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We send you brand new books every month which are yours to keep. Each book is chosen based on your personal tastes and you can skip any you have read before

How It Works


Sign up and let us know your favourite books. We'll create a bespoke list similar to your favourites. You can skip any you've read before


Each month we'll send you the books from the top of your list - these will be brand new and they are yours to keep


Let us know what you think of your books. Your ratings influence what we add to your list, ensuring you always receive books you love

The new way to buy books

Not sure what to read next? Overwhelmed by all the options? We make book-buying simple by sending you brand new books you'll love, every month, which are yours to keep

From art history to zombie thrillers

We offer both fiction and non-fiction books. Whether you love the latest crime thrillers or want to deep dive into a specific period of history, we ensure you receive books most relevant to your interests

Take control

You are in complete control! Cancel at any time. Upgrade or downgrade as needed. Skip books you've read before and rate those you receive to improve our ongoing recommendations

What Customers Say

“Beautiful books at very reasonable prices. Can't wait to get my next one.”
Wendy S
Swadlincote, UK
“Very cool. Every recommendation on my shelf so far has been inspiring.”
Jonathan B
Cambridge, UK
“I can't wait for my next book as I've nearly finished this one.”
Sian J
Cheshire, UK

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