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Most popular Animal spectacles books

The most popular Animal spectacles books currently available. Updated weekly.
Great Animal Escapade
Danny is happy working at Belle Vue Zoo. But then the animals start escaping and, as a former street urchin and pickpocket, suspicion falls on him. Now, he must untangle the mystery of the great animal escapade in order to clear his name.
Be a Narwhal: & be cool, be confident, be in control
A colourful gift book full of cute, hilarious and inspirational narwhal mantras.
Little Book of Dog Tricks: Easy tricks that will give your pet the spotlight they deserve
Your pets can rival movie stars with these easy tricks from the trainer behind the Harry Potter movies, Julie Tottman.
Living Goddess: A Journey into the Heart of Kathmandu
In a small medieval palace on Kathmandu's Durbar Square lives Nepal's famous Living Goddess - a child as young as three who is chosen from a caste of Buddhist goldsmiths to watch over the country and protect its people.
Death In The Afternoon
In Death in the Afternoon, Hemingway shares the sights, the sounds, the excitement, and above all, the knowledge which fuelled his passion for Spain and the bullfight. This remarkable book contains some of his finest writing, inspired by the intense life, as well as the inevitable death, of those hot, violent afternoons...
Lil BUB's Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet
Showcases 100 captioned color photos of the author traveling through space, exploring the Earth, flying in hot air balloons, napping, and even skateboarding.
Death In The Afternoon
A fascinating look at the history and grandeur of bullfighting, Death in the Afternoon is also a deeper contemplation on the nature of cowardice and bravery, sport and tragedy, and is enlivened throughout by Hemingway's pungent commentary on life and literature.
Last Dance: Saving India's Dancing Beras
On Bullfighting
Bullfighting - the ultimate spectator sport. Beyond the theatre, the costume and the well-worn plot she focuses on the fact that a man faces his death while a crowd looks on. The result is a startling confrontation with her own, and mankind's, mortality.
Animals for Show and Pleasure in Ancient Rome
Animals for Show and Pleasure in Ancient Rome is a complete and comprehensive investigation of the rise, function, and pageantry of wild and domesticated animals as household pets and as fodder for entertainment in the Roman world.
Animal Acts: Performing Species Today
Encounters between the species in an anthology of lively solo performances and commentary
Hercules the Bear: A Gentle Giant in the Family: the Moving Biography of the 'Untameable' Grizzly Bear Who Became a National Hero
When Scottish Ladies Show-Jumping Champion Maggie Nimmo married British Commonwealth Wrestling Champion Andy Robin, she knew that her family would be unusual, for with Andy came a nine-month old grizzly bear. Hercules the Bear is a moving story in which love and faith overcome the impossible.
Saving Anne the Elephant: The Rescue of the Last British Circus Elephant
When shocking images emerged of Anne, Britain's last circus elephant, being beaten by one of her keepers, it sparked a national outcry. The public was appalled and demanded that Anne be freed from the circus and be allowed to live out her final years in peace. Now, at last, she has the chance to live out her final years in a happy and safe place.
How to Watch a Bullfight
Theatre and Animals
Lourdes Orozco considers different representations of animals in performance; suggesting that all animals have the ability to make us question the human, and its relationship to the other. She examines ways in which animals challenge theatre's ability to make meaning, and considers the surrounding ethical, political and social issues.
Crossing Central Europe: Continuities and Transformations, 1900 and 2000
Crossing Central Europe is a pioneering volume that focuses on the complex networks of transcultural interrelations in Central Europe from 1900 to 2000.
History of Equestrian Drama in the United States: Hippodrama's Pure Air and Fire