials wherever possible combines with the use of products readily available from local craft shops.<br/><br/>Colour, Make & Doodle a Nativity Model and do your bit for the planet! Transform your recyclables into this impressive 3D Nativity scene, where the roll-on deodorant takes centre stage! A fantastic project for the classroom, Messy Church or at home with the family. Hours of creative fun for Key Stage 2 children, designed to develop and enrich their knowledge of the birth of Jesus.<br/><br/> All the templates are on the CD-Rom that accompanies the book.
William Morris
Artist, poet, writer, campaigner, designer, book printer and pivotal figure of the Arts and Crafts movement, Morris is best known today for his beautiful wallpaper and textile designs. With sections on life, influences, techniques, politics and Arts and Crafts, this book enables the reader to consider Morris from different angles and contexts.
Symmetry: The Ordering Principle
The essential pocket guide to the most pervasive principle.
Follows the rise and fall of one of Britain's most fascinating and original artists and designers of the twentieth century. Covering everything from his early architecture, furniture and decorative arts to his late watercolours, this book provides the reader with information on the life and work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
Seasonal Scandi Crafts: Over 45 Projects and Quick Ideas for Beautiful Decorations & Gifts
Create 45 simple projects with a Scandinavian flavour, including home decorations, garlands and beautiful gifts.
Digitizing Made Easy: Create Custom Embroidery Designs Like a Pro
Contains methods useful to embroidery machine users and commercial machine embroiderers, demonstrated in 250 step-by-step colour photographs. This book helps readers identify the tools of modern digitising, and the processes with which to use them. It contains chapters covering artwork, auto-digitising, stitch types, and, mapping and sequencing.
Classic Forms
Classic Forms is an indispensable resource for turners, craftspeople, architects & designers.
William Morris Textiles
William Morris Textiles was the first comprehensive survey of the many hundreds of original, colourful textiles produced by William Morris and the two commercial companies he founded and managed. To this day it remains the authority in the field, and this revised edition has been completely rewritten and expanded with beautiful new photography.
Potter's Book
Bernard Leach (1887-1979) is generally reckoned to be the 'father of British studio pottery. In this title, he communicates his deeply-held convictions, through an account of the standards and materials essential to English slipware, stoneware, Japanese raku and Oriental porcelain.
Decorative Designs of C.F.A. Voysey, The RP: New Revised Edition: From the Drawings Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects
An exploration of the textile designs of Charles Francis Annesley Voysey, the vernacular architect and designer.
William Morris Decor & Design (mini)
William Morris, one of the most influential designers of the 19th century and an important figure in the Arts and Crafts movement, revisited in this interior design guide. This practical and inspirational guide suggests simple, cost-effective ways of creating an interior decor that aspires to purity, colour and craftsmanship, as defined by Morris.
In Search of Ramsden and Carr
700 Victorian Ornament Designs
William Morris: A Life for Our Time
Since his death in 1896, William Morris has come to be regarded as one of the giants of the Victorian era. The author has managed to encompass all the different facets of Morris' complex character, shedding light on his immense creative powers as artist and designer of furniture, fabrics, wallpaper, stained glass, and as a poet, and novelist.
Arts & Crafts of the Islamic Lands: Principles * Materials * Practice
Celebrates the world of Islamic arts and crafts. This book presents the cultural, philosophical and historical heritage that artists and craftspeople still draw on. It provides access to a range of techniques, methods, materials and skills.
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts is a celebration of the design movement that started in Britain and spread around the world at the end of the 19th century. Depicting both well-known and unusual art and artifacts from this most fascinating of eras, this book provides information about the lives and times of the designers, architects and artists who created them.
William Simmonds: The Silent Heart of the Arts and Crafts Movement
This book looks at the Arts & Crafts movement through the work of William Simmonds, his life, his friends and their attitudes to modernism to show why that movement was important, how it fitted into its age and what it taught then and can teach us today.
Art of the Jeweler:: Excellence and Craftmanship
This title created in partnership with Ecole des Arts Joailliers, place Vendome in Paris, offers a unique insight into the arts and crafts of jewellery-making through 10 specialist craftmen, their techniques and their Savoir-Faire.
V&A - May Morris Wall Calendar 2020 (Art Calendar)
May Morris, daughter to the influential designer William Morris, was in her own right a skilled jeweller, editor and textile designer. Featuring 12 images from the V&A collections, this calendar highlights her talent. Informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next month's views.
William Morris and the Art of Everyday Life
William Morris-Victorian socialist, designer, poet, artist and craftsman-urged his contemporaries to `Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful,' foregrounding his belief in the importance of beautiful practicality in daily domestic life.
William Morris Masterpieces of Art
William Morris was an outstanding character of many talents and an important figure of the Arts and Crafts movement. William Morris Masterpieces of Art offers a survey of his life and work alongside stunning decorative works.
C.F.A. Voysey
Focuses on Voysey as a designer of furniture, metalwork, and textiles, providing a new analysis of his characteristic motifs and designs. It draws on the greatest public and private collections of his work to give a complete and fully illustrated account of Voysey's output and his vision for domestic life at the turn of the twentieth century.
Miss Cranston: Patron of Charles Rennie Mackintosh
A reissue to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Ahead of her time, and with a commitment to quality, Glasgow entrepreneur Miss Kate Cranston ensured that her famous Tearooms were designed and furnished by talented young artists like Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
Book of Mini: Inside the Big World of Tiny Things
Celebrate the impossibly tiny with The Book of Mini--a one of a kind collection showcasing hundreds of squeal-worthy miniatures from all over the world--that includes its own tiny, removable book!
Arts & Crafts Movement in Europe & America: Design for the Modern World 1880-1920
At the end of the 19th century, these Arts and Crafts ideals were appropriated and adapted by the young avant-garde throughout Europe and the United States.
Henry Wilson: Practical Idealist
The first monographic study of the innovative designer Henry Wilson and his significant contribution to early 20th century design and art education.
Arts and Crafts Garden
Explores the winding paths and meticulously shaped hedges, the gazebos and gateways, the formal terraces and the billowing border plantings that characterised the Arts and Crafts garden, and directs readers and gardeners to where they can visit and be inspired by these beautiful works of art.
Curves: Flowers, Foliates & Flourishes in The Formal Decorative Arts
V&A Pattern: C.F.A. Voysey
This attractive series reveals the V&A's spectacular and extensive pattern collections. Each title in the series includes a free CD of high resolution images. Voysey was an architect who produced a prolific range of pattern designs over a career that spanned 50 years. Readers will delight in his patterns, which retain their original freshness.
Arts & Crafts Postcard Book
This striking collection of Arts & Crafts design postcards is the perfect gift for all lovers of beautiful design.
Garden Cities
Garden Cities: the phrase is redolent of Arts and Crafts values and nineteenth-century utopianism. But despite being the culmination of a range of influential movements, and their own influence, in fact there were only ever two true garden cities in England. This book offers a guide to the movement and to the communities which are its legacy.
Edward Prior: Arts and Crafts Architect
Edward Schroder Prior designed the cathedral of the Arts and Crafts Movement (St Andrew's Church, Roker), perfected the popular butterfly plan in his houses, and published what is still the seminal work on medieval gothic art in England in 1900. This book deals with Prior's architecture, life and scolarship.
William Morris: Acanthus (Foiled Pocket Journal)
Part of a series of handy, luxurious Flame Tree Pocket Books. Combining high-quality production with magnificent fine art, the covers are printed on foil in five colours, embossed then foil stamped. And they're delightfully practical: a pocket at the back for receipts and scraps, two bookmarks and a solid magnetic side flap.
Letters of Philip Webb, Volume I
Diary of Mary Watts 1887-1904: Victorian Progressive and Artistic Visionary
Never previously published, Mary Watts' diary has been painstakingly transcribed. It chronicles life in the artistic, literary and political circles of the time, while also providing invaluable insights into Mary's own achievements - most notably her management of the building and decorating of her unique Watts Cemetery Chapel.
Swedish Modern: A Colouring Book of Magical Interiors: Estrid Ericson, Josef Frank & Svenskt Tenn
This colouring book is an invitation to explore Svenskt Tenn's world of magical interiors.
Arts and Crafts Tiles: William de Morgan
William de Morgan is one of the greatest names of the Arts & Crafts movement of the late nineteenth century. This is the perfect introduction to his iconic tiles.
1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew
This book contains a cutting edge collection of the most inventive work being made with re-used, upcycled, and already existing materials.
Arts & Crafts Patterns & Designs
Rolph Scarlett: Painter, Designer, and Jeweller
The first critical retrospective of Rolph Scarlett's extraordinary achievements.
Mackintosh Style: Decor & Design
Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh is renowned for his architectural achievements on a public and domestic scale, interior designing, and furniture design. This book aims to review his work in context, and consider how his ideas can be interpreted. His handling of colour, use of materials, and graphic approach to form are explored.
C. R. Ashbee: Architect, Designer, and Romantic Socialist
This comprehensive biography of an energetic, many-sided man is elegantly written and handsomely illustrated. It is a unique contribution to art and cultural history.
Arts & Crafts Masterpieces of Art
Arts & Crafts Masterpieces of Art is a celebration of one of the most enduring design movements. Depicting both well-known and unusual artworks and textile patterns from this most fascinating of eras, this book provides a wealth of information on the designers, architects and artists who created them, from Voysey and Morris to Lindsay Butterfield.
Hand-Drawn Maps: A Guide for Creatives
A fun, interactive guide for everyone who loves maps of any kind, and who loves to sketch or doodle.
Hunt: Navigating the Worlds of Art and Design
Arts and Crafts Tiles: Morris to Voysey
This is the first book devoted to the tiles of the British Arts and Crafts, including tiles designed by some of the greatest names associated with the movement.