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Most popular Acting techniques books

The most popular Acting techniques books currently available. Updated weekly.
Acting in Musical Theatre: A Comprehensive Course
Acting in Musical Theatre remains the only complete course in approaching a role in a musical. It covers fundamental skills for novice actors, practical insights for professionals, and even tips to help veteran musical performers refine their craft. Updates in this expanded and revised second edition include: * A brand new companion website for students and teachers, including Powerpoint lecture slides, sample syllabi, and checklists for projects and exercises., * Learning outcomes for each chapter to guide teachers and students through the book's core ideas and lessons * New style overviews for pop and jukebox musicals * Extensive updated professional insights from field testing with students, young professionals, and industry showcases * Full-colour production images, bringing each chapter to life Acting in Musical Theatre's chapters divide into easy-to-reference units, each containing group and solo exercises, making it the definitive textbook for students and practitioners alike.
Acting Power: The 21st Century Edition
'Robert Cohen's book, Acting Power, follows the tradition of his other book, Acting One, and has been the veritable bible for acting teachers for the last quarter century.' - David Krasner, Emerson College 'This book, above all else, is an attempt to explore the qualities of acting suggest to you, the actor, an approach toward not merely good acting but powerful acting. Great actors display the power to frighten - and the power to seduce - and can shift between the one and the other like a violinist can her notes.' - From the Preface The first edition of Acting Power was a groundbreaking work of acting theory which applied sociological and psychological principles to actor training. The book went on to influence a generation of theatre and performance studies students and academics, and was translated into five languages., This carefully revised 21st Century Edition (re)considers, in the context of today's field: * questions such as 'should actors act from the inside or the outside?' and 'should the actor live the role or present the role?'; * contemporary research into communication theory, cybernetics, and cognitive science; * brilliantly illuminating and witty exercises for solo study and classroom use, and a through-line of useful references to classic plays; * penetrating observations about the actor's art by more than 75 distinguished professional actors and directors. Cohen's elegant and rigorous updates emphasise the continuing relevance of his uniquely integrated and life-affirming approach to this field. The new edition draws on his extraordinarily rich career as teacher, scholar, director, translator and dramaturg., It is a recipe for thrilling theatre in any genre.
Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film and Television
Directing Actors
Romeo and Juliet: Arden Performance Editions
Macbeth: Arden Performance Editions
Actor Prepares
An Actor Prepares is the most famous acting training book ever to have been written and the work of Stanislavski has inspired generations of actors and trainers. This translation was the first to introduce Stanislavski's 'system' to the English speaking world and has stood the test of time in acting classes to this day. Stanislavski here deals with the inward preparation an actor must undergo in order to explore a role to the full., He introduces the concepts of the 'magic if' units and objectives, of emotion memory, of the super-objective and many more now famous rehearsal aids. Now available in the Bloomsbury Revelations series to mark the 150th anniversary of Stanislavski's birth, this is an essential read for actors, directors and anyone interested in the art of drama.
Much Ado About Nothing: Arden Performance Editions
Arden Performance Editions are ideal for anyone engaging with a Shakespeare play in performance. With clear facing-page notes giving definitions of words, easily accessible information about key textual variants, lineation, metrical ambiguities and pronunciation, each edition has been developed to open the play's possibilities and meanings to actors and students. Designed to be used and to be useful, each edition has plenty of space for personal annotations and the well-spaced text is easy to read and to navigate.
Acting for Animators: 4th Edition
This revised edition offers the theories and practices Hooks has developed in his workshops, with expanded coverage of acting in video games, story structure, and the work on emotion in the human face being done by Paul Ekman.
Actions: The Actors' Thesaurus
Actors need actions. They cannot "act" adjectives, they need verbs; they need an aim to achieve, an action to perform. This is a thesaurus of active verbs with which the actor can refine the action-word until she or her hits exactly the right one to help make the action come alive.
Stanislavski in Practice: Exercises for Students
Directing Screen Performances
"Featuring practical exercises and insightful interviews with successful actors and directors, this is a must-have guide to getting a memorable performance on screen"--
Michael Chekhov's Acting Technique: A Practitioner's Guide
Actor Speaks: Voice and the Performer
Patsy Rodenburg is Director of Voice at London's Royal National Theatre and Guildhall School of Music. In this book, she offers a complete voice workshop for every actor and singer, whether professional or beginner.
Freeing the Natural Voice
Offers exercises for professional and student actors, teachers of acting and voice, and those interested in vocal expression. This title places emphasis on the removal of the physical and psychological blocks that inhibit the human voice; and is dedicated to 'freeing' the voice we were naturally born with.
Stanislavski: An Introduction
The Stanislavski "system" is still the only comprehensive method of actor training we posses. This text traces the growth of the "system" from its roots in the tradition of Russian realism, and charts the various phases it went through until the final emergence of the Method of Physical Action.
In Depth Acting
"An essential guide to the Stanislavski technique, filtering out the complexities of the system and offering a dynamic, hands-on approach. 'A book that will stand the test of time' - Pierce Brosnan in his Foreword
More Golden Rules of Acting
Andy Nyman's first book, The Golden Rules of Acting, has become a bestseller in the acting world. Now he returns to bring you more priceless nuggets gleaned from more than thirty years in the acting business. Written with the same candid wit as his first book, More Golden Rules of Acting is every actor's new best friend in handy paperback form.
Body Speaks: Performance and Physical Expression
Seventy percent of a conversation is conveyed through body language while only 10 percent is the meaning of the words. Here, an expert RADA trainer shows how to use our body so that it will speak more effectively and how to recognize and lose unwanted physical inhibitions.
Viewpoints Book: A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition
An invaluable resource for theatre-makers, as well as for anyone with an interest in collaboration and the creative process, whether in art, business or daily life.
Movement Training for Actors
A practical masterclass on movement from the Head of Movement at RADA, complete with video examples on a DVD. The book provides a complete curriculum on movement training: from pure movement, to games, to Grotowski, Alexander, dance and yoga.
Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre
"Originally published in hardback by Faber and Faber Ltd in 1979."
Blowing the Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons in Life
Hollywood legend and British national treasure Michael Caine shares the wisdom, stories, insight and skills that life has taught him in his remarkable career - and now his 85th year.
Commedia Dell'Arte: An Actor's Handbook
An entertaining and highly illuminating account of Commedia's origins as a popular theatrical form, plus a practical and timely step-by-step guide to using commedia techniques in performance.
Building a Character
In this follow up to his most famous book, An Actor Prepares, Stanislavski develop his influential 'system' of acting by exploring the imaginative processes at the heart of the actor's craft. Building a Character deals with the physical realisation of character on the stage through such tools as expressions, movement and speech. It is a book in which every theory is inextricably bound up with practice - a perfect handbook to the physical art of acting., The work of Stanislavski has inspired generations of actors and trainers and - available now in the Bloomsbury Revelations series to mark the 150th anniversary of Stanislavski's birth - it remains an essential read for actors and directors at all stages of their careers.
Right to Speak: Working with the Voice
This bestselling book by one of the world's foremost voice and acting coaches is a classic in its field. Practical, passionate and inspiring, it teaches how to use the voice fully and expressively, without fear and in any situation. Patsy Rodenburg has trained thousands of actors, singers, lawyers, politicians business people, teachers and students: her book distills that knowledge and experience so that everyone can enjoy the right to speak., This second edition contains new revisions and additional content taking into account the effect of social media on communication skills, the need for empathetic listening, how scientific discovery now illuminates why and how voice exercises work and cultural and global issues of ethics and storytelling.
Actor and the Target
A definitive guide to acting, this book offers a fresh and radical approach to acting by a world-famous director.
Style For Actors: A Handbook for Moving Beyond Realism
A book on classical acting style. Suitable for the actor ready to move beyond contemporary realism into the less familiar acting territory of historical periods and genres, it features exercises to enable both the individual actor and groups to find, explore and achieve convincing 'style'.
Professional Actor's Handbook: From Casting Call to Curtain Call
Intended for college students in the performing arts-as well as early- and mid-career professionals-this guide offers strategies that help actors handle audition nerves, prepare for interviews, market themselves-everything they need to know in order to manage their stage and film careers.
Konstantin Stanislavsky
There's Money Where Your Mouth Is (Fourth Edition): A Complete Insider's Guide to Earning Income and Building a Career in Voice-Overs
How to sell your voice and make a living from it.
Methuen Drama Book of Duologues for Young Actors
Ranging from Renaissance to contemporary plays, this text brings together a range of pieces varied in subject, tone and style for young actor It provides a resource book for teachers and performers alike, for auditions, acting classes, festivals, examinations or performance.
Art of Acting: Body - Soul - Spirit - Word: A Practical and Spiritual Guide
To the Actor: On the Technique of Acting
Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq
So You Want to Act on Screen?
The essential guide for anyone wanting to know how to make a successful career as a film actor.
Other People's Shoes: Thoughts on Acting
"Acting is what I do with who I am", writes Harriet Walter - and in this book she takes us step-by-step through the processes involved in performance. Each step of the way is illuminated with precise examples drawn from her own career.
Respect for Acting
Uta Hagen, renowned actress and acting teacher, accounts her own struggle with the techniques of acting and based on her teachings. The first part, "The Actor," deals with techniques that set an actor in motion physically, verbally, and emotionally. It deals with the actor's concept of himself and with the art of acting.
Moving Body (le Corps Poetique): Teaching Creative Theatre
"He taught us to be artists" Steven Berkoff. Jacques Lecoq, one of the most inspirational theatre teachers of our age and founder of the International Theatre School, Paris shares his philosophy of performance, improvization, masks, movement and gesture.
Acrobat Of The Heart
Audition Speeches for Black, South Asian and Middle Eastern Actors: Monologues for Men
A collection of audition speeches for male Black, South Asian and Middle Eastern actors, from a broad selection of plays by British and international playwrights.
Acting: The Basics
Getting the Joke: The Art of Stand-up Comedy
An examination of the art of stand-up comedy, its constituent parts and how they work
Shakespeare Monologues for Women
Drawing on the author's experience as an acting and audition coach, this title selects fifty monologues for men and another fifty for women drawn from across the Shakespeare canon. Each is prefaced with an easy-to-use guide to Who is speaking, Where, When and To Whom, What has just happened in the play and What are the character's objectives.
Get the Callback: The Art of Auditioning for Musical Theatre
Actor's Work
Book of Sides II: Original, Two-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors
Korean Approach to Actor Training
Michael Chekhov Handbook: For the Actor
"The Michael Chekhov Handbook is a practical guide to Chekhov's supportive techniques for actors, fully updated with new exercises that examine the relationship between the sensations of the physical body and the imagination."--
Blowing the Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons in Life
Hollywood legend and British national treasure Michael Caine shares the wisdom, stories, insight and skills that life has taught him in his remarkable career - and now his 85th year.