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The most popular Anthologies (non-poetry) books currently available. Updated weekly.
My First Memory: Epiphanies, Watersheds and Origin Stories
Menace of the Monster: Classic Tales of Creatures from Beyond
In this compelling new collection of short stories from SF's classic age our visions of `other' are shown in a myriad of forms - beings from other worlds, corrupted lifeforms from our own planet and entities from unimaginable dimensions.
Selected Works
Lawyer, philosopher, statesman and defender of Rome's Republic, the author was a master of eloquence, and his pure literary and oratorical style and strict sense of morality have been a powerful influence on European literature and thought for over two thousand years in matters of politics, philosophy, and faith.
Curiosities and Splendour: An anthology of classic travel literature
A collection of classic travel writing from great authors and adventurers, including Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain, The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron, In Morocco by Edith Wharton, The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard and A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Bird.
Good Immigrant
Award-winning writer Nikesh Shukla gathers twenty British Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic writers and artists to reflect on race, immigration and being 'other' in Great Britain.
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
The Collins Complete Works of Oscar Wilde is the only truly complete and authoritative single-volume edition of Oscar Wilde's works, and is available in both hardback and this paperback edition.
Midsummer Nights: Tales from the Opera:: with Kate Atkinson, Sebastian Barry, Ali Smith & more
Specially commissioned short story collection with stellar contributors, all based on the stories behind favourite operas.
So That Went Well...: Unpublished Letters to the Daily Telegraph
New volume of the best-selling review of the year made up of the wry and astute observations of the unpublished Telegraph letter writers.
Elements of Style
Of Gods and Men: 100 Stories from Ancient Greece and Rome
An anthology of classical literature, both non-fiction and fiction, bringing together one hundred stories from the rich diversity of the literary canon of ancient Greece and Rome.
Reading Room: A Year of Literary Curiosities
This is a playful and provocative collection of 365 extracts sourced from the British Library's collections, encompassing a wide range of great works in literature, poetry, essays and letters, historical and scientific treatises along with a myriad of eclectic imagery.
World of Difference: An Anthology of Short Stories from Five Continents
An international selection of 15 short stories by distinguished modern writers including Peter Carey, Zadie Smith and Bernard Malamud. Featuring the theme of 'difference', each story has something to say about cultural encounters, often arising from experiences of migration or uprooting. With biographic and photographic portraits.
Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories
The unquiet souls of the dead, both as fictional creations and as 'real' apparitions, roam the pages of this haunting selection of ghost stories by Rex Collings.
Brontes: The Complete Novels in One Sitting
All who have longed for Mr. Rochester with Jane Eyre or imagined themselves out on the moors with Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights will treasure this tiny tome, and get acquainted with other novels of the celebrated Bronte Sisters-in just one sitting.
BBC National Short Story Award 2018
Funny Ha, Ha: 80 of the Funniest Stories Ever Written
80 of the funniest stories ever written, selected and introduced by comedian and broadcaster Paul Merton.
Doorway to Dilemma: Bewildering Tales of Dark Fantasy
Delving deep into the sub-genre of Dark Fantasy, fiction expert Mike Ashley has gathered an unsettling mixture of twisted tales, encounters with logic-defying creatures and nightmarish fables certain to perplex, beguile and of course, entertain.
Scarlet Traces: A War of the Worlds Anthology: A War of the Worlds Anthology
Collection of short stories set after the events of HG Wells' War of the Worlds.
High Spirits: A Round of Drinking Stories
Penguin Book of Christmas Stories: From Hans Christian Andersen to Angela Carter
American Midnight: Tales of the Dark
O. Henry Prize Stories 2018
York Mystery Plays: A Selection in Modern Spelling
This volume is the only paperback to offer the main body of the plays which make up York's famous Corpus Christi cycle. The selection here emphasises the scope of the oldest and best-preserved of the English Mystery cycles, and the modern spelling, detailed notes, and general introduction make the volume particularly useful for both readers and actors.
Postcards to Europe: The unique must-have collection
Portable Beat Reader
Beginning in the late 1940's, American literature discovered a four-letter word, and the word was "beat." This book collects the significant writings of the fellow members of the Beat Generation. In poetry, fiction, essays, and memoirs, it captures the triumphant rudeness, energy, and exhilaration of a movement that swept through American letters.
Traces of the Great War
Modern Love: Now an Amazon Prime series
The incredible true stories behind the Amazon Original series Modern Love, starring Tina Fey, Anne Hathaway and Dev Patel.
Fall of the House of Usher and Other Writings
A selection of Edgar Allen Poe's critical writings, short fiction and poetry that demonstrates his intense interest in aesthetic issues, and the astonishing power and imagination with which he probed the darkest corners of the human mind.
Best-Loved Oscar Wilde
Told through his own words, this essential introduction to Oscar Wilde's extraordinary life and work is accompanied by stimulating commentary and stylish design and illustration. For new readers and devotees alike.
Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings
Tells the story of the solitary miser Ebenezer Scrooge, who is taught the true meaning of Christmas by the three ghosts of Christmas. This title also includes: "The Story of the Goblins who Stole a Sexton", and the short story from "The Pickwick Papers" on which "A Christmas Carol" was based.
From the Depths: and Other Strange Tales of the Sea
The supernatural is set alongside the grim affairs of sailors scorned in the salt-soaked tales of this anthology, recovered from obscurity for the 21st century.
Penguin Book of Oulipo: Queneau, Perec, Calvino and the Adventure of Form
Vinland Sagas
Contains the descriptions of North America, a bountiful land of grapes and vines, discovered by Vikings five centuries before Christopher Columbus. This title counts the Icelandic settlement of Greenland by Eirik the Red and the chance discovery by seafaring adventurers of a mysterious new land.
American Supernatural Tales
Contains contributions from Edgar Allan Poe, H P Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, Ray Bradbury, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and - of course - Stephen King.
Berlin Stories
Berlin, in the words of Philip Hensher, editor of this anthology, 'has always been a city of desperate modernity', both in terms of urban architecture - largely a creation of the progressive 19th century, laid waste by World War II, temporary home of the infamous Wall - and in ways of living and behaving.
Richard Jefferies: A Miscellany
No longer with Us: More Encounters with Naim Attallah
A follow-up to Attallah's 2018 collection of interviews, this anthology takes in more of his spectacular encounters with the great, the good and the not so good. As with the previous volume, Naim's subjects are, alas, no longer with us.
Image Firsts Compendium Volume 3
Dilemma of a Ghost and Anowa 2nd Edition
Two witty and perceptive social dramas
Being Various: New Irish Short Stories
Featuring brand new short stories from Kevin Barry, Eimear McBride, Belinda McKeon, Lisa McInerney, Danielle McLaughlin, Stuart Neville, Sally Rooney, and Kit de Waal and many more. Ireland is going through a golden age of writing: that has never been more apparent.
Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience
The paperback edition of this delightful and internationally bestselling collection of letters, to coincide with the Autumn run of Letters Live
Moth Presents: Occasional Magic: 50 True Stories of Defying the Impossible
Measure of Malice: Scientific Detection Stories
The detectives in this collection are masters of scientific deduction, whether they are identifying the perpetrator from a single scrap of fabric, or picking out the poison from a sinister line-up. The Measure of Malice collects tales of rational thinking to prove the power of the human brain over villainous deeds.
Winsor McCay. The Airship Adventures of Little Nemo
Let your imagination fly and join Winsor McCay's Little Nemo in his airship adventures to the moon, Mars, and across the United States. These 69 installments published between 1910 and 1911 offer some of the most thrilling artwork and pioneering narrative in McCay's oeuvre. An introduction from art historian Alexander Braun reveals how these...
Wave Me Goodbye: Stories of the Second World War
Published to mark the 80th anniversary of the start of the Second World War, these are powerful wartime stories written by the finest women writers of that generation.
Death of the Planet of the Apes
The official, never-revealed adventures of astronaut George Taylor from the movie Planet of the Apes
Shelf Life: Writers on Books and Reading
The many facets of book-mania are pondered and celebrated with both sincerity and irreverence in this lively selection of essays, poems, lectures and commentaries ranging from the 16th to the 20th century.
Best American Short Stories 2019
<DIV>#1 <I>New York Times</I> best-selling, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anthony Doerr brings his<B></B>';stunning sense of physical detail and gorgeous metaphors' (<I>San Francisco Chronicle)</I> to selecting<I> The Best American Short Stories 2019.</I><BR /> </DIV>
Short Stories in Japanese: New Penguin Parallel Text
Presents an introduction to contemporary Japanese fiction. Featuring many stories appearing in English, this title offers students at various levels the opportunity to enjoy a range of contemporary literature without having to constantly consult a dictionary.