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Most popular Animated films books

The most popular Animated films books currently available. Updated weekly.
Thomas Kinkade Studios: Disney Dreams Collection 2020 Monthly Pocket Planner
Art of Frozen 2
"This book reveals behind the scenes details of the film Frozen 2"--
Neon Genesis Evangelion: TV Animation Production Art Collection
Animator's Survival Kit
Using hundreds of drawings, this book distills the secrets of the masters into a working system in order to create a book that has become the standard work on all forms of animation for professionals, students and fans. It also includes more on animal action, invention and realism with sophisticated animation examples.
Art of Toy Story 4
The Art of Toy Story 4 offers exclusive access to the intricate creative process and brilliant minds behind the next film in Pixar's beloved franchise.
Inside Family Guy: An Illustrated History
Disney Frozen 2 The Magical Guide: Includes Poster
Wes Anderson Collection: Isle of Dogs
An exclusive look at the making of Wes Anderson's newest animated film, Isle of Dogs
To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History
The true story of how a seemingly down-and-out company made Steve Jobs an overnight billionaire
Anime: A History
This comprehensive history of Japanese animation draws on Japanese primary sources and testimony from industry professionals to explore the production and reception of anime, from its early faltering steps, to the international successes of Spirited Away and Pokemon.
Vision: Color and Composition for Film
Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers
FLCL Archives
My Neighbor Totoro Journal
Everyone loves Totoro! Continuing our partnership with animation giant Studio Ghibli, this journal features concept art from the Studio's beloved film. This is exciting because the Studio doesn't usually allow licensees to use concept art!
Art of Princess Mononoke
Concept sketches, fully rendered character & background drawings, paintings & cel images from Miyazaki's most celebrated film.
Ralph Breaks the Internet The Official Guide
Rick and Morty: Ruled Notebook
Art of Frozen
The art of Disney's upcoming computer-animated musical, Frozen (in theatres November 2013), featuring concept art from the making of the film.
I Moved to Los Angeles to Work in Animation
The story of one woman's quest to move to Los Angeles and got a job in animation...and how you can too.
Simpsons: A Cultural History
This book looks at The Simpsons place in the pop culture firmament, from inspirations like Mad magazine to its critical role in the renaissance of animated television. The author recounts the birth of the show, discusses its remarkable merchandising success, and examines the show's popularity as the longest running episodic program in TV history.
Anime Boom in the United States: Lessons for Global Creative Industries
The Anime Boom in the United States is a comprehensive and empirically grounded study of the expansion of anime marketing and sales into the United States. It explores the transnational networks of anime production and marketing while also investigating the cultural and artistic processes the art form inspired.
Ethel & Ernest
Featureing Jim Broadbent, Brenda Blethyn and Luke Treadaway Utterly original, deeply moving and very funny, this is the story of Raymond Briggs' parents' marriage, lady's maid Ethel and milkman Ernest, from their first chance encounter in 1928, through the birth of their son Raymond in 1934, to their deaths, within months of each other, in 1971.
Animation in Context: A Practical Guide to Theory and Making
Aardman: An Epic Journey: Taken One Frame at a Time
The fascinating and funny behind-the-scenes story of claymation experts Aardman Animations, from humble beginnings to Hollywood, told in their own words by Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Nick Park and Richard Starzak.
Art of Kung Fu Panda 3
Go behind-the-scenes of the animated mega-sequel with this tome of production artwork, including character designs and environments. After reuniting with his long-lost father, Po continues his "legendary adventures of awesomeness". He must train a village of clumsy pandas to help him defeat the villainous Kai, while facing a supernatural threat.
Animator's Survival Kit
Art of Pixar: 25th Anniv
Pixar is 25 years old in 2011. This book features the complete colour scripts and a selection of the art from the twelve films to date: Toy Story", "A Bug's Life", "Toy Story 2", "Monsters Inc.", "Finding Nemo", "The Incredibles", "Cars", "Ratatouille", "WALL E", "Up", "Toy Story 3" and "Cars 2".
Animation: The Global History
The first-ever comprehensive history of animation surveys the evolution of this dynamic industry around the world - from Hollywood to Tokyo, from Moscow to Sydney.
Animating the Unconscious: Desire, Sexuality, and Animation
Character Mentor: Learn by Example to Use Expressions, Poses, and Staging to Bring Your Characters to Life
Shows you how to pose your character, create emotion through facial expressions, and stage your character to create drama. This book includes assignments that allow you to join in and bring your drawing to the next level with concrete techniques, as well as more theoretical analysis.
Celebration of Animation: The 100 Greatest Cartoon Characters in Television History
A Celebration of Animation explores the best-of-the-best cartoon characters from the 1920s to the 21st century. All the greats gracing this book are sure to trigger memories of carefree Saturday mornings or after-school hours in front of the TV.
Family Traits: The Fantastic Bestiary of a Father and his Sons
Art of My Neighbor Totoro
Concept sketches, fully rendered character & background drawings, paintings & cel images from Miyazaki's enchanting film.
Stop Motion Filmmaking: The Complete Guide to Fabrication and Animation
Illusion Of Life
Set the Action! Creating Backgrounds for Compelling Storytelling in Animation, Comics, and Games
Background, setting, environment, whatever you call it, it is the silent character in the visual story, and a dynamic and compelling setting can define and hone the action and drama of your story. This title can help you create the Gotham for your Batman, the African savannah for your Simba, or the bustling newsroom for your Clark Kent.
Animation Lab for Kids: Fun Projects for Visual Storytelling and Making Art Move - From cartooning and flip books to claymation and stop-motion movie making
With this interactive book, kids will learn all kinds of animation techniques through exciting, hands-on projects. No previous experience required!
Storyboarding: A Critical History
This study provides the first book-length critical history of storyboarding, from the birth of cinema to the present day and beyond. It discusses the role of storyboarding in key films including Gone with the Wind , Psycho and The Empire Strikes Back , and is illustrated with a wide range of images.
Art of Coco
Lively and engaging, The Art of Coco explores the stunning new world Pixar created for its latest film, Coco, set to hit theatres November 2017.
Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2
Mickey Mouse Museum: The Story of an Icon
Gilliam on Gilliam
Terry Gilliam achieved fame as the iconoclastic animator and founder-member of the Monty Python team, and collaborated on the Monty Python film projects before setting off on his own cinema career. He discusses his work in this book, which includes examples of his drawings and storyboards.
Art in Motion, Revised Edition: Animation Aesthetics
A comprehensive overview of animation aesthetics
Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams: Japanese Science Fiction from Origins to Anime
Animation Sketchbooks
Presents the private notebooks, sketches and doodles of over 50 of the worlds most inventive, innovative and admired contemporary animators. From left-field satire to hit childrens TV series, from short animations for websites to full-scale, internationally distributed films, this title features an array of creative work.
Art of the Wind Rises
Concept sketches, fully rendered character & background drawings, paintings & cel images from Miyazaki's final film.
Studio Ghibli
Essential Evangelion Chronicle: Side B
A guide to the characters, events, and world of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This book offers in-depth character profiles, relationship charts, technology specifications, battle tactics, episode summaries, and more.
Cracking Animation: The Aardman Book of 3-D Animation
Looks at the development and teamwork involved in a major animated film or television production, using The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! as an exemplar. This book presents behind-the-scenes insights into the making of feature film, Shaun the Sheep the Movie.
Art of Zootropolis
An in-depth look into the making of Pixar's upcoming animated film, Zootropolis.